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Buying Services That Save Time Could Make You Happier

'Consider buying [your] way out of unpleasant experiences'

(Newser) - If you scrub your own toilets and fold your own clothes, and you've just never found a way to enjoy it, this study's for you. Researchers at Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that buying...

Gay Couples Are Doing This Better

They're better at sharing chores

(Newser) - In traditional, opposite-sex relationships, most women still do the vast majority of chores—regardless of how many hours they work or how much money they make. But for same-sex couples, where there isn't the traditional gender-based division of labor to fall back on, the chores are more often shared...

Women Who Make More Still in Charge of Chores

No matter how many hours they work, women are doing the bulk of work

(Newser) - It doesn't matter how much they work or how much they are paid—women still do the vast majority of the housework. This according to a study published in the journal Work, Employment and Society . It was a small one: 36 partnered women and 12 partnered men were interviewed;...

In Marriage, Short Guys Keep the Girl
 In Marriage, 
 Short Guys 
 Keep the Girl 
study says

In Marriage, Short Guys Keep the Girl

New research shows they get divorced at vastly lower rates

(Newser) - The short guy doesn't always get the girl, but when he does, he usually gets to keep her. So says a new study in the National Bureau of Economic Research , which found that short guys, defined as those shorter than 5-foot-7, are about 18% less likely to marry than...

Spain May Make Its Kids Do Chores

Proposed legislature also includes mandate to 'respect teachers'

(Newser) - Is it a daily battle to get your kids to do their chores? You may want to move to Spain, where parliament on Friday approved a bill that would make children legally obliged to do housework—and more, BBC News reports. If the bill becomes law, those under the age...

Chores Make Men Happier
 Chores Make  
 Men Happier 

Chores Make Men Happier

Men who help around the house have better sense of well-being: study

(Newser) - Researchers at Cambridge University may have just discovered the secret to happiness, at least for men: Do more chores. Men from seven European countries were found to have an improved sense of well-being and work-life balance, as well as less work-life conflict, if they helped more around the house, the...

Women Spend 3 Hours a Week Re-Doing Men's Chores
Women Spend 3 Hours a Week Re-Doing Men's Chores
Survey says

Women Spend 3 Hours a Week Re-Doing Men's Chores

Survey shows men trying more, but not doing so well

(Newser) - Men may be helping out around the house more than ever before, but that's not necessarily making life easier for the women in their lives. In fact, women spend three hours each week re-doing the chores that the men have done badly, according to a new survey of 2,...

In a Relationship, 'We' Means 'You'
 In a Relationship, 
 'We' Means 'You' 
fun with pronouns

In a Relationship, 'We' Means 'You'

Too many couples take the semantic easy way out

(Newser) - One member of a couple will often suggest that “we” do something, but that’s not what she—oh, yes, it's usually she—is really saying, and it’s not helpful, Beth Teitell writes. ‘‘We’ has turned into an order. It’s morphed from the first person...

No Escaping Chores for First Daughters

Obamas seek as normal a life as possible for kids

(Newser) - For the Obamas, raising their daughters without “an attitude” is a priority—but it’s a tough job when the family has its own movie theater, full-time chefs, and trail of paparazzi, the New York Times notes. The key is a firm hand giving the kids as normal a...

Obama Girls Will Keep Chores: Mom

(Newser) - Barack and Michelle Obama say their young daughters will still have to do chores in the White House and won't get out of doing homework just because they're the president's children. In an interview with Barbara Walters airing tonight, the Obamas said Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, will have lives...

Jackman's Sexiest Role: Garbage Man

Wife likes it when People 's sexiest man takes out trash

(Newser) - Hugh Jackman’s wife knows the secret to his sexiness, which netted him People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title—he does household chores, E! reports. “Previously, my wife said the sexiest thing about me was that I took the garbage out,” Jackman said. Did the actor get...

Timing Is All
Timing Is All

Timing Is All

Tips on the right time to do everything from buying veggies to picking up prescriptions

(Newser) - ABC News offers these tips on the best time to:
  • Work out: The afternoon, when you’ve eaten and muscles are warmed up.
  • Get groceries: Tuesdays and Fridays, when produce is freshest.
  • Pick up a prescription: Play it safe and pick your pills up in the second week. Pharmacies make

Beau Better Than Hubby on Chores
Beau Better Than Hubby
on Chores

Beau Better Than Hubby on Chores

And they still have plenty of time for better sex: study

(Newser) - Live-in lovers are more likely to empty the dishwasher and take out the garbage than husbands, according to the latest research reported in Newsweek. In a study of 17,000 men, boyfriends reported doing more household chores than their married counterparts. And it gets better. Partners who share the chores...

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