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As Others Watched in Horror, Tiger Attacked Zookeeper

55-year-old worker killed at Zurich Zoo in Switzerland

(Newser) - A 5-year-old Siberian tiger attacked and killed a zookeeper Saturday at Switzerland's Zurich Zoo as other staff and guests looked on in horror. The BBC reports the attack on the 55-year-old keeper happened just after 1pm local time in the tiger enclosure, where Irina, the female tiger who went... More »

Chubby Tigers Catch, Destroy Exercise Drone

But it apparently wasn't as tasty as they'd hoped

(Newser) - Some chubby tigers in a Chinese wildlife habitat apparently didn't take kindly to their exercise routine, catching and destroying a drone meant to get them moving, UPI reports. Footage released by China Central Television shows one of the Siberian tigers catching up to the drone and knocking it out... More »

Tiger Cub Found ... in California Neighborhood

Little guy was wandering the streets of Hemet

(Newser) - On the list of "Things You Don't Expect to Find Roaming Around a California Neighborhood," tiger cub is probably pretty near the top. Yet that is exactly what one woman in Hemet found yesterday, CBS Los Angeles reports. She brought the 3-month-old, 25-pound Bengal-Siberian tiger to a... More »

China Thinks It's Spotted 'Putin's Tiger'

Russian prez helped release Kuzya into the wild in May

(Newser) - In May, Vladimir Putin helped release three rare Siberian tigers into the wilds of Russia's remote eastern Amur region. Now, after reports last week that one of them had crossed over into China (the New York Times called it a "territory grab"), Beijing is confirming the presence... More »

Tigers Kill Zoo Gardener

Worker climbed over barrier, fell to waiting animals

(Newser) - Siberian tigers killed a Chinese zoo gardener after he climbed over a barrier and toppled into their enclosure, the Daily Telegraph reports. The man appeared to have lifted himself onto the barrier, apparently to pull out weeds, before he dropped into a group of “four or five” animals gathered... More »

Black Market Booming for Bear Paws

Smugglers using relaxed rules at Russia-China border

(Newser) - For Russians living near the Chinese border, there's a new easy way to make a quick ruble: selling bear paws. The two countries have relaxed border controls to encourage trade and travel, but in doing so have created a bizarre smugglers' market for animal body parts. Frogs, tiger bones, deer... More »

Pregnant Siberian Tiger Drowns at Zoo

Tiger's mate not a suspect

(Newser) - The drowning death of a Siberian tiger at a British zoo has puzzled zookeepers and dealt a serious blow to the breeding program for the rare species. Malyshka, a 5-year-old tigress who was mother to two cubs and was pregnant with more, was found drowned in a natural pool in... More »

Siberian Tigers Vanishing

Population may be down to mere hundreds

(Newser) - The last remaining wild population of Siberian tigers is rapidly declining, researchers warn. A study of a portion of the tiger's range found just 56 tigers when the average of the last decade had been 95. Researchers blame the decline on poaching and habitat loss, and believe only a few... More »

Big Cats Are Back at SF Zoo

Lions, tigers return to outdoor grottoes after fatal Christmas attack

(Newser) - Seven tigers and lions are back in their outdoor grottoes at the San Francisco Zoo for the first time since a Siberian tiger killed a man on Christmas Day. The pens got a $1.7 million security upgrade after Tatiana escaped and attacked three people. Officials said the enclosure's front... More »

Zoo: Killer Tiger Was Provoked

Shoe, blood by fence indicate a visitor may have dangled leg

(Newser) - The victims of the Christmas Day tiger mauling may have tried to climb into the animal’s enclosure, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Police have found a shoe and blood near the cage moat, and a footprint on the fence. “Somebody really agitated her and gave her some method... More »

Killer Tiger's Escape a Mystery

Deadly San Francisco Zoo attack being treated as crime scene

(Newser) - The San Francisco Zoo remained shuttered today as investigators and grieving family alike struggled to understand how a Siberian tiger was able to escape her cage and maul 17-year-old Carlos Souza to death. "This is very rough on us," said an uncle. "He was a great kid.... More »

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