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US to Study Controversial Idea for Drug Users

$5M will go toward looking at 2 'safe injection sites' in New York and Rhode Island

(Newser) - For the first time, the US government will pay for a large study measuring whether overdoses can be prevented by so-called safe injection sites, places where people can use heroin and other illegal drugs and be revived if they take too much. As the AP reports, the grant provides more...

Researchers Solve a Mystery About How Boas Breathe
Now We Know Why Boa
Constrictors Don't Suffocate
new study

Now We Know Why Boa Constrictors Don't Suffocate

They can shift their breathing to different areas of their body while eating

(Newser) - Scientists and snake fans have long wondered how exactly boas and other constrictors can ingest massive prey without suffocating. Biomechanics researcher John Capano of Brown University found the answer somewhere in the 200-plus pairs of ribs that run the length of a boa’s body, reports NPR News. In new...

Some Doctors Want Brown Med School's Use of Pigs Probed

Prominent physicians' group has asked federal regulators to investigate

(Newser) - A prominent physicians' group has asked federal regulators to investigate Brown University's medical school, arguing it is violating the law by using live pigs for training in emergency medicine. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine on Tuesday asked the US Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection...

'America's Best College' Is Named
'America's Best
College' Is Named

'America's Best College' Is Named

Harvard tops list in 'Wall Street Journal' rankings

(Newser) - "Hidden gems" emerge in an annual ranking of US colleges, a collaboration between the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education, though the school taking the top spot for a second year in a row is far from hidden—it's called Harvard. Factoring in resources, engagement, environment, and...

Every Single School in the Ivy League Wants This Girl

Ifeoma White-Thorpe wants to study biology, but says her poetry got her in

(Newser) - Ifeoma White-Thorpe is going places. Two years ago, the New Jersey teen won the grand prize in the National Liberty Museum Selma Speech and Essay Contest (watch her recite it on YouTube ), she's aced all of her AP classes, she's president of her high school's student...

Why You Toss and Turn the First Night in a Strange Place

Blame the left side of your brain: researchers

(Newser) - If you find it hard to doze off on your first night in unfamiliar surroundings, you're not alone—and it may be because you're like a dolphin. In a study published in Current Biology , Brown University scientists found this type of sleep disturbance (referred to as the "...

Brown to Malia Obama: Sorry About Beer Pong Pic


(Newser) - Brown University's campus newspaper has apologized to Malia Obama after students posted on social media that she was partying during a college visit . A photo that circulated online allegedly shows the president's daughter standing next to a table with cups at an Oct. 10 party. People who say...

College Rape Crisis Is at 'Epidemic Levels'
College Rape Crisis
Is at 'Epidemic Levels'

College Rape Crisis Is at 'Epidemic Levels'

Nearly 1 in 5 women attacked in their freshman year: Brown study

(Newser) - "Both incapacitated and forcible sexual assaults and rape have reached epidemic levels among college women," reads a study out of Brown University. It finds that nearly one in five—18.6%—college women are the victim of either a completed or attempted rape during their freshman year alone....

Brown Sanctions 2 Frats Over Parties, 'Sexual Misconduct'

Phi Kappa Psi kicked out for 4 years

(Newser) - Brown University has imposed tough sanctions on two fraternities that held unlicensed parties, including one where a student said she was sexually assaulted after drinking punch spiked with a date-rape drug. That fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, has lost university recognition for four years and will lose its housing, reports the...

Body IDed as That of Falsely Accused Boston Suspect

Sunil Tripathi's body pulled from water near Brown

(Newser) - Authorities have confirmed that a body pulled from the water near Brown University is that of Sunil Tripathi, a 22-year-old student who had been missing for about a month, reports the Providence Journal . The school's crew team found the body on Tuesday, and dental records provided the match. The...

The Iraq War Cost How Much ?!
 The Iraq War Cost How Much?! 

The Iraq War Cost How Much?!

Depending on how you count, as much as $7.7T

(Newser) - How much do you think the war in Iraq was worth, in dollars? Was your figure more or less than $7.7 trillion? Because that's how much the war might end up costing, according to a new study from Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies. So far,...

Students Crack Shorthand of Rhode Island's Founder

Brown University math major figures out notes of Roger Williams

(Newser) - The obscure book's margins are virtually filled with clusters of curious foreign characters—a mysterious shorthand used by 17th-century religious dissident Roger Williams. For centuries the scribbles went undeciphered. But a team of Brown University students has finally cracked the code. Historians call the now-readable writings the most significant...

Did Dalai Lama Drop F-Bomb?
 Did Dalai Lama 
 Drop F-Bomb? 

Did Dalai Lama Drop F-Bomb?

Brown, translator insist he said 'forget it'

(Newser) - Brown University students couldn't quite believe their ears—or eyes—when the Dalai Lama appeared to casually drop the F-bomb during a lecture yesterday. He appeared to tell thousands of students that if they didn't like his message about living a peaceful life, they could just "f***...

Rare Paul Revere Artifact Found in Book

Engraved print inside an 1811 book at Brown University

(Newser) - A preservationist at Brown University stumbled upon a rare artifact while flipping through an old book—an engraved print created by Paul Revere. The print features Jesus and John the Baptist in the Jordan River, and Revere's name is located on the bottom, reports AP . (You can see it...

Emma Watson: I Wasn't Bullied at Brown

Actress posts note to fans: 'Don't try and speculate'

(Newser) - Contrary to what some have suggested , no one yelled “10 points for Gryffindor” when Emma Watson answered questions at Brown. Indeed, her decision to leave for the semester had “nothing to do with bullying,” she writes on her website in a note picked up by the Leaky...

Was Emma Watson Teased Out of Brown?

No more Harry Potter jokes, please!

(Newser) - Holy witchcraft! Did Emma Watson ditch Brown because she was sick of teasing by Ivy Leaguers smitten with their own relentlessly sophomoric Harry Potter humor? Chums say Watson left because she couldn't take one more "3 Points for Gryffindor" joke every time she answered a question correctly in...

Emma Watson Drops Out of Brown

She's quitting, for now, to focus on film

(Newser) - Every so often, a child star decides to take a break from acting and head to college—then reality sets in, and Emma Watson is the latest casualty. Though she loves Brown and also loves “studying pretty much more than anything,” she’s “decided to take a...

Ivy Donations Are 'Loathsome'

 Ivy Donations Are 'Loathsome' 

Ivy Donations Are 'Loathsome'

Giving to 'Affirmative Action for Rich' is 'moral crime,' writes Hamilton Nolan

(Newser) - Gawker's Hamilton Nolan is scrambling onto the anti-Ivy League bandwagon by slamming donations to the elitist institutions as "loathsome" and a "moral crime." The schools "are terrible choices for huge donations. Supporting education is a worthy cause; but there are many, many more effective ways...

Emma Watson Talks 'Awful' First Days of College
 Emma Watson 
 Talks 'Awful' 
 First Days 
 of College 

Emma Watson Talks 'Awful' First Days of College

And guess what? She's taking an acting class.

(Newser) - Picture Emma Watson, the charming English girl who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, walking into her first college frat party. Seems like a scene out of a movie—and that’s how she felt about it, too. “I felt like I'd walked into an American teen...

Ivy Tweeter Dogs Emma at Brown

Witch way to turn, Hermione wonders

(Newser) - Too bad Hermione can't make technology disappear. It seems Twitter is one more irritation for Emma Watson as she begins school in the hallowed halls of Rhode Island's Brown University, CNN reports. First, a dad annoyed Emma last week when he snapped her photo as she walked around school grounds...

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