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China: Blaming Us for Google Hack 'Unacceptable'

Beijing rejects notion it was involved in phishing campaign

(Newser) - China has rejected the notion that it was involved in a phishing campaign that hacked into the Gmail accounts of US government officials and Chinese activists, the BBC and the Telegraph report today. Google yesterday claimed the campaign originated in Jinan , although it did not directly blame the Chinese government....

Savvy Columnist Wreaks Revenge on Email Scammer

Nothing worse than being 'Embarrased' at Western Union, eh?

(Newser) - When a scammer hacked a friend of columnist Steve Alexander, he or she probably wasn't expecting to get scammed right back. The Minneapolis Star Tribune writer received a copy of the old “stranded in London” scam email from an acquaintance. The phishing scheme tells the sad tale of...

Should You Worry About the Epsilon Email Breach?

Not if you're tech savvy...

(Newser) - If you're sitting at a computer reading this story, chances are you've received an email—or two or three—from the likes of Citibank or Best Buy or Walgreens apologizing for the Epsilon email breach . But just how worried or angry should you actually be about the incident? Perhaps not...

Customer Emails Breached at Big Companies, Banks

Kroger, TiVo, Citi, Capitol One are among those affected

(Newser) - Look out for email scams—ones that appear to come from a legitimate business, not a Nigerian lawyer—in the near future. That's because the nation's biggest email marketer has been hacked, reports Security Week . The breach at Epsilon means that the names and email addresses of customers at its...

Facebook Phishing Scam Sends You Fake Passwords

(Newser) - A new Facebook phishing scam plaguing inboxes—with the sender appearing to have an email address sourced from Facebook—sends recipients attachments with "new passwords" and very exuberantly notifies them of such in the subject line. The usual advice applies: Don't open that attachment. Read the full article .

iTunes Hackers Emptying PayPal Accounts

Phishing scam may be to blame

(Newser) - Fraudsters targeting iTunes users have been emptying PayPal accounts with large purchases of music, videos, and software from the Apple site. Users—some of whom have lost thousands of dollars in unauthorized charges billed to their account—complain that Apple seems to be unconcerned about the problem, TechCrunch reports.

Beware Video Phishing Attack on Facebook

If the video is "most hilarious ever," don't click on it

(Newser) - Facebook users, watch out for yet another weekend phishing attack. This one involves a video titled something along the lines of "Most Hilarious Video Ever" posted on Facebook walls. Click on it and it directs you to a fake Facebook login page, where it tries to steal passwords (possibly...

Scam Emails Capitalize on Swine Flu Scare
Scam Emails Capitalize on Swine Flu Scare
h1n1 outbreak

Scam Emails Capitalize on Swine Flu Scare

Phishing scheme asks targets to register for vaccination

(Newser) - Bogus email alert: Be on the lookout for messages allegedly from the CDC about a "mandatory" swine flu vaccination program. The emails ask recipients to enter personal information in order to get vaccinated, but unlucky registrants get malware instead of medicine. The CDC has confirmed that it is not...

Beware 12 Scams of Christmas
 Beware 12 Scams of Christmas 

Beware 12 Scams of Christmas

Online schemes take advantage of the holiday spirit

(Newser) - The holiday season brings out the best in online scammers. CNET runs down common schemes to beware of, courtesy of McAfee:
  • Fake delivery invoices: They look like legit emails from UPS, Federal Express, and the like, asking for address confirmation and credit card info to ensure delivery.
  • Holiday e-cards: Make

Spam King Ordered to Pay Facebook $711M

Sanford Wallace may face jail time

(Newser) - "Spam king" Sanford Wallace has been slapped with a $711 million judgment for spamming Facebook users. A California judge found that Wallace, who used phishing techniques to access Facebook accounts, violated a law against sending "false and misleading" marketing emails. The judge permanently banned Wallace from accessing Facebook...

Email Scam Reveals How Crummy Passwords Are

'123456' was most common single password of 10,000 revealed

(Newser) - The hackers who stole the logins and passwords for thousands of email accounts in a phishing scam that came to light this week likely lured users with fake “security check” forms. But for many users, they wouldn’t have needed to expend that much energy: the most common single...

How to Avoid Becoming a Phishing Victim

Simple precautions can keep info out of scammers' hands

(Newser) - Phishing scams are becoming a lot more sophisticated. Unwary Internet users can easily end up with their bank account and credit card details in the hands of crooks. CNET lists the best ways to avoid becoming a victim:
  • Change passwords regularly. Experts recommend that passwords be changed every three months

Hotmail Phishing Scam Also Took In Gmail Users

Hotmail users not alone; scheme was 'industry-wide'

(Newser) - Hotmail users weren’t the only ones compromised in the huge phishing scheme that came to light yesterday. Another 20,000 email accounts and passwords have surfaced, bearing addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other services, the BBC reports. Google has found a third list but hasn't detailed its contents....

Hackers Post 10K Hotmail Passwords Online

Operation may have thousands more; Microsoft investigating

(Newser) - Names and passwords for at least 10,000 compromised Hotmail email accounts were made public today, and Microsoft says it's investigating. A list of account names and passwords that was posted to a software development forum may only be a small part of the cache of stolen info—it consisted...

Hackers Dupe Facebook Users
 Hackers Dupe Facebook Users 

Hackers Dupe Facebook Users

Phishing scheme scores password information

(Newser) - Hackers went Facebook-phishing yesterday, nabbing the passwords of an undisclosed number of users, Reuters reports. Facebook is working to restore the site and has blocked accounts hit in what it believes was a ploy to spread future spam. Hackers broke into accounts, sending users’ friends emails that contained links to...

Hacker Tweaks Twitter Celebs
 Hacker Tweaks Twitter Celebs 

Hacker Tweaks Twitter Celebs

Britney, Obama among the victims of hacker targeting high-profile accounts

(Newser) - Barack Obama, Britney Spears and CNN's Rick Sanchez were among dozens of people whose Twitter accounts were hijacked yesterday by a hacker, CNET reports. The hacker, who exploited the site's support tools to gain access, made fake updates to several accounts—including references to private parts and drug use—before...

Virus Helps Violate 500K Bank, Credit Accounts

Infects computers through 'drive-by downloads"

(Newser) - A computer virus has stolen log-in information for over 500,000 bank accounts and credit and debit cards. The Sinowal Trojan virus has infected computers around the world through “drive-by downloads” that install it without users' knowledge when they visit Web sites running the virus code. Individuals can best...

'Every Network Is at Risk' Thanks to Bug

Security expert says DNS flaw could cause Internet-wide chaos

(Newser) - Security researcher Dan Kaminsky outlined what he calls the biggest Internet security hole since 1997 to a gathering of experts yesterday, and it's a lot worse than had been understood, Wired reports. “Every network is at risk,” Kaminsky said at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. "...

'Spam King' Owes MySpace $6M
 'Spam King' Owes MySpace $6M 

'Spam King' Owes MySpace $6M

Social networking site wins another multi-million suit against spammers

(Newser) - A Colorado company accused of spamming must pay MySpace $6 million in damages and legal fees after an arbitrator ruled for the social networking site, the AP reports. Media Breakaway and its CEO, aka the "Spam King," were accused of using hijacked or "phished" accounts to send...

Yahoo Suit Targets Lottery Scammers
Yahoo Suit Targets
Lottery Scammers

Yahoo Suit Targets Lottery Scammers

Company alleges fraudulent trademark use in case; success hardly certain

(Newser) - Yahoo is suing a group of unidentified spammers who’ve sent emails claiming to be from the "Yahoo International Lottery Organization," soliciting personal information and sometimes money from purported lottery winners. Yahoo is seeking damages for fraudulent use of its trademarks, but it might prove hard to identify...

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