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Election Officials Fear Paper Ballot Shortage

Supply chain issues, and even truck driver shortages, cause worry about handling voting

(Newser) - The same supply chain problems that have limited the availability of consumer goods have election officials worried about having enough paper ballots and envelopes for this year's voting. Orders are being placed much earlier than usual, which complicates budgeting, Politico reports. "Sometimes that means ordering in advance of...

Silver Predicts 27-Vote Recount Victory for Franken

If you believe the statistics, Minnesota's getting a Democratic senator

(Newser) - If you believe in the math, get ready to welcome the new Democratic senator from Minnesota: Statistics guru Nate Silver, on, predicts a 27-vote Al Franken victory. The numbers get a bit tricky, but it all hinges on a strong trend toward Franken picking up votes from Norm...

States Brace for Election's Tech Snarls

New systems, high turnout will likely bring trouble

(Newser) - As states prepare for millions of voters using new ballot systems in November, many officials are expecting serious logistical headaches across the country. About half of all voters will use different machines than the last presidential election. Most voters—up from 49% in 2006—will be using paper ballots that...

Paper Ballots Rock the Vote
 Paper Ballots Rock the Vote 

Paper Ballots Rock the Vote

Touch screens decline; 55% of US will have choice read by scanner

(Newser) - Paper ballots are making a comeback in many states after problems plagued electronic voting systems—thanks in large part to issues with Florida's hanging chads in 2000. At least 55% of US ballots in November will be cast on paper, then optically scanned, the Boston Globe reports. Security isn't expected...

Paper Ballots, High Turnout May Delay Calif. Returns

One-third of state abandons machines

(Newser) - Super Tuesday's biggest prize may take the longest to award, CNN reports. One-third of California's counties have reverted to paper balloting for today’s primary, and the ballots may not be counted by tomorrow. Electronic machines were stashed over reliability concerns, and excitement over the race has generated some 700,...

5 Stories