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Face-Transplant Recipient: Don't Judge People by Looks

(Newser) - The nation's first face-transplant recipient met the public for the first time since her December operation, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Connie Culp, who had been shot by her husband in 2004 and essentially lost the middle of her face, has "progressed tremendously," said one of her doctors... More »

Burn Victim Gets New Face, Hands

Landmark operation in clinic where docs performed world's first face transplant

(Newser) - A burn victim has received a new face and hands in a ground-breaking transplant surgery in France, reports the Times of London. A team of 40 doctors worked 30 hours in the same Paris hospital that performed the world's first face transplant in 2005 and first hand transplant in 1998.... More »

Chimp Victim Moved to Face Transplant Clinic

Facial reconstruction experts to aid woman suffering horrific injuries

(Newser) - The woman whose face was horrifically injured by a crazed chimpanzee has been transferred to the clinic that performed America's first face transplant, the Stamford Times reports. The woman was in surgery for 7 hours after the attack on Monday and was still in critical condition when she was transferred... More »

Face Transplant Patient Leaves Cleveland Hospital

Subject of experimental surgery released after a 2-month recovery

(Newser) - The subject of the first face transplant performed in America was released from the hospital yesterday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. The patient left after 2 months of recovery from the experimental, 23-hour procedure. She enjoys being able to once again drink from a cup and taste a hamburger, the... More »

Face Transplant Risks Life in Pursuit of Social Approval

Why change the face when we could change our behaviors?

(Newser) - A face transplant completed at a Cleveland clinic may be a medical triumph, but, William Saletan wonders on Slate, does the social necessity outweigh the physical risk? Severe facial damage affected the woman’s physical functions, but surgeons also argue that “social functions” such as communication are equally essential.... More »

Docs Detail Near-Total Face Transplant

Unnamed patient now has 'face to face the world:' surgeon

(Newser) - Cleveland Clinic officials say the woman who underwent the most comprehensive face transplant yet exhausted conventional options before agreeing to the risky 22-hour procedure in which 80% of her face was replaced with a cadaver’s. The unnamed patient lacked a nose or palate and couldn’t eat or breathe... More »

Cleveland Clinic Performs First US Face Transplant

Years of prep precede controversial treatment

(Newser) - Doctors in Cleveland have successfully completed the nation’s first near-total facial transplant on a on a patient disfigured by traumatic injury, the Plain Dealer reports today. The hospital, which said the patient didn’t want to be identified, was the first in the US to approve the controversial procedure,... More »

First Face Transplant Patient Smiles—Slightly

Patient faces massive side effects

(Newser) - Isabelle Dinoire can smile a little, her doctors reported yesterday, a big accomplishment for the world’s first face transplant recipient. Her case shows that the controversial surgery can work—but it also highlighted the risks involved. Dinoire has dealt with two tissue-rejection episodes, two kidney failures, anemia and high... More »

She Views Life From Behind a New Face

First such transplant patient shares her new perspective

(Newser) - Isabelle Dinoire, the French woman who in November 2005 received the world's first partial face transplant, has taught herself how to eat and speak again, but what she really wants to learn, the Guardian reports, is how to kiss. In a new book published in France yesterday, Dinoire describes her... More »

Face Transplant Surgeons Plead For Privacy

British 'chequebook journalism' could jeopardize procedure

(Newser) - Doctors are preparing to execute Britain's first face transplant, but first they must face off with relatives of potential patients and the media eager to buy their stories, the Guardian reports. The press has fixed it eyes and nose on the upcoming operation, but surgeons say publicity for patients seeking... More »

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