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In Wake of Big Court Win, Brace for 'Apple Tax'

If Samsung and others must pay for licenses, consumers could pay more, too

(Newser) - Apple's patent victory will cost more than just the $1.05 billion judgment against Samsung—expect non-Apple smartphones to cost more as manufacturers begin to pay Apple for a variety of new licenses, reports the Wall Street Journal . Samsung was found guilty of infringing on seven patents, including those...

Apple Wins $1B Verdict Over Samsung

Jury decides huge patent infringement case

(Newser) - After a year of scorched-earth litigation, a jury decided today that Samsung ripped off the innovative technology used by Apple to create its revolutionary iPhone and iPad. The San Jose jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion in the latest skirmish of a global legal battle between the...

S. Korean Court to Apple, Samsung: You're Both Guilty

3-judge panel makes both companies pay minor fine

(Newser) - Samsung did indeed violate one of Apple's patents in making its Galaxy mobile devices—but Apple violated two of Samsung's patents right back, a South Korean court concluded today. A three-judge panel awarded both companies damages that were a lot lower than what they were asking for, and...

Galaxy Tab Not 'Cool' Enough to Be iPad Ripoff

British court rules in favor of Samsung

(Newser) - Samsung won a bittersweet victory in a British court today: A judge ruled that Samsung's Galaxy Tab wasn't an Apple rip-off, but only because it was entirely too stodgy to be mistaken for the iPad, reports Bloomberg . The Samsung gadgets "do not have the same understated and...

Apple Chalks Up 2nd Win Against Samsung

Judge halts US sales of Galaxy Nexus

(Newser) - The week ended Apple, 2; Samsung, 0. US District Judge Lucy Koh followed Tuesday's preliminary injunction against the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 by issuing another preliminary injunction yesterday, this time against the sale of the Galaxy Nexus phone, reports Reuters . Per Koh's ruling: "Apple...

Apple Wins Big: Judge Bans Sales of Samsung Tablet

Galaxy Tab 10.1 ruling marks Apple's 'greatest victory yet' in patent battle

(Newser) - The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is such an iPad rip-off that it can no longer be sold in the US, a district court judge announced yesterday, issuing a preliminary injunction against the sale of Samsung's tablet. Samsung "does not have a right to compete unfairly by flooding the...

Yahoo Sues Facebook Over 10 Alleged Patent Violations

Accuses Facebook of succeeding by using Yahoo patents

(Newser) - Yahoo followed through on its threat to sue Facebook today, filing a suit accusing the social networking company of violating 10 Yahoo patents. The suit, filed by new CEO Scott Thompson, reportedly comes after months of talks between the two companies; it alleges that Facebook got a "free ride"...

Lawsuit: We Invented the Web, So Pay Up Google

Eolas Technologies patent claims interactive web is its brainchild

(Newser) - A case is being tried in Tyler, Texas, this week that could determine the future of the Internet. On one side: The world's top web companies, including Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and Apple. On the other: A tiny company called Eolas Technologies that claims it patented the "interactive web....

iPad, iPhone Ban Overturned

Motorola's patent infringement ruling in Germany doesn't last long

(Newser) - Apple's enormous profit machine stuttered momentarily in Germany today when Motorola enforced a patent infringement ruling against iPads and iPhones, banning their sale for a short time, the BBC reports. An appeals court yanked the ban after Apple made a new offer to license the patent. "A suspension...

Jobs: I'll Spend Every Cent Apple Has to Kill Google

Called Android 'stolen product'

(Newser) - Steve Jobs was furious over what he called Google’s “grand theft” of Apple ideas, and he didn’t mince words about it, the Huffington Post reports. “I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this,” he says in Walter Isaacson’s biography , discussing Apple’s patent...

Samsung Sues Apple to Block iPhone 4S Sales

Lawsuits filed in Japan and Australia

(Newser) - Samsung fired another salvo in its legal war with Apple today, filing suits in Japan and Australia to try to prevent iPhone 4S sales there—on top of similar suits already filed in France and Italy. Each suit revolves around a different patent Samsung says Apple is infringing, the Wall ...

Apple Sues Galaxy Maker Samsung Over iPad, iPhone Patents in South Korea
 Apple Sues Samsung Again 

Apple Sues Samsung Again

Follows US suit over similarities between iPads, iPhones, Galaxy series

(Newser) - Apple and Samsung continue trading lawsuits around the world: Now, Apple has filed a new patent-infringement suit in South Korea against its tablet-making rival. Apple has already filed a suit against Samsung in the US, holding that the firm’s Galaxy gadgets “slavishly” copy Apple’s own; Samsung, for...

Samsung Fires Back, Sues Apple

Files suit for smartphone, computer patent violations

(Newser) - After Apple launched a trademark lawsuit against Samsung, it’s the South Korean firm’s turn to sue. Samsung is suing Apple in Seoul, Tokyo, and Germany over patent violations, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Korean tech company says Apple—one of its leading buyers of chips and other...

Apple Sues Motorola on Smartphone Patents

It's a countersuit, part of the escalating tech wars

(Newser) - Apple has responded to Motorola's you-stole-our-patents lawsuit with the expected no-you-stole-our-patents countersuit, reports Apple Insider . Apple actually filed two suits yesterday accusing Motorola of infringing on six iPhone patents related to multitouch features and graphical interfaces on its various smartphones, including the Droid.

Microsoft Sues Motorola Before Launching Phone

Patent lawsuit could be a message to Google

(Newser) - If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em instead. That seems to be Microsoft's latest attempt to make inroads into the mobile phone market as it gets ready to launch its Microsoft Phone 7. In addition to planning to spend $500 million on advertising for the new device, it's decided to...

Apple Sues HTC for Aping iPhone

Says smartphone maker violated 20 patents

(Newser) - Apple has filed a lawsuit against HTC, one of its biggest competitors in the smartphone market, saying it infringed on 20 iPhone-related patents. “We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it,” Steve Jobs said in a statement. “...

Microsoft Can't Sell Word: Judge

(Newser) - A Texas district court judge has ruled in favor of a Canadian software company and issued an injunction barring Microsoft from selling copies of its Word program, which can read and write XML files, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. XML capability is central to Microsoft Word; i4i claims the company infringed...

Startup Goes After Nintendo Over Patents

It claims the Wii uses stolen motion-sensing technology

(Newser) - A Maryland tech firm claims that Nintendo stole some of its technology for the popular Wii console, the Wall Street Journal reports. Hillcrest Laboratories filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission, alleging that Nintendo infringed on patents for motion-sensing technology. It wants to ban Wii consoles from being...

Gibson Sues Over Guitar Hero
 Gibson Sues Over Guitar Hero 

Gibson Sues Over Guitar Hero

It wants retailers to stop selling game, claims patent infringement

(Newser) - Gibson Guitar has sued Guitar Hero retailers, saying the Activision video games infringe on a patent it holds for a virtual-reality concert. The federal suit seeks to stop Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Amazon, GameStop, and Toys "R" Us from selling the games, reports AP. But Activision is fighting back—earlier...

EBay Finally Settles Patent Suit
EBay Finally Settles Patent Suit

EBay Finally Settles Patent Suit

Will buy three patents as part of agreement with MercExchange

(Newser) - After years of legal battling that escalated to the Supreme Court, eBay has settled a patent-infringement lawsuit by e-commerce technology company MercExchange. The companies aren’t revealing the financial terms, but eBay will buy the three patents that led to the suit. The auction giant said the agreement won’t...

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