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Hugh Grant Testifies: Mail Hacked My Phone

Says Mail on Sunday hacked his voicemail

(Newser) - Hugh Grant’s latest role—as a central figure in the British phone-hacking scandal—continues to develop, as he testified in the case, accusing the Mail on Sunday of hacking his phone in order to fabricate a story about his personal life. The paper, he said, suggested that his relationship...

Hugh Grant Welcomes Fling Baby

Actor, 51, is a first-time dad

(Newser) - In a refreshingly honest statement, Hugh Grant’s spokesperson confirmed yesterday that the actor is a first-time father following “a fleeting affair.” Despite the fact that his new baby was “not planned,” the rep says, Grant is “delighted” and “could not be happier or...

Bridget Jones 3 Is Coming
 Bridget Jones 3 
 Is Coming 

Bridget Jones 3 Is Coming

Long-rumored movie officially in the works

(Newser) - Good news for those of you who enjoy watching Renee Zellweger cavort around on-screen with a British accent: A third Bridget Jones movie is officially in the works, Entertainment Weekly confirms. But wait, you say, there are only two Bridget Jones books! Never fear: EW notes that author Helen Fielding...

Hugh Grant to Former 'News of the World' Editor Paul McMullen: 'Try Real Journalism' (Phone Hacking Scandal)

 Hugh Grant 
 Schools Former 
 NotW Editor 
phone hacking scandal

Hugh Grant Schools Former NotW Editor

Actor to Paul McMullen: 'Try real journalism'

(Newser) - Hugh Grant was one of the victims of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, and in a confrontation Mediaite calls "amazing," he slammed a former NotW editor yesterday on the BBC. Some background: Grant had a chance run-in with Paul McMullen last year, and McMullen told...

5 Other Celebs We Hated— Temporarily

It's only a matter of time before we forgive, or at least forget, James

(Newser) - Jesse James may be persona non grata now, but it’s only a matter of time before no one will care what he did to Sandra Bullock. As evidence, PopEater offers five celebs who were only temporarily in the doghouse:
  1. Tiger Woods: Face it, we’re already starting to forgive

Hear About the Morgans? Keep It to Yourself
 Hear About the Morgans? 
 Keep It to Yourself 

Hear About the Morgans? Keep It to Yourself

Sam Elliott's mustache steals the show. No, really.

(Newser) - The highlight of Did You Hear About the Morgans? for most critics is their own joke that Sam Elliott's mustache deserves separate billing. Some reactions:
  • The film is so "lumpish and crude" that Colin Covert saves most of his ire for a geographical offense. "The landscape around Yellowstone,

Palin May Give Letterman an Accidental Boost

Is Palin to Letterman what Hugh Grant was to Leno?

(Newser) - David Letterman's recent skirmish with Sarah Palin might be just what the late night host needs, reports the AP. Just as a repentant Hugh Grant, post-prostitution bust, launched Jay Leno into the ratings stratosphere in 1995, so might the Palin flap put Letterman back on top. And her timing is...

Liz Hurley's Marriage in Trouble
 Liz Hurley's Marriage in Trouble 

Liz Hurley's Marriage in Trouble

Actress too pushy for spouse

(Newser) - Elizabeth Hurley’s marriage is on the rocks, says Marie Claire, citing reports in the Daily Mail. "She’s more like a boss than a wife," claims one source, adding that 2 years after the wedding, hubby Arun Nayar has found himself "stuck with a wife who...

Guy Ritchie Cozies Up to Hugh Grant's Ex

Just-divorced director hits it off with Jemima Khan on London social circuit

(Newser) - British tabloids are alert to the possibility of a romance between freshly divorced Guy Ritchie and Jemima Khan, millionaire heiress and recent Hugh Grant fling, the New York Daily News notes. The pair “got along like a house on fire” at two London dinner parties earlier this month, the...

Po Po Busts Jude for 'Attack' on Pap

Photog claims that actor called him a pedophile

(Newser) - London police have slapped the cuffs on Jude Law for allegedly attacking a paparazzo near his home yesterday, the Independent reports. The injured photog claims that Jude called him a pedophile before laying hands on him. “You would expect that sort of thing from a yob, not a Hollywood...

Grant Flings For His Supper
Grant Flings
For His Supper

Grant Flings For His Supper

British star arrested after assaulting a paparazzo—with a tin of baked beans

(Newser) - Maybe Hugh Grant just needs a new cook. The actor was arrested in London late Tuesday night after allegedly throwing a tub of baked beans at a persistent paparazzo. Photographer Ian Whittaker claims that he asked Grant to smile for a photo, and the rom-com star kicked him and said...

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