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One Airline Passenger, Two Faces

Disguised man slipped on to Air Canada flight

(Newser) - Staff on an Air Canada flight were presumably more than a little surprised when a passenger went into a toilet looking like Mr. Magoo and emerged looking like a young Asian man. The man filed a refugee claim and was taken into custody when the flight from Hong Kong arrived...

Stinky Flyer Booted Off Plane
 Stinky Flyer Booted Off Plane  

Stinky Flyer Booted Off Plane

'Brutal' body odor overwhelms Air Canada passengers

(Newser) - A too-smelly-to-fly controversy has followed hot on the heels of Kevin Smith's too-fat-to-fly kerfuffle. A passenger was escorted off an Air Canada regional flight this week after passengers complained about his overwhelming body odor. "People were just mumbling and staring at him,” one passenger told the Prince Edward...

'Violent' Fellow Passenger Threatens Romney
 'Violent' Fellow Passenger 
 Threatens Romney 

'Violent' Fellow Passenger Threatens Romney

Confrontation happens as ex-governor departs Vancouver

(Newser) - On a flight leaving Vancouver this morning, Mitt Romney’s request that a passenger in front of his wife raise his seat for takeoff apparently rubbed the man the wrong way, and he threatened the former (and perhaps future) Republican presidential hopeful. The man became “physically violent,” a...

Aging Airlines Can't Catch Up to Younger Rivals
Aging Airlines Can't Catch Up to Younger Rivals

Aging Airlines Can't Catch Up to Younger Rivals

Recent changes haven't helped 'legacy' carriers

(Newser) - Despite many rounds of cost-cutting, so-called legacy airlines—United, Delta, US Airways—still face costs 35% higher than low-fare carriers like JetBlue and Southwest, the Wall Street Journal reports. The younger outfits have maintained a “cost gap” analysts thought their older peers could close over time. For one thing,...

Obese? Court Backs Two Seats for One Fare

Those 'functionally disabled by obesity' get fare break in Canada

(Newser) - Obese air travelers in Canada who need two seats must be given the extra seat for free, Reuters reports. The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear an appeal from Air Canada and two other airlines after they failed to win a lower court appeal on the fare issue....

Stewardess Helps Land Flight After Co-Pilot Cracks

Licensed pilot jumps in on London-bound plane after man suffers breakdown

(Newser) - After an Air Canada captain had his co-pilot handcuffed and dragged from his seat during a January flight, a female flight attendant helped steer the London-bound passenger jet to safety in Ireland, the Guardian reports. The original co-pilot was “quite harried” when he entered the cockpit, a report released...

American Readies Piecemeal Pricing

'Unbundling' divides trip cost with fees for food, extras

(Newser) - American Airlines is about to accelerate the trend of breaking the cost of a trip into an airfare plus many smaller fees. Starting next year, American plans to imitate the a la carte pricing structure pioneered by Air Canada, airline officials say. There are likely to be a few basic...

Canadian Airline Loses Life Vests to Save Fuel

Move saves 55 lbs. per flight for carrier that stays near shore

(Newser) - An Air Canada regional airline is removing life vests from its fleet to reduce weight and increase fuel economy, the AP reports. Citing Canada’s regulations, which do not require life vests on flights that stay within 50 miles of shore, Jazz advises passengers to use their seat cushions as...

Boeing 787s Scheduled to Land 2 Years Late

Penalty payments could cost company up to $4B

(Newser) - Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner is already 15 months late, but delivery delays will back up the fuel-efficient jets by about another year, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. Lease Financial Corp., the main buyer of 787s, will take delivery of its 74 planes 27 months late, and observers expect Boeing to pay...

Co-Pilot Cuffed in Midair After Breakdown

Toronto-London flight makes emergency landing in Ireland

(Newser) - An Air Canada flight from Toronto to London had to make an emergency landing Monday in Ireland after the co-pilot suffered a mental breakdown in midair, the Telegraph reports. The pilot started screaming God's name while at the controls of the Boeing 767; crew members removed him from the cockpit,...

Use Your Cell Phone as a Boarding Pass

Houston pilot program said to add security, save paper

(Newser) - Passengers flying Continental out of Houston today will be able to use their cellphone or PDA in lieu of a boarding pass as part of a three-month pilot program, USA Today reports. After checking in, an encrypted barcode is sent to passengers’ mobile handsets, which is scanned by a TSA...

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