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McDonald's Manager Wins Suit: Job Made Me Obese

Brazilian judge awards him $17,500

(Newser) - This might top the infamous McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit. A court in Brazil has found the fast-food chain liable for the obesity of a franchise manager and ordered it to pay $17,500 in damages, the AP reports. The 32-year-old man claims he gained 65 pounds over a dozen years...

1 in 4 Applicants Too Fat to Be in the Army Now

Standards aren't that extreme, either

(Newser) - US military recruiters have a big fat problem: "Almost one in four applicants to the military are rejected for being overweight," says a Cornell researcher. Some 6 million men and 17 million women were rejected as too porky for combat between 2007 and 2008, reports LiveScience. It's the...

Thin Women Make More Money, Thin Men Make Less

New study shows it pays to be skinny—for ladies

(Newser) - If you want to snag a higher paycheck, get skinny—unless you're a guy, in which case you’d do better to pack on the pounds, according to a new study. The new research shows that employers tend to pay very thin women more than their average-weight counterparts, while very...

We Think We're Skinnier Than We Are

30% of overweight Americans ... say they're 'normal'

(Newser) - What weight problem? According to a new poll, a hunk chunk (ahem) of Americans think they're much slimmer than they are. The poll used nearly 2,500 respondents' height and weight to calculate their BMIs, then asked them which weight category they fell into. Of those who were overweight, 30%...

Court Sends Chubby Dog to Fat Farm
Court Sends Chubby Dog
to Fat Farm

Court Sends Chubby Dog to Fat Farm

Animal officials take heavy action

(Newser) - British animal officials repeatedly whining about a family's grossly overweight dog finally obtained a court order to seize the animal and send him to a fat farm. Bull terrier Gucci weighed in at some 70 pounds when he was finally taken away for a slimming diet. The dog could hardly...

How to Stop Obesity, Starting Before Birth

Researchers find links to problems later from prenatal to 3 years old

(Newser) - A kid's path to fat camp may begin even before conception, and, as one doctor tells the Los Angeles Times , “during pregnancy and the first two years of life, mothers and their infants are seen by physicians more often than any other time. It's kind of a golden opportunity”...

Heart Risk Linked to Obesity—in Preschoolers

Definitive connection can't be made due to lack of relevant study

(Newser) - Levels of a marker tied to adult heart disease were twice as high in the blood of obese children as in the blood of average-weight kids in a recent study. The twist is that the research subjects were 3 to 5 years old, sparking concerns about the cumulative health effects...

Kevin Smith: Southwest Booted Me for Being Too Fat

Clerks director deemed a 'safety risk', asked to get off flight

(Newser) - Kevin Smith was anything but Silent Bob yesterday after Southwest Airlines booted his plus-size behind from an Oakland-to-Burbank flight. Telling him he had been deemed a "safety risk" after he'd already been seated, the Clerks director was asked to get off the plane—and proceeded to go on a...

Get High to Lose Weight: Study
 Get High to Lose Weight: Study 

Get High to Lose Weight: Study

Elevated altitudes stimulate weight loss in the obese

(Newser) - Slimming down without diet or exercise may be as easy as relaxing for a few weeks in the Swiss Alps. A new study found that 20 obese men who spent two weeks at a mountain facility 8,700 feet above sea level—but were forbidden to exercise and could eat...

Public Prefers Fat Politicians— If They're Men

Study finds fat men, thin women believed to be more reliable

(Newser) - Female politicians hungry for power should be hitting the gym while their male counterparts should be thinking about supersizing, a new study suggests. Researchers found that people considered fatter men more reliable, honest, and better able to cope with the pressures of public life. The opposite was true for heavier...

New Health Tip: Be Chubby In Your 70s

Those who are a little overweight, but not obese, live longer

(Newser) - A little extra weight may be a good thing for 70-somethings. In a study of people ages 70 to 75, those who were overweight—but not obese—lived longer than their peers. Those in the chubby camp were 13% less likely to die from any cause than those who were...

Biggest Loser Verges on Exploitation

 Biggest Loser
 Verges on 

Biggest Loser Verges on Exploitation

Experts weigh in on whether reality show has gone too far

(Newser) - The Biggest Loser is getting bigger each year: Next season, 526-pound Michael Ventrella will be the show’s largest contestant ever. Though wanting to help people shed pounds is a good thing, the show seems exploitative when it uses “heaviest ever” to promote itself. PopEater rounds up media experts’...

Fat Friends Eat More Together

(Newser) - Overweight kids eat more when they eat with their overweight friends, Newsweek reports. A new study tested a child's consumption of healthy snacks and junk food while in the company of a friend or stranger who was either fat or lean. Overweight kids eating with a chubby buddy ate more...

Tubby Texas Con Smuggles Gun in Flab

Cops missed pistol in 3 separate searches of 500-pound man

(Newser) - An obese inmate in Texas has admitted to smuggling a gun into prison, the AP reports—in between his rolls of fat. Authorities had searched George Vera, 25, at least three times after initially arresting him for selling illegal copies of CDs, but never found the unloaded 9mm pistol. The...

Chubby Thug Bada-Binged From Mob Eateries

(Newser) - A chubby mobster has been barred from eating at New York restaurants known as Mafia hangouts, reports the New York Post. Anthony "Fat Tony" Rabito, 75, was just paroled on gambling, extortion, and racketeering charges, and he can no longer chow down at a string of wise guy spots,...

Fox Lashes Health Pick as as 'Too Fat to Serve'

(Newser) - Fox News ripped into President Obama's choice for surgeon general yesterday for being too fat for the job. "Enough fat for my next guest to say 'fat chance' for Dr. Regina Benjamin to even be considered," said host Neil Cavuto. The guest? Not a public health expert or...

Fat Kids Dupe Docs, Rig Pedometers

(Newser) - Researchers couldn't understand why the pedometers they had attached to obese children showed they got plenty of exercise—until they realized they were counting dog steps, reports the BBC. Several of the London 11- and 12-year-olds taking part in the study simply attached the devices to their pets' collars.

Wider Fliers Call for Wider Seats

(Newser) - So-called “passengers of size” have been irritating fellow airline passengers for decades, but lately the scales have tipped decisively against them, the Wall Street Journal reports. Many airlines now require wider travelers to buy two seats, a solution that pleases the skinny, but miffs advocates for the obese. Why,...

Conn. Chimp Was on Xanax During Attack

Necropsy reveals that he was on drugs, overweight

(Newser) - The chimp that mauled a Connecticut woman in February, rendering her blind, had a small dose of antidepressant Xanax in his system, a necropsy has revealed. At 200 pounds, Travis was also severely obese. Police haven’t ruled out criminal charges against the owner, who is embroiled in a legal...

20% of 4-Year-Olds Already Obese: Study

(Newser) - A striking new study says almost 1 in 5 American 4-year-olds is obese, and the rate is alarmingly higher among American Indian children, with nearly a third of them obese. Researchers were surprised to see differences by race at so early an age. Obesity is more common in Hispanic and...

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