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Historic Election Delivers 'New Era' for Argentina

Macri says it will be a more business-friendly country

(Newser) - Opposition candidate Mauricio Macri won Argentina's presidential election on Sunday, marking an end to the left-leaning and often-combative era of President Cristina Fernandez, who, along with her late husband, dominated the country's political scene for 12 years and rewrote its social contract. With 98% of the vote counted...

Leaders, Hollywood React to Chavez Death

'I lost a friend I was blessed to have' says Sean Penn

(Newser) - Reactions to the death of Hugo Chavez range from the jubilant to the devastated, with the most heartfelt tributes to the late Venezuelan leader coming from his allies in Latin America—and Hollywood.
  • "Chavez will continue to be an inspiration for all peoples who fight for their liberation,"

Argentina's President Has Cancer

Cristina Fernandez diagnosed with thyroid cancer, prognosis is good

(Newser) - Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been diagnosed with cancer barely two weeks after she was sworn in for a second term. Routine tests uncovered papillary carcinoma in the thyroid of the 58-year-old leader, CNN reports. She is due to undergo surgery next week, and will be on...

Argentina's Ex-President Kirchner Dead at 60

Death leaves current president Cristina Fernandez a widow

(Newser) - Nestor Kirchner, Argentina's former and probable future president, and husband of current President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has died today of a heart attack. He was 60. Kirchner, widely expected to run for the presidency next year, had undergone two heart procedures earlier this year, reports Reuters. Kirchner was...

Argentina Legalizes Gay Marriage

Bill giving gay couples equal rights is a Latin American first

(Newser) - Argentina has become the first Latin American country to give same-sex couples all the rights of straight ones. A bill legalizing gay marriage has passed the country's Senate and President Cristina Kirchner has promised to sign it into law, CNN reports. Supporters and opponents of the law jostled outside during...

Pork Is Natural Viagra: Argentine President

Cristina Kirchner describes 'impressive' pork-fueled weekend

(Newser) - Pork is no longer just the other white meat, but also the other blue pill, according to Argentina's president. That’s right: porcine meat is good for your libido. “Pork consumption improves sexual activity,” Cristina Kirchner said as she announced lower meat prices. “Some nicely grilled pork...

Voters Pummel Argentina's Power Couple

Kirchners' dynasty may be over as husband loses Congress bid

(Newser) - Voters in Argentina delivered a stinging verdict on President Cristina Kirchner last night, ousting the ruling Peronists from the lower house of Congress in mid-term elections. Her husband, former president Néstor Kirchner, suffered a humiliating defeat in his own bid for a seat. The result makes it unlikely the...

Fan Fidel Hails 'Sincere' Obama

Castro was glued to inauguration coverage

(Newser) - Cuba's ailing former dictator Fidel Castro has spoken warmly about President Barack Obama, and his brother Raul is hinting about a face-to-face meeting, reports Australia's Age. Fidel, 82, spent Tuesday watching TV coverage of the inauguration and spoke glowingly about America's new president as "absolutely sincere" to Argentine President...

Miami Man Convicted in $800K Suitcase Scandal

Businessman was Chávez agent, jury says

(Newser) - The international political funding scandal known as Suitcasegate took a new, diplomatically fraught turn yesterday when a Miami court convicted a businessman of conspiracy and of acting as an "unregistered agent" of the Venezuelan government. The trial concerns a suitcase filled with $800,000 that was intercepted in Buenos...

Let's Legalize Drug Use: Argentine Prez

In US, Rep. Barney Frank leads lawmakers on marijuana crusade

(Newser) - Argentina's president is seeking to legalize drug use and a crack down on dealing and trafficking, CNN reports. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's plan follows similar moves by European and Latin American nations, where decriminalization has not increased drug use, one expert said. Mexico proposed such a law several years...

Argentina's Prez Struggles to Keep Power

Peronists abandon Kirchner as approval rating drops to 20%

(Newser) - Six months ago Cristina Fernández de Kirchner succeeded her husband as president of Argentina, romping to victory with the help of a huge turnout in rural provinces. But those bastions of Peronism have since turned on Kirchner, whose hugely unpopular agricultural tax hike set off a months-long battle between...

Argentine Prez Campaign Cash Tied to Chavez

$800,000 in suitcase seized en route to Kirchner, US says

(Newser) - US prosecutors are accusing the Hugo Chavez government of sneaking donations to the election campaign of new Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, writes the Guardian. A suitcase filled with $800,000, seized at Buenos Aires airport , was on its way from Caracas to Kirchner, one of the men involved in the...

President Cristina Takes Charge
President Cristina Takes Charge

President Cristina Takes Charge

Argentina swears in first elected woman president

(Newser) - Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the first woman to be elected president of Argentina, took office today with ominous promises about the Argentine economy and the sovereignty of the disputed Falkland Islands. The crowd chanted "Viva, Cristina!" as the country's First Lady succeeded her husband, Nestor, as head of...

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