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Detroit's Papers Missing on Red-Letter Day

Freep , News stop delivery on day GM CEO forced out

(Newser) - Yesterday was a once-in-a-lifetime news day in Detroit: GM's boss was forced out, Chrysler was pushed to merge with Fiat, Michigan State made it to the Final Four—and the first day that Motor City's two daily newspapers didn't land on doorsteps to tell readers all about it. Both the... More »

HuffPo Starts Investigative Journo Venture

Site steps in as daily newspapers fold or cut reporting staffs

(Newser) - Laid-off journalists, take heart: The Huffington Post, aiming to take up the slack as daily newspapers shrink staffs, is about to fund an investigative team that will begin by casting critical eyes on the economy. Ten staff journalists, coordinating with freelancers, will provide work to other sites at the same... More »

CBS News: Is the Future of News Newser?

(Newser) - Political correspondent Jeff Greenfield examined what he called "the demise of the great metropolitan daily" on CBS News this morning, wondering what will replace it. The answer: Newser, among other online sources. "It is potentially an incredibly good time," said Newser founder Michael Wolff. "We have... More »

Seattle P-I Prints Final Issue Today

Seattle's oldest newspaper switching to online-only edition

(Newser) - Seattle will become America's latest one-newspaper town after the final print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer rolls off the presses today, the Seattle Times reports. Publisher Hearst is switching the 146-year-old newspaper to an online-only edition and laying off almost all of its 167 staff after it was unable to... More »

Seattle Paper Poised to Switch to Online-Only

Paper to quit printing if no buyer is found by March 10

(Newser) - Hearst publishing is pressing forward with plans to make the Seattle Post-Intelligencer an online-only newspaper, staffers say. The company—which has said the paper will quit publishing if no buyer is found by March 10—has made "provisional offers" to a few reporters selected to take part in the... More »

Newsday Will Charge for Online Content

(Newser) - Newsday will buck an industry trend by charging people to read it online, Reuters reports. The newspaper's owner, Cablevision, says it will "end the distribution of free Web content," though it didn't specify when. In the US, the Wall Street Journal is the only major paper currently sticking... More »

At Times, Web Geeks Grab at Future, Keep Grip on Past

Team aims to keep it the organization 'of record' even as print product sees its obits

(Newser) - There’s a quiet revolution going on at the New York Times, hiding behind all the print-journalism doom and gloom, New York reports. Since 2007, a team of “developers-slash-journalists” has been collaborating with reporters and editors to create interactive web features—like the trippy Election Day Word Train, which... More »

To Save the News, Look to iTunes

Model proves people will pay for what could be free

(Newser) - People expect their news for free these days, but online advertising revenue isn’t enough to support major operations, David Carr writes in the New York Times. But there may be hope for the newspaper industry. A decade ago, people began getting their music illegally. Now, the convenience of iTunes... More »

Print Times Not Quite Dead, But Hope Lies in Its Ashes

Journalism faces a challenge, but hardly a disaster

(Newser) - We know it’s coming, that day when print newspapers cease to exist, but it won’t be this year, right? Maybe, maybe not, Michael Hirschorn writes in the Atlantic, and it wouldn’t necessarily be a disaster. The New York Times is in trouble—it could default on $400... More »

Minneapolis, Seattle Top List of Most Literate Cities

Read all about it

(Newser) - New York may be America's cultural capital, but Seattle and Minneapolis top the list as the nation's most literate cities, reports LiveScience.  The rankings are based on newspaper, magazine, and online news readership, library usage, book purchases, and educational levels. The two cities also topped the list last year.... More »

New Sites Try 'Crowdfunding' to Finance Journalism

New site solicits story ideas and funding to write them

(Newser) - As newspapers nationwide struggle to stay afloat in the internet era, a new online venture aims to harness the power of the people—or at least their checkbooks. The San Francisco-based Spot Us site solicits story ideas and donations from the public. If enough cash is raised for a particular... More »

Surprise, Webheads: Newspaper Sales Are Up

Worldwide, that is—not in the US and Europe

(Newser) - Newspaper circulation is up worldwide despite slipping numbers in the US and Europe, the AP reports. Officials at a worldwide newspaper conference said today that India and China are leading the 2.6% increase, thanks to higher literacy, incomes, and more leisure time. "They say newspapers and print are... More »

Come On, Her RFK Gaffe's Not So Bad

Online journos magnified one line to rack up hits

(Newser) - Why have reporters turned Hillary Clinton's RFK flub into a huge story? To generate online hits with more political gossip, John Harris writes in Politico. Sure, it's hot news to hear about, but if you watch the remark on video, it's "deflating," Harris writes—it's just a calm,... More »

All the News That's Fit to Invent: The Onion Hits 20

From a Wisconsin dorm to a NYC highrise, satirical newspaper's key lies in lies

(Newser) - When a wisecracking newspaper was born in a Wisconsin dorm room in 1988, no one predicted it would one day be installed in sleek Manhattan offices, producing fake print and television news, and rolling in dough. But the Onion's president isn’t surprised, CBS reports. The paper “attracts this... More »

Newspapers Look to Make Connections

Trying to reach younger readers, more will link to Facebook and MySpace

(Newser) - Newspapers readers at an increasing pace are turning to Pluck, a media syndication company, to link their sites to social networks, like MySpace and Facebook, giving them access to 165 million users, Reuters reports. Pluck will use the Facebook programming interface and Google's OpenSocial system to share information between its... More »

NY Times Makes All Online Content Free

Paper scraps reader web fees; hopes to recoup from advertisers

(Newser) - The New York Times is ending its two-year experiment with paid online subscriptions and making all of its content free to  internet readers, Reuters reports. The move goes into effect tomorrow. Previously, those who wanted to read columnists such as Maureen Dowd and other premium content had to pay $7.... More »

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