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Secret Ingredient That Saved Twinkies Is a Financial One

Private equity creates some of the biggest fortunes of our day

(Newser) - In 2012, the iconic Twinkie nearly went away for good. But in 2013, the snack made its triumphant return . The story of how that came to be illustrates a powerful, if poorly understood, force in the US economy—one that has created "some of the greatest fortunes of the... More »

Romney's Campaign a Lie of 'Historic Dimensions'

Mitt Romney rails against debt, but he got rich by creating it, Matt Taibbi argues

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's entire campaign is built around debt—he once described the nation's debt as a "prairie fire" getting "closer to the homes and children we love." Which makes the whole affair "a shimmering pearl of perfect political hypocrisy," writes Matt Taibbi for... More »

Private Equity Can Ruin Firms —and Still Profit

Tax loopholes, money tricks benefit bosses like Mitt Romney: James Surowiecki

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's opponents have slapped Bain Capital over layoffs, but private equity actually has little overall effect on job numbers. Instead, the crimes of such companies are centered on the way they make money, writes James Surowiecki in the New Yorker . What we should be concerned about is the... More »

Romney's Bain Had Loads of Profit, Bankruptcies

Wall Street Journal says Romney's firm didn't always turn things around

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has touted his time at Bain Capital as proof that he's the "turnaround artist" America needs, but an analysis of the companies he took over shows that may not be entirely true. The Wall Street Journal looked at 77 businesses Bain invested in under Romney's... More »

Carlyle Group Files for IPO

Huge private equity company to open its books

(Newser) - The Carlyle Group is going public. The mammoth private equity company has filed paperwork with the SEC for what’s planned as a $100 million initial public offering, the Washington Post reports. The move will open its books to public scrutiny, shining a light on the array of 270 disparate... More »

For Sale: Burger King

Chain seeks whopper of a private equity deal

(Newser) - Burger King wants it its way, right away: The world's second-biggest burger chain is looking for a buyer to take it off the stock market. Burger King execs have been in talks with various private equity firms in recent weeks, sources tell the Wall Street Journal , naming British firm 3i... More »

China May Invest in Bargain US Real Estate

Sovereign-wealth fund to ramp up spending after quiet 2008

(Newser) - China’s sovereign-wealth fund has its eyes on US real estate, the Wall Street Journal reports. China Investment Corp. laid low throughout 2008 as the global economy teetered but is now opening its coffers. And depressed US commercial property values—off 35% from their peak—coupled with cheap government financing,... More »

Private Equity Players Want In on Banking

Fed resists easing restrictions on risky, cash-rich enterprises

(Newser) - Even in the midst of the banking crisis, numerous entities are willing to buy the big banks, the New York Times reports. Private equity groups like J.C. Flowers & Company are itching to snap up the cash-strapped behemoths, but the Fed won’t let them. It’s worried that... More »

Private Equity Giants See Big Payday—If They Don't Go Bust

All the major players have survived so far

(Newser) - None of the major players in the "shadow banking" world of private equity—the likes of Blackstone, Carlyle, and KKR—has yet gone bust, and the guessing game of which one will be first is well under way, reports Newser founder Michael Wolff in Vanity Fair. Don't hold your... More »

Credit Crisis Spells Disaster for Private Equity Firms

Debt tightens as profits fall for many acquired companies

(Newser) - After a nearly 3-year buyout spree, private equity firms are facing tightened credit conditions just as slumping consumer spending squeezes many of their acquisitions, the New York Times reports. The leveraged-buyout bubble that culminated in $796 billion in deals in 2007 is bursting, leading to a grim reckoning as firms... More »

Lehman's Asset Management Arm Sold on Cheap for $2B

Prestigious Neuberger Berman goes to 2 private equity firms

(Newser) - Two private equity firms will acquire Neuberger Berman, the largest and most prestigious component of Lehman Brothers, for $2.15 billion. Bain Capital and Hellman & Friedman will pay in cash for the wealth management firm—an indication of just how stultified credit markets have become. Only a month before... More »

Lone Star Buys Big at Mortgage Fire Sale

Texas fund grabs $6.7B in Merrill castoffs, is hungry for more

(Newser) - Lone Star Fund is looking to profit from the castoffs of the credit meltdown, buying billions of marked-down assets and betting on just some of them to rebound, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Dallas-based private-equity firm run by John Grayken has closed a deal on $6.7 billion in... More »

Investors Throw Dice on Jacko's Vegas Comeback

Investment firm pushing for a start to Michael Jackson: the Vegas Years

(Newser) - A Las Vegas comeback could be in the cards for Michael Jackson if a private equity firm has its way, the Wall Street Journal reports. A firm that owns the Las Vegas Hilton and a big stake in a casino company bought $23 million of Jackson's debt last month and... More »

$6B From Outside Investors Will Shore Up Wachovia

Bank selling discounted shares to combat credit crunch

(Newser) - Ailing bank Wachovia will get a $6 billion-$7 billion shot in the arm from outside investors, the Wall Street Journal reports. Specifics of the capital infusion, designed to help the company recover from the credit crisis, haven’t been finalized. Details may be revealed when the company reports first-quarter earnings... More »

Investors Worry Clear Channel Sale Is Off the Air

Credit worries and a slumping stock price have Wall Street worried the deal is done

(Newser) - Optimism on Wall Street about Clear Channel's $19 billion equity buyout is fading and its share price is spiraling lower as the deal, more than a year in the making, appears to be unraveling—done in by regulatory issues, credit worries, and deteriorating industry conditions, the Wall Street Journal reports.... More »

Ingersoll-Rand to Buy Trane for $10B in Cash and Stock

I-R, flush with cash, makes a deal private equity players would love

(Newser) - In what would be the largest industrial acquisition since 1999, Ingersoll-Rand has agreed to buy Trane for $10.1 billion, creating the second-largest manufacturer of air conditioners and climate-control systems in the world, the Wall Street Journal reports. The deal requires regulatory and shareholder approval but little borrowing, because I-R... More »

US Equity Firms Face Local Competition

Growing worldwide wealth means buyouts are anybody's game

(Newser) - Increasing wealth worldwide will breed competitors for US private equity funds accustomed to being the only players in the lucrative buyout market, the Financial Times reports. “It is not preordained that the US will dominate private equity globally,” said the founder of one such firm, adding that governments... More »

Blackstone Pushes to Delay Tax Increase Bill

If measure won't die, buyout giant wants 10-year grace period

(Newser) - If Blackstone and other buyout firms can't kill a proposed bill that would increase their taxes, they'll try for a 10-year delay in enacting it. Under pressure from lobbyists, lawmakers are discussing doubling the proposed 5-year grace period, Bloomberg reports. The legislation, introduced before Blackstone went public in June, has... More »

Congress Drops Tax Hike for Private Equity

Superwealthy investors will get to keep tax breaks they now enjoy

(Newser) - A proposed tax hike on some of America's wealthiest investors isn't likely to happen this year, as Senate Democrats say they're shelving a bill that would have eliminated the special tax rate enjoyed by private-equity managers. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says a crowded legislative calendar makes considering the bill—... More »

$25B Sallie Mae Buyout on the Rocks

Credit market implosion leaves buyer looking for the door

(Newser) - Sallie Mae doesn’t look like such a bargain at $25 billion anymore, and J.C. Flowers & Co. is trying to renegotiate—or escape—its deal to acquire the student lender, citing the credit market implosion and legislation to reform student loan practices. It’s the kind of deal... More »

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