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SiriusXM Is Buying Pandora

In an all-stock $3.5B deal

(Newser) - Subscription radio company SiriusXM says it's buying music streaming service Pandora Media Inc. in a stock deal valued at about $3.5 billion that'll allow it to expand its service beyond cars and into homes and other mobile areas. Pandora stockholders will receive 1.44 newly issued SiriusXM... More »

PayPal Sues Pandora Over Logo

Mobile app icon is way too similar to PayPal's, company argues

(Newser) - Pandora unveiled a new logo for its mobile app in October, and PayPal is now suing over it, saying it looks too similar to the logo PayPal uses on its own mobile app, the New York Post reports. Gizmodo has a comparison of the icons—a single P for Pandora... More »

How Pandora Picks Your 'Favorite' Songs

About 25 analysts rank and quantify the music

(Newser) - Pandora relies on complex computer software to grade it songs ... right? Not so, reports Rob Pegoraro at BoingBoing : About 25 music analysts at the company's Music Genome Project personally rank and quantify each song with up to 450 "genome units." For example, vocals are graded from 1... More »

Spotify's Most-Streamed Song Ever Is...

Avicii's 'Wake Me Up,' with 235M listens

(Newser) - If Spotify listens are a barometer for musical quality, then the best song of all time is, apparently, "Wake Me Up," by electronic dance music producer and DJ Avicii. The song has been streamed some 235 million times, the Huffington Post reports, making it the music service's... More »

Google's Spotify Rival Is Here

'Google Play Music All Access' is $10 a month

(Newser) - Google today announced its Spotify competitor, although we have to say that when it comes to names, Spotify has the edge: Google's service is called Google Play Music All Access, VentureBeat reports. The streaming music service is available today for $9.99 a month, after a free 30-day trial.... More »

Microsoft Unveils Competition for iTunes

Xbox Music will combine the perks of other services

(Newser) - Itching to compete with iTunes, Microsoft is rolling out a new music player by embedding it into the company's devices and software, the New York Times reports. Called Xbox Music, it will offer a catalog of 30 million songs for purchase, a Pandora-style radio station, and a Spotify-like option... More »

What Apple Should Really Do: Make iTunes Suck Less

Chris O'Brien says aping Pandora isn't the way to go

(Newser) - When news broke yesterday that Apple is trying to build a Pandora rival , Pandora investors panicked—but Chris O'Brien can't figure out why. "Like much 'news' about Apple, most of this is the vaguest of the vague," he writes at SiliconBeat , and even if something... More »

Look Out, Pandora, Here Comes Apple

Wall Street Journal says company is planning to launch a rival

(Newser) - It looks like Apple will try to muscle in on the digital music niche carved out by Pandora. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has begun talks to create a rival radio service similar to Pandora's, in which listeners punch in the name of an artist they like... More »

Pandora Shares Soar in IPO

It's the latest in a new wave of Internet coming out parties

(Newser) - The shares of popular but unprofitable Internet radio service Pandora soared more than 50% in its market debut. Its shares rose as high as $26 in early trading this morning, up from its offering price of $16 and valuing Pandora Media Inc. at more than $4 billion. That is easily... More »

Pandora Jacks IPO to $161.5M

Betting on LinkedIn-esque investor frenzy

(Newser) - This is getting to be one pricey box to open: Pandora has jacked the price of its hotly anticipated IPO to $161.5 million, reports the New York Post, up from a slightly more modest $109.5 million last week and $100 million in February. The stock market may be... More »

Pandora Eyes $100M IPO

It hasn't ever turned a profit, but why let the details get you down?

(Newser) - Pandora's about to open a new box, reports the LA Times: The Internet radio service filed yesterday for an IPO it hopes will raise $100 million and give it the chance to turn a profit for the first time. Though some 80 million listeners tune in, Pandora is largely free;... More »

Apple Sued for Letting Our Apps Track Us

iPhone, iPad contain identifiers that can't be blocked: suit

(Newser) - Apple allows iPhone and iPad apps to send users' personal info to advertising networks without consent, according to a lawsuit filed last week. The suit says the gadgets contain identifying devices that let these networks track users' app downloads and usage, Bloomberg reports. Some apps also sell information like users'... More »

Pandora Car Stereo Spells Sirius Trouble

New Internet-enabled device threatens satellite radio

(Newser) - Why pay upward of $20 a month for satellite radio in your car when you can get Pandora Internet radio for free? Pioneer unveiled a car stereo at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week that can detect Pandora Internet radio from iPhones or iPods, prompting observers... More »

5 Sites Keeping You Tuned Into Online Music

Streaming music gets a foothold among listeners

(Newser) - The wide world of online music now offers a range of ways to stream your tunes, from pay sites to musical social-networking services. It’s hard to tell which will stick around, but experts say they may help save the music industry, CNN reports. A sampling:
  • Napster: It’s back
... More »

10 Ways to Replace Overhyped Gizmos

Tech experts list top overrated, underrated products

(Newser) - You can replace your most over-hyped devices with the tech world's top 10 wallflowers, compiled by PC World. Start with the iPhone:
  1. Stop stubbing your fingers on Apple's impractical keyboard interface. Sidekick offers the best QWERTY around.
  2. Nintendo Wii is hard to find and offers few good games. Sony PlayStation
... More »

Royalty Rates May Kill Internet Radio Site

Popular Pandora threatens to pull plug without a new deal

(Newser) - One of America's most popular online radio sites may pull the plug without a new deal on royalty rates, the Washington Post reports. Pandora attracts 1 million listeners a day to create personalized radio stations, but also pays 70% of its revenue in per-song royalties—a fee traditional radio has... More »

Web Radio Takes Fight to Senate

Negotiations have stalled in new royalty plan, they say

(Newser) - Internet radio hangs in the balance, webcasters say, but the Senate Commerce Committee, which holds radio hearings today, can save it by reviving bills setting royalty rates for online broadcasters as low as satellite radio's. Legislators introduced the bills this spring, the Post explains, when the Copyright Royalty Board jacked... More »

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