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Activists Halt Japan Whale Hunt
 Activists Halt Japan Whale Hunt 

Activists Halt Japan Whale Hunt

Harassment making Antarctic hunt 'unsafe,' says fisheries official

(Newser) - The Japanese have temporarily suspended an Antarctic whale hunt because of repeated harassment by activists from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The hunt, aiming to bag as many as 945 whales, has been halted because of "violent" disruptions, said the nation's top fisheries officials. No one has been injured...

Wreck of Whaling Ship Has Ties to Moby-Dick

Its captain's ordeal on another ship inspired Herman Melville's novel

(Newser) - A fascinating bit of history is up from the depths of the Pacific off Hawaii: Marine archeologists have found the remains of an 1880s whaling ship that sailed from Nantucket, reports the Boston Globe . Researchers are happy enough to get a rare look at the tools and gadgets of the...

Whaling Protesters Deliberately Sank Own Boat

Its skipper says sinking was done for public sympathy

(Newser) - Verbal harpoons are flying in a public feud between the leader of the Sea Shepherd conservation group and the former skipper of the group's high-tech "Batmobile" boat the Ady Gil, which sank after a collision with a Japanese ship earlier this year. Skipper Peter Bethune says the boat was...

Team Digs Up London 'Moby Dick'
Team Digs Up London
'Moby Dick'

Team Digs Up London 'Moby Dick'

56-foot giant whale died 200 years ago

(Newser) - Archaeologists in London have discovered the bones of a whale the size of Moby Dick that met its end on the River Thames some 200 years ago. The 56-foot whale, which was as old as 100 when it died, was found buried beneath six feet of mud on the bank...

Whales Suffer Like Humans
 Whales Suffer Like Humans  

Whales Suffer Like Humans

Biologists cite studies as case against whaling

(Newser) - As the International Whaling Commission meets this week to debate the future of whaling, marine biologists say that whales are similar to humans in their capacity to feel and suffer. Recent studies show that whales—like great apes and dolphins—possess a self-awareness, which one neurobiologist says allows them to...

Japan Bribes Reps on Whaling Commission
 Japan Bribes 
 Reps on Whaling 

Japan Bribes Reps on Whaling Commission

London 'Times' says it has video of officials who sold votes

(Newser) - Japan is marching toward a repeal of the 24-year-old ban on commercial whaling, momentum it's built largely by greasing the palms of the International Whaling Commission, reports the Times of London in an exclusive investigation. Japan denies impropriety, but the Times says it's got video of officials admitting Japan pays...

Commission Mulls Lifting Whaling Ban

Whales have been saved, IWC policymakers argue

(Newser) - Whale populations have rebounded so strongly since the 1986 global ban on commercial whaling that the International Whaling Commission is considering loosening it. The IWC is mulling a compromise proposal that would condone whaling by ban-defying nations Norway, Iceland, and Japan in return for a reduction in the number of...

Activists Slime Whalers With Butter, Paintballs

Japanese worried projectiles could injure or kill someone

(Newser) - Conservationists chucked paintballs and rotten butter at Japanese whalers, while the whalers fired back with water canons in their latest pitched, if unconventional, naval battle in the Antarctic Ocean yesterday. No one was injured in the clash, the AP reports. Paintballs are a new weapon for the Sea Shepherd group,...

Japanese Whalers Injured by Acid-Firing Activists

Face, eye injuries claimed from rancid butter spray

(Newser) - Three crew members of a Japanese whaling vessel suffered face and eye injuries from acid fired by anti-whaling protesters during their latest clash in the Antarctic Ocean, their employers said today. The Sea Shepherd protesters said they shot butyric acid—which they maintain is nontoxic—produced from stinking rancid butter,...

Whaler, Activist Ship Collide Off Antarctica

Second clash this year in Japanese whaling standoff

(Newser) - The anti-whaling ship the Bob Barker and a Japanese harpoon boat collided in the icy waters off Antarctica today—the second major clash this year in the increasingly belligerent standoff over Japanese whaling. The activist group Sea Shepherd, which sends vessels to confront the fleet each year, said a small...

Boat Destroyed, Whaling Activists Take to the Air

Whale war heats up after Sea Shepherd boat is destroyed

(Newser) - The anti-whaling group whose high-tech boat was destroyed by a Japanese whaler in Antarctic waters yesterday has continued to pursue their target by helicopter, and vowed to keep up the harassment. "We now have a real whale war on our hands," declared the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's leader,...

Whalers Sink Activist Boat
 Whalers Sink Activist Boat 

Whalers Sink Activist Boat

Crew safe after Ady Gil rammed by Japanese in Antarctica

(Newser) - An activist boat operated by the Sea Shepherd conservationist group has sunk off Antarctica after a clash with Japanese whalers. All six crew members were saved after the Ady Gil high-tech speedboat was sliced in half by the Japanese ship Shonan Maru, the Times of London reports. The boat was...

Watching Whales More Lucrative Than Hunting Them

(Newser) - Whale watching generates about $2.1 billion annually, making it far more profitable than hunting the giant mammals, a new report says. Income from whale watching has doubled over the last decade, according to the report, issued by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. "Whale watching is clearly more...

Six Weird Tax Deductions
 Six Weird Tax Deductions 

Six Weird Tax Deductions

Are you a whaling captain? Parent of a kidnapped teen? You could benefit!

(Newser) - The tax code is more than 20,000 pages long and packed with loopholes galore. Newsweek lists six deductions you've probably never heard of:
  • Alaskan whaling captains can deduct up to $10,000 for money spent fixing their boats or on other whaling expenses. 
  • Parents of kidnapped children can

Chinese Cyber Spies Hit Dalai Lama, Foreign Offices

Some blame China for attacks on 1,300 computers

(Newser) - A  massive cyber spying effort launched from China has infiltrated the computers of hundreds of government agencies and private offices around the globe, including four connected to the Dalai Lama, the New York Times reports. Asked by the spiritual leader's office to investigate evidence of a breach, Canadian researchers discovered...

Nations Move to Breach Whaling Ban

Greenies say talks "wave the white flag" to whale killers

(Newser) - Secret government meetings could usher in a new era of legal commercial whaling for the first time in more than 20 years, the Independent reports. Twenty-eight whaling and anti-whaling nations have met twice to reach a compromise on the ban, which came after the near-extinction of many species. Environmentalists say...

Whale Meat Makes Comeback in Iceland

Sellers aim to introduce dish to youth market

(Newser) - Illegal for two decades, whale meat is back on menus in Iceland, and entrepreneurs are hoping to turn young people on to its charms, the Wall Street Journal reports. The food is reminiscent of beef, but costs only half as much—perhaps a mark in its favor for the young....

Humpbacks No Longer in Danger
 No Longer in Danger

Humpbacks No Longer in Danger

Spectacular success for conservation

(Newser) - Humpback whales, once feared to be on the verge of extinction, have made such a dramatic comeback that the International Union for Conservation of Nature has removed them from its list of vulnerable species. A ban on humpback whaling in the 1960s has allowed their numbers to grow to 55,...

Today's Drilling Rush Looks as Crude as Whale Oil Folly

In travel to Arctic, Post columnist sees new damage alongside old

(Newser) - On an otherwise deserted patch of Arctic ice stands an abandoned settlement, proof that humans once lived here. Nearby lies a reminder of why they came: dozens of massive whale skulls, still bleeding oil into the ground. Men once flocked to this land for whale oil, Michael Gerson writes in...

World Body Postpones Decision on Whale Hunts

Fractious conference delays decision on moratorium by a year

(Newser) - A moratorium on commercial whaling looks set to continue for another year after an international body put off a decision yesterday, the Economist notes, but its fate beyond that appears tenuous. The 81-nation International Whaling Commission, often paralyzed by conflicting views, also decided to revamp its decision-making process by forming...

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