JFK assassination

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JFK Assassination Film Is Missing

Orville Nix film could finally settle debate, relative says

(Newser) - The famous Zapruder film of the assassination has a lesser-known but just as important counterpart—and nobody knows where it is. Orville Nix had his camera directed at the infamous grassy knoll, and his six seconds of footage captured the final bullet striking the president. The original film hasn't...

Nation, World Remember JFK
 Nation, World Remember JFK 

Nation, World Remember JFK

Thousands gather at Dealey Plaza in Dallas

(Newser) - Fifty years after John F. Kennedy fell victim to an assassin's bullet while visiting Texas with his wife, people at home and abroad paused today to remember the 35th president of the United States. The most high-profile memorial service was at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, where thousands observed a...

It&#39;s True: Oswald Did It
 It's True: 
 Oswald Did It 

It's True: Oswald Did It

Marc Ambinder explains how he let go of the conspiracy theories

(Newser) - Marc Ambinder is a self-described "JFK assassination buff." "I've read just about every book ever published on the assassination, watched every documentary, mock trial, and dramatization," he confesses at The Week . So naturally, for a long time, he was a conspiracy theory believer—and, just...

Get Ready for JFK Day
 Get Ready for JFK Day 

Get Ready for JFK Day

Nation marks 50th anniversary of assassination

(Newser) - The 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination brings no shortage of essays, recollections, and theories. A small sampling:
  • Most popular: Kennedy is, by far, the most popular president of the last 50 years, says a new CNN poll . He scored a 90% approval rating, followed by Reagan (78%) and Clinton

I Was Oswald&#39;s Pallbearer
 I Carried Oswald's Casket 

I Carried Oswald's Casket

Mike Cochran recalls getting the scoop as AP's Fort Worth reporter

(Newser) - With only a mother, brother, widow, and two young daughters as mourners at a Fort Worth, Texas, burial in November 1963, the task of carrying the casket fell to the only others in attendance: a handful of reporters, including the AP's Mike Cochran. "Fifty years later, I remain...

Nagging Jack Ruby Question Answered

CBS News gets look at 50-year-old evidence, files

(Newser) - The Dallas County district attorney's office has for 50 years kept the lid on a dozen boxes labeled with Jack Ruby's name, according to CBS News , which reports it got an exclusive look at what's inside. The network flags one group of documents of particular interest, those...

Jackie&#39;s Pink Suit: Off Limits Until 2103
 Pink Suit: 
 Off Limits 
 Until 2103 

Jackie's Pink Suit: Off Limits Until 2103

Kennedy family restricts public viewing until then

(Newser) - You've no doubt seen the image of Jackie Kennedy's bloodstained pink suit countless times, maybe even this week alone. But it's a safe bet that nobody reading this will see the real thing in his lifetime. The New York Times reports that the Kennedy family has decided...

Why JFK Conspiracy Theories Don&#39;t Hold Up
 Why JFK Conspiracy 
 Theories Don't Hold Up 

Why JFK Conspiracy Theories Don't Hold Up

Fred Kaplan debunks long-held suspicions of a second shooter

(Newser) - The majority of Americans believe a conspiracy surrounds John F. Kennedy's assassination. Fred Kaplan used to, too—before he debunked the theories. While they offer a bit of fantasy and comfort, the JFK conspiracy theories just don't hold up, Kaplan writes for Slate . First up: Some claimed Lee...

Bugler's Flubbed Note at JFK Funeral Still Resonates

'Washington Post' looks back at Army Sgt. Keith Clark's poignant mistake

(Newser) - Army Sgt. Keith Clark was by all accounts a brilliant bugler, but a big reason his name endures today (in bugle circles, anyway) is because of a famous mistake. The Washington Post explains that Clark very publicly botched the sixth note of the 24-note "Taps" at JFK's Nov....

For Sale: Ring That's Part of JFK Assassination Story

It's Lee Harvey Oswald's, and he left it with his wife on morning of shooting

(Newser) - On Nov. 21, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald surprised his estranged wife, Marina, in Irving, Texas, where she and their children were living with a friend. He wanted her to come back to Dallas and live with him, but she said no. The next morning, he left her almost all the...

Did RFK Steal JFK&#39;s Brain?
 Did RFK Steal 
 JFK's Brain? 


Did RFK Steal JFK's Brain?

Author claims theft was bizarre cover-up

(Newser) - A lot of JFK-related material will be released in the weeks ahead of the 50th anniversary of his assassination but this allegation is definitely going for the craziest: A new book claims that the president's brain was stolen from a secure room in the National Archives by his brother,...

Researchers Demand Access to Sealed JFK Files

50 years on, what is so secret that we can't still can't see today?

(Newser) - It's been 50 years since JFK was shot, but thousands of documents from the probe into his death are still off-limits to the public. Now an increasing number of serious researchers are seeking their release, reports the AP . "This is not about conspiracy, this is about transparency,"...

One Small Oswald Mystery Gets Solved

NYT unravels 'Nick Beef' grave marker next to his

(Newser) - Plenty of visitors to Lee Harvey Oswald's grave in a Texas cemetery have long wondered about the identity of "Nick Beef," the name etched on the similar-looking gravestone right next to his. Conspiracy theories have sprung up, of course, but now Dan Barry in the New York ...

Chilling Memoir: Jackie Tried to Save Piece of JFK&#39;s Skull

 Jackie Tried to Save 
 Piece of JFK's Skull 
new memoir

Jackie Tried to Save Piece of JFK's Skull

'Jack, Jack, what have they done to you?' she cried to dying President

(Newser) - In a chilling new memoir of the day JFK was assassinated, a former Secret Service agent said Jackie Kennedy leaped onto the back of the presidential limousine in a desperate bid to save her husband by attempting to retrieve a piece of his skull. She then climbed back into the...

The Weird Fight Over Oswald's Tombstone

How it wound up at a small auto museum in Illinois

(Newser) - The Historic Auto Attractions museum in Roscoe, Illinois, is home to a Lincoln once owned by Elvis, an Andy Griffith Show squad car, three Batmobiles, and... Lee Harvey Oswald's tombstone? It's not quite as weird as it sounds—the tiny museum has an array of non-vehicular esoterica, including...

Castro Knew JFK Would Be Killed Nov. 22, 1963

Cuban leader had agents listen for Kennedy assassination news

(Newser) - Another factoid for JFK conspiracy theorists: Cuban leader Fidel Castro apparently knew President Kennedy would be assassinated and even told spies to listen carefully to radio chatter coming from Texas on November 22, 1963, the Miami Herald reports. In a new book, former CIA analyst Brian Latell draws on Cuban...

Air Force One Death Call to Rose Kennedy Released

National Archives release recording of conversations day JFK was killed

(Newser) - A heart-wrenching call from Lyndon Johnson placed to Rose Kennedy from Air Force One has finally been released more than 48 years after her son was assassinated. "I wish to God there was something I could do," says Johnson the day John F. Kennedy was killed. "I...

Secret Tapes Peer Into JFK's Final Days

45 hours of recordings cover politics, family

(Newser) - Some 45 hours of newly-released private recordings offer an intimate look at John F. Kennedy's last months. The taped material ranges from discussions of Vietnam to planning his re-election bid and chats about Kennedy's family, MSNBC reports. Kennedy made some 260 hours' worth of recordings; the latest release...

Report: Jackie O Thought LBJ Plotted JFK Assassination

Knew of husband's intern flings, had affairs of her own

(Newser) - Jackie Kennedy Onassis believed Lyndon B. Johnson was behind JFK's assassination, knew about her husband's affairs with his interns, and had her own fling with actor William Holden. Those are the stunning revelations from an interview she held decades ago, tapes of which are about to be released...

JFK's Last Night Alive Revealed on Home Movie

He spoke at League of Latin American Citizens event

(Newser) - John F. Kennedy's last night alive was captured on film that has been turned over to a museum. The silent home movie sat for years in a drawer in the Houston home of Roy Botello, now 88. He filmed the president, smiling warmly, as he spoke at a Houston hotel...

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