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Roseanne Is Coming Back to TV: Report

Deadline reports the sitcom is returning for an 8-episode season

(Newser) - One of television's most-popular looks at the lives of working-class Americans may be coming back. Deadline reports networks—including ABC and Netflix—are currently bidding on an eight-episode revival of Roseanne, which ended its original run nearly 20 years ago. Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, and Sara Gilbert are signed... More »

11 Stars Who Are Estranged From Their Folks

Brie Larson says she used the experience for 'Room'

(Newser) - Fame doesn't necessarily guarantee ideal familial relations. Ranker rounds up celebrities who are estranged from their parents. A sampling:
  1. Brie Larson: The Room star says her own childhood inspired her performance. Her parents divorced when she was 10, and she ceased contact with her dad when she was 16.
... More »

7 Celebs Who've Revealed Surprising Health Conditions

From Angelina Jolie to Michael Douglas

(Newser) - It was revealed this week that celebrity chef Sandra Lee, who told fans in May that she had breast cancer , underwent surgery again for complications related to her mastectomy, reports People . "I am a long way from where I was and a long way from where I need to... More »

5 Stars Hospitalized After Breakdowns

And other mental health issues

(Newser) - Ireland Baldwin recently checked into rehab " to just get away for a little bit " and deal with "emotional trauma"—and Radar rounds up 10 other celebrities who've been hospitalized, sometimes involuntarily, for mental health issues:
  • Britney Spears was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in
... More »

Roseanne Barr Is Going Blind

She has macular degeneration, glaucoma

(Newser) - Roseanne Barr is going blind, she reveals in a new Daily Beast interview. The comedian was explaining why she's such an advocate for marijuana legalization: "It's a good medicine, you know," she says. "I have macular degeneration and glaucoma, so it's good for me... More »

5 Anti-Circumcision Celebs

These stars have all spoken out against the practice

(Newser) - It's a controversial decision to make for your child, and a lot of parents feel strongly about it—one way or another. No, it's not vaccines, it's circumcision—and The Stir rounds up 10 celebrities who are against it. A sampling:
  • Alicia Silverstone: In her new book
... More »

Zimmermans Sue Roseanne Over 'Vigilante' Tweets

They claim Barr forced them to go into hiding

(Newser) - George Zimmerman's parents are taking Roseanne Barr to court, accusing her of trying to get "a lynch mob" to their home by tweeting their address weeks after their son shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Barr soon deleted the tweet but later tweeted "If Zimmerman isn't arrested... More »

Nation's 6th-Place Finisher: Roseanne Barr

She got nearly 50K votes, including a bunch in Florida

(Newser) - Not a bad result for Roseanne Barr: Only five people finished ahead of her in this year's presidential election, notes the Independent Political Report . The comedian ran on the pro-pot Peace and Freedom ticket and drew more than 49,500 votes, according to PBS election results . That puts her... More »

Roseanne: Parties Trying to Divide Women

Comedian weighs in on Ann Romney fiasco

(Newser) - Sort-of presidential candidate Roseanne Barr was sickened when she heard Hilary Rosen's comments about Ann Romney. "Rosen lobbed the Romney campaign a fat political softball they could smack over the gender fence," she writes in the Daily Beast , at a time when "Romney was on... More »

Obama: 47 Romney: 42 Roseanne: 6

Comedian polling better than 'undecided'

(Newser) - She swears it's no joke, and Public Policy Polling is apparently taking Roseanne Barr's presidential run at face value. It included her in a new poll and found that she would draw 6% of the vote in a race against President Obama (47%) and Mitt Romney (42%). She... More »

Roseanne Files Papers to Run for President

She wants to be Green Party's candidate

(Newser) - Roseanne is in. The comedian has filed papers to seek the Green Party's nomination for president, reports TMZ , which says she'll be pushing hard to legalize marijuana. Barr says the run is no joke, and she's looking to capitalize on the Occupy Wall Street sentiment, notes AP... More »

Bankers? Off With Their Heads: Roseanne

Comedian advocates the guillotine for Wall Street justice

(Newser) - Roseanne Barr really wants heads to roll on Wall Street, Real Clear Politics reports. Not only does the comedian, author, and Wall Street protester say guilty bankers should pay back earnings over $100 million, she wants a very sharp blade hanging over their heads: "If they are unable to... More »

Roseanne: 'I'm Running for President'

Barr tells Jay Leno she's 'totally serious'

(Newser) - Roseanne Barr is running for president, or so she told Jay Leno last night . Could this all be a publicity stunt for her upcoming reality show, Roseanne's Nuts? She claims she's "totally serious," although it should be noted that she also said she's running for... More »

11 Celebs Who Gave Babies Up for Adoption

Progeny from before they were rich and famous

(Newser) - Sure, Angelina Jolie collects kids like baseball cards, but what about celebrities on the other side of the fence? In honor of National Adoption Month, Cafemom lists 11 who gave their kids up for adoption:
  • David Crosby: Cros and a girlfriend gave up their baby boy in the early '60s;
... More »

Best Soap Opera Cameos

James Franco follows in the footsteps of Rosanne, Snoop Dog

(Newser) - James Franco’s much-hyped General Hospital guest stint began Friday, but can he live up to the true classics of the celebrity cameo genre? Many other luminaries have guested on daytime TV, and “they almost always shake things up like a schizophrenic with a fake pregnancy interrupting a wedding... More »

Roseanne Poses as Hitler: Cue Controversy

Publisher defends magazine's choice

(Newser) - Roseanne Barr, always good for a controversy, recently dressed up as a “Nazi domestic goddess” for Jewish magazine Heeb, causing quite a flap. “Yes, the story of this infamous satirist/Jewish grandmother pulling a tray of burnt ‘Jew cookies’ out of an oven has been making its way... More »

Best and Worst Celeb Moms

Mother's Day survey reveals holiday activities, too

(Newser) - In a poll of 10,000 readers ahead of Mother's Day, more would trust their kids to Jennifer Aniston than Brangelina, reveals. More from the survey
  • Most trustworthy babysitter: Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia De Rossi.
  • Best mom: Jennifer Garner, followed by a tie between Reese Witherspoon
... More »

Who Gave Guy a Shiner?

Plus, credit crunch hits Cleese's divorce, and more

(Newser) - Uh-oh. Guy Ritchie showed up with a black eye after a night out in London, the Sun reports. No word on where the mystery shiner came from… could this have anything to do with his less-than-flattering nickname for tough ex-wife Madonna? More gossip:
  • The recession has hit celebrity divorces. John
... More »

It's Friday the 13th: What Do Celebs Fear?

Some fears normal; others just weird

(Newser) - Friday the 13th is a good time to delve into the scary world of celebrity fears—and they run the gamut from the average (Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns) to the bizarre (Roseanne fears letting anyone touch her toes). More from the list, compiled by New York Post columnist... More »

Roseanne Eyed as New Rosie

She has a big enough mouth, if outspoken still suits "The View"

(Newser) - They can gab all they want about Elisabeth Hasselbeck's second pregnancy; it's Rosie's successor come June "The View" stalwarts are obsessing over. The Post claims the smart money is on Roseanne Barr—talk about typecasting—but other names circulating include Whoopi Goldberg, Connie Chung, and  Kathie Lee Gifford. More »

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