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Maybe Sports Betting Can Save Newspapers
Maybe Sports Betting
Can Save Newspapers
maureen dowd

Maybe Sports Betting Can Save Newspapers

Desperate times require desperate solutions, some say

(Newser) - With newspapers sinking deeper into trouble by the day, Maureen Dowd explores the idea of saving the day with a little vice. Specifically, allowing papers to rake in money by setting up online sports betting on their websites. Dowd herself isn't pushing it, but she has fun kicking it around...

Court Ruling Scuttles Del. Sports Gambling Plans

Grandfather clause doesn't apply to single-game expansion: judges

(Newser) - A federal court quashed Delaware’s bid to legalize single-game sports betting today, ruling that the gambling expansion violated a 1992 federal law, the News Journal of Wilmington reports. State lawyers had argued Delaware was exempt from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act under a grandfather clause, but a...

Del. Moves to Legalize Sports Betting

(Newser) - The Delaware State Senate has approved a bill legalizing sports betting and allowing casinos to operate table games like roulette, the News Journal of Wilmington reports. The governor, seeking to close a gaping budget gap, will sign the bill this week. The measure sailed through the senate after a pitched...

You, Too, Can Pick a Winner
 You, Too, Can 
 Pick a Winner 
kentucky derby

You, Too, Can Pick a Winner

All you need is a buck and 3 key stats

(Newser) - Put down that mint julep: The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, and you still don’t have a horse to bet on. But you do have a prayer, because Christina Settimi of Forbes, with help from horse racing expert Dean Keppler, outlines a winning strategy. With $118 million wagered, novices have...

Super Bowl Inspires Super Wacky Wagers

How much do you want to bet Bruce sings Born to Run ?

(Newser) - Propositions, or "prop bets," can add some spice to a Super Bowl blowout even as they leave oddsmakers shaking their heads. "They're a pain in the ass," a Las Vegas bookmaker tells ESPN the Magazine. "But it keeps non-fans interested for the entire game."...

Don't Want to Bet on the Super Bowl? Bet on Jennifer

Internet offers wagering on how long it'll take her to sing anthem, and other odd stuff

(Newser) - Want to gamble on the Super Bowl, but know nothing about football? No problem: You can place your bets for how long it will take Jennifer Hudson to sing the national anthem Sunday instead, TMZ reports. Sites like have all sorts of options that have little to do...

Pittsburgh's Superfan Mayor Changes Name

Ravenstahl now 'Steelerstahl' ahead of playoff with Baltimore

(Newser) - Eschewing the usual (read: boring) wager with a fellow politician over the big game, Pittsburgh’s mayor is changing his name ahead of the hometown Steelers’ AFC championship tilt against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Luke Ravenstahl hit the Allegheny County clerk’s office today, Deadspin reports, though it could...

Davydenko Didn't Fix Matches, ATP Probe Finds

Tennis body finds no evidence Russian threw '07 contest for gambling profit

(Newser) - Nikolay Davydenko had nothing to do with any match-fixing, tennis authorities announced today after a lengthy investigation. Davydenko, 27, had been under suspicion after abnormally high betting on a 2007 match from which he withdrew citing injury, the BBC reports. Almost $7 million was placed on Davydenko’s opponent on...

Clues Point to Rigged World Cup Match

Asian betting syndicate may have connections to Ghana team

(Newser) - Asian betters may have fixed a World Cup game between Brazil and Ghana 2 years ago, a Canadian reporter says. His research links players on Ghana's team with a Bangkok betting ring that wanted Brazil to win that match—and it did.

Super Bowl Prediction Central
Super Bowl Prediction Central

Super Bowl Prediction Central

Prognostications out in from informed and clueless alike

(Newser) - Seems everyone has an idea about how things will go down tonight in Phoenix. The Vegas line currently hovers around 12 points in the Patriots' favor, but the Giants' Plaxico Burress has already promised a 23-17 upset victory by his team. ESPN's experts don't have a consensus prediction, although the...

'Belichick Factor' Confounds Bookies
'Belichick Factor' Confounds Bookies

'Belichick Factor' Confounds Bookies

Record-breaking point spread set for Patriots-Eagles game

(Newser) - When they're winning big, NFL teams usually bring off their starters by the fourth quarter. The Patriots don't - and what bookies are calling "The Belichick Factor" is breaking records, reports ESPN. Sports bookmakers in Nevada were hit hard after the Patriots crushed the Buffalo Bills last Sunday, and...

Tennis Rushes to Combat Match-fixing

Andy Murray says 'everyone knows it goes on'

(Newser) - Tennis is scrambling to clean up its game after Andy Murray, Britain's top-ranked player, claimed that "everyone knows" some matches are fixed. Under a new rule, players who are asked to fix matches will get 48 hours to admit it or be punished, and the Association of Tennis Professionals...

Can Vegas Bookies Save Sports?
Can Vegas Bookies Save Sports?

Can Vegas Bookies Save Sports?

Pro, college leagues hire insiders to sniff out problems

(Newser) - Sports that once slammed betting are now playing ball with Vegas bookies, the Wall Street Journal reports. Pro and college leagues hire advisers to spot odd bets and the players or refs who may be shaving points behind them."It's a way for them, I think, to be able...

Focus on Offense Aids Crooked Refs
Focus on Offense Aids Crooked Refs

Focus on Offense Aids Crooked Refs

'Dysfunctional' ref rules partly to blame for Donaghy fiasco

(Newser) - The focus on offense in NBA play, encouraging officials  to call more fouls, also paves the way for the current gambling scandal, three former refs charge in USA Today. More free throws and offensive possessions can, in turn, influence the final score. Tim Donaghy, an NBA official for 13 years,...

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