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Apple Yanks Disputed Health Feature From Watches

Blood-oxygen sensor won't work on new Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches

(Newser) - Apple has complied with the latest ruling in a patent dispute over a health feature on its two most advanced Apple Watches—but instead of stopping sales of the Series 9 and Ultra 2, it has turned the feature off. In what the AP describes as a sign of Apple'...

Moderna Sues Pfizer Over COVID Vaccine

Company sues rival, alleging patent infringement on mRNA technology

(Newser) - The biggest names in COVID vaccines are now embroiled in a legal fight. Moderna sued Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech on Friday, alleging patent infringement over the technology used to make the COVID shots, reports the Verge . Moderna accused its rivals of essentially stealing the mRNA technology it developed...

Lululemon Sues Peloton Over Clothing Line

Patent infringement filing seeks triple damages

(Newser) - Lululemon and Peloton once had a co-branding agreement, which they ended this year. Peloton said the breakup was friendly, but you wouldn't know it from the court filings. On Monday, Lululemon filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Peloton over five of its products, the New York Times reports. Lululemon...

NordicTrack Sues Peloton
NordicTrack Sues Peloton

NordicTrack Sues Peloton

Companies have traded lawsuits, accusing the other of taking ideas

(Newser) - A rival company is arguing that some of the features on Peloton's latest stationary bike seem familiar. Icon Health and Fitness, whose brands include NordicTrack, filed a patent infringement lawsuit on Thursday, CNN reports. The legal battle is circular: Peloton had sued Icon in May and its lawyer said...

Apple, Broadcom Ordered to Pay CalTech $1.1B

Jury decides they infringed on Wi-Fi patents

(Newser) - A federal jury decided Wednesday that Apple and Broadcom must pay $1.1 billion to the California Institute of Technology for infringing on patents. Apple was on the hook for nearly $838 million of the damages awarded in a lawsuit that said Broadcom used its patented Wi-Fi data transmission technology...

Apple and Samsung Settle Epic Patent Infringement Battle

The companies filed a notice in federal court that they have agreed to drop the case

(Newser) - An epic legal battle between smartphone titans is finally over. Apple and Samsung have settled their seven-year patent dispute over Apple’s allegations that Samsung copied the iPhone’s design and software, reports CNN . Terms were not available, but according to the Wall Street Journal , the companies filed a notice...

BlackBerry to Facebook: You Stole Our Messaging Tech

Company sues social media giant, including its Instagram and WhatsApp subsidiaries

(Newser) - BlackBerry Limited has long been proud of its messaging app—so much so that it's now suing Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp subdivisions for ripping off key features. The Verge notes a "sprawling" 117-page complaint filed Tuesday for patent infringement, alleging that hallmark innovations of BlackBerry Messenger,...

In Apple v. Samsung, SCOTUS Makes $399M Decision

And it goes with Samsung in design patent case

(Newser) - Apple tried to hold onto the full $548 million in damages it recouped from Samsung in a lawsuit over smartphone design patents, but it looks like it may now have to settle for much less, based on a Tuesday Supreme Court decision, the Hill reports. The ruling noted that even...

Razor Wars Get Hairy: Gillette Sues Dollar Shave Club

Gillette accuses online service of patent infringement

(Newser) - For nearly 120 years , Gillette has comfortably assumed dominance in the US shaving market. But now it's taking on an online upstart in the courts: The company filed a suit Thursday against Dollar Shave Club, trying to stop the subscription service from selling razors Gillette says infringe on a...

Apple Wins Partial Victory Over Samsung on Patents

Company is awarded just a fraction of the $2.2B it sought

(Newser) - Technically, Apple convinced a jury that Samsung infringed on some of its patents when building smartphones. But the numbers from the San Jose courtroom yesterday provide a sense of how limited in scope the victory was: Apple sought $2.2 billion but won $120 million, reports . On top...

Apple Goes After Google ... by Suing Samsung

The next battle over patent infringement begins today

(Newser) - Apple and Samsung are going at it again, in a second patent infringement court battle that kicks off with jury selection today. Things didn't work out so well for Samsung the first time around ; in this round, Apple is seeking $2 billion in damages—double its first payout—over...

Obama: Apple Can Keep Selling iPhone 4

Vetoes ban on import and sale of some older iPhones and iPads

(Newser) - The Obama administration has vetoed a ban on the import and sale of some older iPhone and iPad models, overturning a decision by the International Trade Commission for the first time since 1987, Politico reports. The ITC issued an import ban and cease-and-desist on sales for some models of the...

Boston University Sues Apple Over 1997 Patent

It asks court to stop sales on iPads, iPhones, and MacBook Air

(Newser) - Boston University is asking a court to stop the sales of the iPhone 5, iPad, and MacBook Air, claiming that all those products infringe on a patent filed by one of its professors back in 1997. The patent covers a method of generating blue lasers in a cheap, compact fashion...

Obama Cracks Down on Patent Trolls

He'll issue executive order to try to curb abuses

(Newser) - President Obama plans to issue five executive orders today aimed at slaying, or at least curtailing, patent trolls—companies that amass a lot of patents purely for licensing and litigation purposes. Obama's orders will, among other things, ask the Patent and Trademark Office to take a harder look at...

Congrats, Samsung, Now You Owe Apple Only $600M

Judge reduces last year's billion-dollar award

(Newser) - A federal judge today erased nearly half of the $1 billion in damages that a jury decided that Samsung should pay Apple in a high-profile trial over the smartphone and tablet computer patents. US District Court Judge Lucy Koh lowered the damages awarded to Apple by $450.5 million, saying...

Farmer, 75, Takes on Monsanto
Farmer, 75, Takes on Monsanto

Farmer, 75, Takes on Monsanto

Soybean seed case hits Supreme Court this week

(Newser) - Vernon Hugh Bowman, a 75-year-old Indiana farmer, is taking on agribusiness heavyweight Monsanto in a case hitting the Supreme Court tomorrow. Monsanto says Bowman, who has been using Monsanto's soybean seeds happily for years, is infringing its patents when he plants a second crop of soybeans each year. The...

Court to Apple: Sorry, No Ban on Samsung Gadgets

Plus: South Korean firm nixes Europe injunctions

(Newser) - A victory for Samsung in its long-running feud with Apple : A judge has refused to ban 26 of the South Korean firm's smartphones, as Apple wanted. A jury this summer found that Samsung had knowingly infringed on Apple's patents, but that's not sufficient grounds for a ban,...

Nokia Tries to Ban Most BlackBerries

After winning patent case in Swedish court

(Newser) - Nokia has asked a California judge for an order banning the sale of any BlackBerry phone with wireless LAN capabilities—which is basically all of them, ComputerWorld reports. A Swedish arbiter has ruled that RIM has breached its contract over the use of Nokia's wireless patents, Nokia announced today,...

Apple Loses Appeal Vs. 'Not as Cool' Samsung

UK court rules Samsung did not copy iPad

(Newser) - The latest development in the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple should put the matter to rest in Europe: A British court has denied Apple's appeal of the court decision ruling that Samsung did not copy the popular iPad when it designed its Galaxy tablet, reports Reuters . There were...

Maybe Samsung Wasn't Ripping Off iPhone
 Maybe Samsung 
 Wasn't Ripping 
 Off iPhone 
court documents

Maybe Samsung Wasn't Ripping Off iPhone

And 'NYT' looks at a patent system that's out of date in digital world

(Newser) - Not long after Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion over patent infringement, unredacted court documents are telling a different story. A perusal of the materials reveals that Samsung bosses apparently called on employees to "make something like the iPhone"—not to copy its design, notes...

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