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Palin Rips Fox's Family Guy on Fox

Talks to Bill O'Reilly about 'cruel, cold-hearted people'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin continued to chide Fox's Family Guy...on Fox. Speaking to Bill O'Reilly last night, she acknowledged "this world is full of cruel, cold-hearted people." Trig, on the other hand, has a "heart of gold," and while when "I look at Trig and I...

Sarah, Bristol to Family Guy: 'Heartless Jerks'

Palins use Facebook to air grievances toward Fox

(Newser) - In a moment of restraint, Sarah Palin responded to the Family Guy controversy with a Facebook rant—except it wasn’t a rant, and it wasn't hers. In a post titled “Fox Hollywood—What a Disappointment,” Palin calls the episode that “mocked” son Trig “another kick...

Family Guy Takes on Trig Palin
 Family Guy Takes on Trig Palin 

Family Guy Takes on Trig Palin

Female Down's syndrome character mentions Palin-like mom

(Newser) - Now that Family Guy has taken on Trig Palin, can a demand by his mom on Facebook that the program be yanked be far behind? The popular TV series waded into treacherous waters yesterday with an episode in which a bossy female character with Down's syndrome dating Chris Griffin mentions...

The Pros, Cons of Losing Fox
 The Pros, Cons of Losing Fox 
no 'idol' mocking, for one

The Pros, Cons of Losing Fox

Sure, you might miss Glee, but will you really miss Family Guy?

(Newser) - Brian Moylan isn’t sure how to feel about the possibility of Fox channels going dark after tonight's midnight deadline with Time Warner: No more mocking of American Idol is a bummer, but life with no more nip/tuck? That’s a bonus for him. He lists the other pros and...

Harris, Other New Faces Rule Emmys Tonight

First-time nominees Family Guy, Hamm, Morgan could win big

(Newser) - Fresh faces are all the rage at tonight’s Emmys, with Neil Patrick Harris hosting and a host of first-time nominees up for top awards, People reports. Family Guy is the first cartoon to be nominated for best comedy series in nearly 50 years, and Jeremy Piven’s snub for...

Family Guy Baby Stewie Is Gay: Creator

Explains why he wants to take over the world, MacFarlane says

(Newser) - Baby Stewie was this close to coming out as gay in an episode of Family Guy, but creator Seth MacFarlane says he decided “to keep it vague” because “he’s a 1-year-old,” the New York Daily News reports. “Ultimately, Stewie will be gay or a very...

Leno Spills Details on New Show

 Leno Spills Details 
 on New Show 

Leno Spills Details on New Show

Plus, Kate Major is still talking...

(Newser) - The Jay Leno Show will bear few similarities to Leno’s tenure on the Tonight Show—for one, he won’t have a desk until the end of the fast-paced hour, if at all—but it will still feature celebrity guests (two max) and signature Leno comedy bits, according to...

Family Guy Scores Nod; 30 Rock Leads With 22 Noms

Mad Men also rakes them in

(Newser) - The list of Emmy nominations, out today, is full of familiar names. One surprise: Family Guy is nominated for best comedy series—it's only the second animated show to get a nod in the category, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Fox stalwart is up against Entourage, 30 Rock, The ...

Small Screen's Biggest Brains
 Small Screen's Biggest Brains 

Small Screen's Biggest Brains

Family Guy creator MacFarlane, ubiquitous Fey top list of TV smarties

(Newser) - It may be dubbed the "idiot box," but there are some bright bulbs behind TV's smartest shows and network deals. After polling Hollywood insiders, Entertainment Weekly lists the top 25 smarties:
  1. Seth MacFarlane, executive producer, Family Guy, American Dad.
  2. Tina Fey, executive producer, actress, 30 Rock.
  3. Nancy Tellem,

Family Guy Has Worn Thin
 Family Guy Has Worn Thin 

Family Guy Has Worn Thin

(Newser) - Family Guy is back and bigger than ever, and creator Seth Macfarlane is rolling in money, influence, and spinoffs. Sounds like just the right time for a major backlash, Natasha Vargas-Cooper writes for Radar. “Just a few years after thousands of American tastemakers demanded Family Guy be resuscitated from...

Google Teams Up With Family Guy Creator

Ad-driven McFarlane webisodes will appear on targeted sites

(Newser) - In a unique advertising move, Google and Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane are creating an ad-driven internet cartoon series, the New York Times reports. Using its AdSense service, Google will place two-minute animated "webisodes" of McFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy on websites likely to draw the animator's target...

Forget Sex, Crudeness Sells
  Forget Sex, Crudeness Sells 

Forget Sex, Crudeness Sells

Madison Ave ditches wholesome toons for 'edginess' of 'Family Guy'

(Newser) - Advertising execs usually like spokesmen to be safe, wholesome, family-friendly figures. So why the heck are the Griffins their new darlings? From Coca-Cola to Subway, everyone seems to be tapping the "Family Guy" clan, despite the show’s tendency to joke about sex, religion, AIDS, and other wholesome, family-friendly...

Family Guy Neighbor Gets Own Show

Affable Cleveland Brown will step out on his own

(Newser) - Fox's hit cartoon Family Guy is spinning off a new show centered around Cleveland Brown—the soft-spoken neighbor to Peter Griffin. The Cleveland Show will debut in 2009, and follow a recently divorced Brown on a quest to his Virginia hometown, where he falls in love with an old flame.

MacFarlane Rides Family Guy to the Bank

$100M Fox deal makes him highest-paid writer/producer in TV

(Newser) - Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has inked a deal with Fox which could be worth more than $100 million, making him the highest-paid writer-producer in television. MacFarlane will stay with the network until 2012, working on his three animated shows and developing new series, the Hollywood Reporter says.

'Family Guy' Gets Scabby
'Family Guy'
Gets Scabby

'Family Guy' Gets Scabby

Production continues during writer's strike — without creator and voices guy MacFarlane

(Newser) - Fox is producing new episodes of animated series "Family Guy" during the Writers Guild strike—without show creator Seth MacFarlane, who is on the picket lines. "I hope they don't do it," MacFarlane said Friday. The Hollywood Reporter says the first episode finished without MacFarlane's involvement was...

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