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Pussy Riot Member Fled Moscow in Delivery Outfit

'I could no longer stay in Russia,' Lucy Shtein says

(Newser) - Lucy Shtein has experience in hiding her identity in Moscow. "I have worn different disguises before to dodge the police," the Pussy Riot activist said, per the Guardian . "Sometimes I would wear long coats, I even dressed as a construction worker once." When President Vladimir Putin...

Authorities: Cops Took Revenge on Man Who Filed Complaint on Them

NJ officers Stephen Martinsen and Thomas Dowling allegedly vandalized man's cars

(Newser) - Ernest Mignoli is known in Asbury Park, NJ, for speaking out about the city and its police department, but when two of his cars were recently vandalized, even he didn't think the perps could've been some of the very people he constantly criticizes. That's why he tells...

Inmate's Plan: Dress Up as Daughter, Leave Her in Prison

Brazil gang leader Clauvino da Silva's nervousness apparently gave him away

(Newser) - A Brazilian gang leader tried to escape from prison by dressing up as his daughter when she visited him behind bars and walking out the penitentiary's main door in her place, authorities said Sunday. But prison officials said the nervousness displayed by Clauvino da Silva, also known as "...

Red-Nosed Burglar Caught Red-Handed on Tape

Cops seeking suspect who donned Rudolph costume during burglary in Fort Collins, Colo.

(Newser) - "Oh how the camera caught her / As she committed burglary / Rudolph the Red Nosed Criminal / We need your help with her ID." That's the call-to-action jingle a Colorado police department would like you to hear, penned in honor of a recent burglary suspect in...

'Nuns' Try to Rob Poconos Bank, Leave Empty-Handed

Cops think they were spooked by teller, not by their piety

(Newser) - Police say two women dressed as nuns attempted to rob a bank in Pennsylvania's Poconos. Authorities say the women walked into Citizens Bank near Tannersville on Monday afternoon, one brandishing a handgun, and demanded money from a teller, the AP reports. They left without taking anything, however, and a...

Sneaky Troopers Don Disguise to Nab Speeders

They dress as construction workers

(Newser) - About 30 drivers in Pennsylvania who zipped by a construction worker while over the speed limit got a rude surprise less than a mile down the road. That construction worker was actually a state trooper in disguise, and he then radioed ahead for the speeders to be pulled over on...

Fugitive's Old-Man Disguise Falls Short: Eyes Do Him In

'Hollywood quality,' says a cop in Massachusetts

(Newser) - Police looking for a 31-year-old man suspected of dealing heroin converged on a house in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, Thursday, and ordered everybody out. Among those to emerge was an elderly man—or so it seemed. Cops eventually realized the man they were speaking with was actually fugitive Shaun Miller in...

8 Busted In Disguised Flyer Plot
8 Busted in
Disguised Flier Plot

8 Busted in Disguised Flier Plot

Masked man was aided by Hong Kong airport worker

(Newser) - The young Chinese passenger who boarded a flight to Canada disguised as an elderly man had some help on the inside, authorities in Hong Kong say. An investigation into the case exposed a people-smuggling network believed to have sneaked at least eight others into Canada, authorities say. Eight suspects, including...

Robberies Shock 'Hyper-Real' Mask Firm

Company's sales soar after masks make the news

(Newser) - Sales have soared for a California company that makes ultra-realistic masks — but its owner isn't happy about the way success has arrived. SPFXMasks earned plenty of free publicity when its creations were used by a young Chinese man who posed as an elderly white man to fool immigration, and...

Man Who Pulled Jobs in 'Black Face' Pleads Guilty

Disguise fooled wrong suspect's own mother

(Newser) - A white bank robber's disguise was so effective that a black man was arrested for his crimes, picked out of a line-up by several victims, and identified from surveillance footage by his own mother. The real crook, Polish immigrant Conrad Zdzeriek, has now pleaded guilty to a string of robberies...

Passenger: I Warned Crew About 'Two-Faced' Flier

But no one paid any attention, scared traveler complains

(Newser) - A passenger warned the flight crew about a disguised "two-faced" flier who slipped on board and rattled security staffs around the world—but they shrugged off her concerns, she says. Passenger Nuray Kurtur-Balas said she immediately spotted something amiss and feared the 22-year-old, dressed as an old man, planned...

'Two-Faced' Flyer Has Security Agents Scrambling

Homeland Security chief wonders how man was able to board plane

(Newser) - The passenger who turned from an elderly white man into a young Asian man mid-flight is causing panicked authorities to scramble to update security procedures. Hong Kong authorities believe the man—who was wearing a mask sold online under the name "Jerry Attrick" and mimicked the movement of an...

One Airline Passenger, Two Faces

Disguised man slipped on to Air Canada flight

(Newser) - Staff on an Air Canada flight were presumably more than a little surprised when a passenger went into a toilet looking like Mr. Magoo and emerged looking like a young Asian man. The man filed a refugee claim and was taken into custody when the flight from Hong Kong arrived...

White Bank Robber Fools Cops With Black Guy Mask

To be fair, it was a really good mask

(Newser) - Ohio police say they've apprehended a wily white bank robber who threw them off the trail by disguising himself as a black person. Authorities say 30-year-old Conrad Zdzierak would rob the banks in a high-quality mask, then take it off as he drove to his next robbery target, confounding police...

Ring, Bended Knee, and Candid Camera

Cottage industry in proposal photos is booming

(Newser) - Husband hopefuls are lining up not only romantic locales and plentiful karats, but also hidden cameramen to document their marriage proposals. Some knee-benders are even timing their big events for optimal lighting conditions and bride-to-be beauty (make sure she gets to change her clothes after work). Newly affianced couples can...

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