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Australia, Celebs Battle Over Future of Murderous Feral Cats

'This animal genocide is inhumane and ridiculous'

(Newser) - The lesser bilby. The crescent nailtail wallaby. The desert bandicoot. The large-eared hopping mouse. These are just four of the adorably named animal species that are now extinct thanks largely to the approximately 20 million feral cats currently populating Australia, the New York Times reports. This week, the Australian government... More »

27 Celebs' Real Names

Does Vincent Damon Furnier sound like a rocker's name?

(Newser) - Alice Cooper wasn't actually born with his female-sounding name; his parents dubbed him Vincent Damon Furnier. Radar lists the real names of 26 more stars:
  • Chuck Norris: Carlos Ray
  • Sting: Gordon Sumner
  • Kirk Douglas: Issur Danielovitch
  • Jodie Foster: Alicia Christian Foster
  • Hulk Hogan: Terry Jean Bollette
  • George Michael: Georgios
... More »

Rogue Wave Damages Anti-Whaling Vessel

Steve Irwin racing to help stricken Brigitte Bardot

(Newser) - A rogue wave off Antarctica has dealt a major setback to conservationists' efforts to thwart Japan's annual whale hunt. The wave hit the Sea Shepherd Society's Brigitte Bardot as it chased the Nisshin Maru factory ship, badly damaging one of its pontoons, the BBC reports. Another boat, the... More »

Brigitte Bardot's Ex-Husband Kills Himself

Gunter Sachs shot himself Saturday, aged 78

(Newser) - Gunter Sachs, the German-born billionaire married to Brigitte Bardot for three years in the 1960s, has killed himself at age 78. Sachs, an art collector and photographer who was also involved with Iranian queen Soraya Esfandiary, shot himself at his Swiss resort chalet Saturday, his family says. Sachs married Bardot... More »

Bardot Hot for French Presidency

Nicolas Sarkozy 'takes me for an imbecile,' says animal rights campaigner

(Newser) - France's beloved former sex kitten Brigitte Bardot is threatening to run for the French presidency since leader Nicolas Sarkozy "took me for an imbecile" over her demands for animal rights. The Ecology Alliance party has asked the 76-year-old star to run for France's top slot in 2012. "We... More »

Why Bardot Is Back in Style

(Newser) - Brigitte Bardot's pouty, carefree sexuality is back, and just in time for her 75th birthday next month. With fashion designers aping her look and London girls imitating her outfit in And God Created Woman—cropped jeans, pumps, and striped top—John Walsh looks back in the Independent at the sex... More »

Yorn Sees Bardot in Scarlett

Singer records new album with Johansson

(Newser) - Scarlett Johansson is the new Brigitte Bardot, says Pete Yorn, who enlisted the actress to join him on an upcoming album. A dream moved him to echo the 1960s collaborations of Serge Gainsbourg and Bardot, the singer-songwriter tells Rolling Stone. “So who is Brigitte Bardot?” Yorn says he asked... More »

Bardot On Trial, Once Again, Over Racism

'60s sex kitten, oft-convicted, says rant was in defense of animals, not anti-Islam

(Newser) - Brigitte Bardot is on trial for racism—again. The 1960s French sex symbol, now 73, is a stridently anti-immigrant and seemingly anti-Muslim politician, Time reports. Bardot is on trial for “inciting racial hatred,” a charge she’s been convicted of four times. The current case involves a letter... More »

8 Stories
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