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Woman Denied Service: I Want My Half of $100K

Amber Gilles says health issues prevented her from wearing a mask

(Newser) - A woman denied service because she wasn't wearing a face mask says she deserves roughly $50,000 for the "discrimination" she endured, KGTV reports. Amber Gilles argues that medical issues prevented her from wearing a mask when she entered a San Diego Starbucks, where the barista, Lenin Gutierrez,... More »

Barista $78K Richer After Refusing to Serve Woman

Lenen Gutierrez told her she's supposed to wear a mask

(Newser) - A San Diego barista is over $78,000 richer after standing up to a woman who wanted service without wearing a mask, ABC7 reports. "It's so shocking to see something get so big that only happened within a few minutes," says the barista, Lenen Gutierrez, in a... More »

Starbucks Barista Prints Nasty Word on Cop's Coffee

Oklahoma Police Chief Johnny O'Mara did not hold back

(Newser) - An Oklahoma police officer was picking up Starbucks coffees on Thanksgiving and noticed a word on the label: "PIG." And it didn't end there. "This is what he gets for being nice," Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O'Mara wrote on Facebook , saying the coffees were... More »

Starbucks Suit: 'My Wife, Baby Just Drank Someone's Blood'

Calif. family sues chain after blood from barista found in their beverage cups

(Newser) - A California family has suffered "stress, nervousness, fright, anguish, grief, anxiety, worry, and shock for several months," says a release on a lawsuit they just filed—all because of a trip to Starbucks. KTLA reports on Amanda and Louis Vice, who say they visited a San Bernardino Starbucks... More »

In This Cafe, Your Barista Is a Robot

Japan's Henna Cafe debuts Sawyer the robot to brew your coffee

(Newser) - Japan has a new cafe where customers can enjoy coffee brewed and served by a robot barista. The robot named Sawyer debuted this week at Henna Cafe in Tokyo's downtown business and shopping district of Shibuya. The shop's name in Japanese means "strange cafe," reports the... More »

Bikini Baristas Sue City Over 'Anal Cleft' Ordinance

Everett, Wash., has essentially outlawed the bikini barista

(Newser) - A group of bikini baristas say they have a right to bare their midriffs, and they're fighting the city of Everett, Wash., in order to keep it that way. At issue are two ordinances passed last month and effective as of last Tuesday that bar "quick-service" facility employees... More »

Starbucks Stops Writing 'Race Together' on Cups

Widely mocked campaign moves to new phase

(Newser) - Starbucks customers can now get their frappuccinos without a side order of race relations discussion. The company says the "Race Together" campaign, in which baristas were encouraged to stimulate discussion by writing the phrase "Race Together" on coffee cups , has moved on to a different phase, NPR reports.... More »

Here's Who Gets Your Starbucks Tips

Court says baristas and shift supervisors can split them, but not assistant managers

(Newser) - New York's highest court has weighed in on a feud over the Starbucks tip jar. Two suits were in question. In one, baristas argued that shift supervisors should be banned from sharing the cash because state law prohibits "employers and their agents" from access to tips for waiters... More »

Bikini Barista Owner Guilty of Indecent Exposure

Coffee shop owner faces 90 days in prison over workers' attire

(Newser) - Washington state has seen a racy new trend in the last few years: that of "bikini baristas" who use skimpy attire to sell coffee in this most competitive of markets. Bikini baristas have been charged with prostitution and indecent exposure, but only now has one of the cases made... More »

NYC Cafe Introduces $12 Coffee

This cup o' joe is quite fancy

(Newser) - Attention coffee snobs: You have a new mecca. Starting today Café Grumpy in (where else?) New York will offer a $12 cup of coffee. That’s just coffee—not a cappuccino or a latte—so why the high price tag? “There are flavors you would expect in a really... More »

Coffee's 'Third Wave' Brews Some Fine Joe

This sure ain't Starbucks, so don't go in blind

(Newser) - Americans love their coffee, and if you’re among those who are way beyond Folgers and are starting to tire of chains like Starbucks and Peet’s, perhaps you’re ready for the so-called “third wave.” Cafés of this genre offer high-quality coffees—drip and espresso—often... More »

Bikini Baristas Charged With Prostitution

Girls at Grab-n-Go coffee shop gave customers a little extra

(Newser) - Five bikini baristas at a Washington coffee stand were charged with prostitution today after an undercover police investigation. Police say the women sold extra services from the stand—quick flashes of nudity, licking whipped cream off their co-workers, allowing customers to grope them, etc. That kind of for-pay touching, the... More »

Reality Bites Starbucks Fantasy

(Newser) - Many Americans fantasized of tuning in, dropping out, and working at Starbucks, Mary Schmich writes in the Chicago Tribune, but that dream died with the economic slowdown. “Starbucks was the great American backup plan,” Schmich writes. “The emergency exit. The parachute,” fueled by the “promise... More »

Help Wanted: Must Make Coffee, Change World

(Newser) - Coffee is pretty serious stuff in Portland, Oregon, but a relatively new shop on the block is taking the preparation of caffeinated beverages to a rarified extreme, the New York Times reports. The Ladybug Organic Coffee Company requires applicants for barista positions to fill out a five-page application, complete with... More »

Java Lovers Buzz Over 'Latte Art'

Fans try to master Italian barista trick

(Newser) - Coffee lovers are trying their unsteady hands at a craze called latte art: creating intricate designs in espresso foam, the Wall Street Journal reports. Using techniques like jiggling a pitcher while pouring milk, "artists" form pictures of rosettas, leaves, and swans atop their frothy drinks. Some post photos and... More »

Starbucks to Pour Freebies

Execs hope new 'everyday' blend will boost soft sales

(Newser) - Starbucks will pour a new blend for free tomorrow (Tuesday) in an effort to rekindle customer love, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. The company is keeping the blend's ingredients—“subtle, rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts"—under wraps, and hopes it will boost sales as Starbucks faces fresh... More »

Starbucks Balks at Paying Back Barista Tips

Firm challenges court ruling, calls it 'unfair beyond reason'

(Newser) - Starbucks is defying a California court ruling, arguing a judge has created a tempest in a tip jar, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The court ruled the coffee shop must pay nearly $100 million to California baristas forced to share tips with their supervisors. Similar suits have been filed in Minnesota... More »

Why Fork Over $11,000 for a Coffee Machine?

'Clover addict' thinks it could change how we think about our joe

(Newser) - A cup of coffee brewed with 16 ounces of water at 203 degrees for 44 seconds? Coming right up. The brouhaha over the $11,000 Clover 1s—the ultra-high-tech machine that brews one cup at a time—makes sense, Paul Adams writes in Slate. After two hours test-driving the built-to-order... More »

New McD's Menu Muscles In on Starbucks

Fast-food giant adds baristas, fancy coffee, $1B in sales

(Newser) - You’ll be able to get cappuccinos, lattes, and frappes from a certified barista beneath the Golden Arches this fall, reports the Wall Street Journal, as McDonald's takes on Starbucks. It’s the fast-food behemoth's biggest menu addition in 30 years, and the company expects it to bring in $1... More »

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