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Report: Peter Thiel Was FBI Informant

He focused on foreign influence in Silicon Valley, according to political activist Charles Johnson

(Newser) - Tech billionaire Peter Thiel has bankrolled Republican politicians who've publicly attacked the FBI, from former President Donald Trump to Sen. JD Vance. It's somewhat surprising then that a new report from Insider alleges he has served as an FBI informant. Alt-right political activist Charles Johnson claims he helped...

Peter Thiel Will Be Cryogenically Frozen, Isn't 'Convinced It Works'

But tech billionaire says it's the sort of thing we need to be trying

(Newser) - Yes, Peter Thiel has signed up to be cryogenically frozen after his death. No, the billionaire does not seem to have a lot of faith he'll actually be brought back to life someday. Asked on Bari Weiss's podcast last week whether he had actually signed up for the...

Peter Thiel to Leave Facebook for Politics

Longtime director, a mentor to Zuckerberg, will support Trump candidates

(Newser) - Peter Thiel, a longtime member of Facebook's board known for his sometimes-contrarian views, will leave the company this year to focus on politics. He was an early investor in the company and joined the board in 2005, one year into the small startup's existence, CNN reports. He was...

Senate Candidate: Donate $5.8K, Get an NFT
Senate Candidate
Offers $5.8K NFT

Senate Candidate Offers $5.8K NFT

Blake Masters' token comes with party invite

(Newser) - A Republican Senate candidate in Arizona is hoping to raise more than $570,000—and highlight his Silicon Valley connections—with an NFT. Blake Masters tells Axios that he hopes to gain support "from folks who are less conventional political donors and more founders and builders who want to...

He's a 'Strange, Strange Boy' Who Became Wildly Influential

Max Chafkin excerpts his new book on the PayPal, Palantir founder Peter Thiel

(Newser) - Peter Thiel was "a strange, strange boy," Max Chafkin quotes a former classmate as saying. After reading the piece Chafkin adapted from his new biography of the PayPal and Palantir founder for New York Magazine , some stronger adjectives and descriptions might come to mind. The excerpt zeroes in...

High-Profile Data Company Makes Unusual Investment

Palantir buys $51M worth of gold as a hedge against 'black swan event'

(Newser) - In its latest SEC filing, the data analytics firm Palantir revealed what Bloomberg calls an "unusual investment strategy." The company bought $51 million worth of gold bars. "You have to be prepared for a future with more black swan events," chief operating officer Shyam Sankar tells...

Hillbilly Elegy Author Now Regrets Bashing Trump

JD Vance, now a Senate candidate, says he was wrong about the 'good president'

(Newser) - JD Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy, has announced his bid to replace retiring Republican Sen. Rob Portman in Ohio's 2022 Senate election, and is now walking back past criticism of former President Trump. "Like a lot of people, I criticized Trump back in 2016," the Republican venture...

How Peter Thiel Used Loophole to Amass $5B in His Roth IRA

It amounts to 'Bermuda-style tax haven right here in the US'

(Newser) - ProPublica is continuing its investigative series on how the richest of the rich avoid paying taxes, and the latest story is surprising in that it revolves around a "relatively humdrum retirement" tool—the Roth IRA. The idea behind the Roth is that modest earners can sock away money...

Peter Thiel: Google Made 'Seemingly Treasonous' Choice

He calls for the FBI, CIA to investigate the company

(Newser) - Silicon Valley bigwig Peter Thiel spoke at the nationalism-focused National Conservatism Conference on Sunday night, and he suggested the government place a big target on Google's back. Axios reports that the PayPal co-founder and Facebook board member called for the FBI and CIA to investigate the search giant over...

Startup Buys Young Blood, Injects It Into Older People

For $8K a pop

(Newser) - It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's real: Ambrosia, a startup from entrepreneur Jesse Karmazin, pays for the blood of people under the age of 25, then sells anyone over age 35 a transfusion of the younger blood for $8,000—the only US company...

Peter Thiel Maybe Bought New Zealand Citizenship

At least according to one New Zealand politician

(Newser) - Trump adviser. Tech billionaire. Gawker killer. Lord of the Rings fan? The New York Times reports Peter Thiel was granted New Zealand citizenship back in 2011 despite not meeting any of the requirements for citizenship. Now at least one New Zealand politician is accusing Thiel of buying his citizenship. In...

Governor Peter Thiel?
Governor Peter Thiel?

Governor Peter Thiel?

Insiders say tech billionaire might make a longshot run in California

(Newser) - Perhaps inspired by Donald Trump's rise from business mogul to president-elect, Paypal founder, Gawker slayer, and ardent Trump fan Peter Thiel might be looking to add an unlikely title to his repertoire: That of governor of California, reports Politico , citing "three Republicans familiar with his thinking." While...

Peter Thiel: Lack of Corruption Can Be 'Too Boring'

Tech billionaire sits down with Maureen Dowd

(Newser) - Billionaire tech investor and PayPal founder Peter Thiel made big headlines for his once-secret funding of the lawsuit that destroyed Gawker, then for his strong backing of Donald Trump, the latter an anomaly in Silicon Valley. Now he "explains himself" in an interview with Maureen Dowd, as the headline...

Rand Paul Airs His Grievances
Rand Paul Airs
His Grievances 

Rand Paul Airs His Grievances

And they include Donald Trump, the media, and Peter Thiel

(Newser) - Rand Paul can be nothing if not persistent , and the Kentucky senator's annual Festivus airing of grievances proved no exception this year, reports the Guardian . In honor of the Seinfeld holiday, Paul took to Twitter on Friday to list his litany of light-hearted and not-so-light-hearted complaints. Highlights of his...

Tech Bigwigs Headed to NYC for Trump Tech Summit
Tech Bigwigs Headed to NYC
for Trump Tech Summit

Tech Bigwigs Headed to NYC for Trump Tech Summit

It could be 'super awkward'

(Newser) - Donald Trump has invited some of the biggest names in tech to a summit at NYC's Trump Tower on Wednesday, and a good number of them have RSVP'd yes, per USA Today and Investor's Business Daily . Reported "ayes" are Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, Apple's Tim...

Here's What Happened When Peter Thiel Tried to Kill College

A look inside the Thiel Fellowship

(Newser) - When Peter Thiel started the Thiel Fellowship in 2010, offering $100,000 to 20 teens to drop out of college and work on whatever they wanted, he envisioned he was funding technological breakthroughs on the level of the moon landing or home computers. What he actually funded is an exclusive...

Thiel's Costume for Posh Party? Hulk Hogan, per Sources

Trump, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway were also in attendance

(Newser) - Hulk Hogan, with funding from frequent Gawker target Peter Thiel, helped bring the media group to bankruptcy via his sex-tape lawsuit, so Thiel's choice of costume at a posh Long Island party might not be terribly surprising: He reportedly dressed as the Hulkster on Saturday night, when the PayPal...

Peter Thiel Having Hard Time Finding Tech Advisers for Trump

He's trying to find members for a 'brain trust'

(Newser) - The tech industry got used to "an administration that doted on us" under President Obama, one tech lobbyist tells the Mercury News . Now, with Donald Trump on his way to the White House, Silicon Valley needs to figure out how to have a voice in the government without angering...

Gawker, Hulk Hogan Settle Lawsuit for $31M

'Hulk Hogan's retirement will be comfortable'

(Newser) - Hulk Hogan has settled with the smoldering ashes of Gawker Media for $31 million, CNN reports. Gawker was appealing the $140 million a jury awarded Hogan earlier this year. "The saga is over," Gawker founder Nick Denton says. "Hulk Hogan's retirement will be comfortable." Hogan'...

Zuckerberg Defends Thiel's Trump Donation

'There are many reasons a person might support Trump,' says the Facebook CEO

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg broke his silence about billionaire Peter Thiel's $1.25 million donation to Donald Trump, saying the Facebook board member has a right to his opinion, CNNMoney reports. "We care deeply about diversity," Zuckerberg wrote in an internal post to employees. "That's easy to...

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