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8 Celebs Who Love to Get Naked

Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore—even Harry Potter likes to go nude

(Newser) - Some celebrities strip down so often, seeing their naked bodies starts to seem commonplace. The Frisky notes eight of the worst offenders:
  • Daniel Radcliffe: Equus was one thing, but donning his birthday suit for Harry Potter? Come on now.
  • Jennifer Aniston: She’s bared her bare tush everywhere from film

Ryan Reynolds Lands Green Lantern Gig

(Newser) - Warner Bros. has finally found someone to wear its power ring. The studio has picked comic book movie veteran Ryan Reynolds to play Green Lantern, says the Hollywood Reporter. Reynolds beat out Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto, and Justin Timberlake for the part. He’ll be the first actor to don...

The Proposal a Charming Clich&eacute;
 The Proposal a  
 Charming Cliché 
movie review

The Proposal a Charming Cliché

Bullock, Reynolds appeal in familiar story

(Newser) - There’s nothing groundbreaking about The Proposal, but with appealing leads Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, it manages to pull off a story you’ve seen before.
  • The film “recycles a plot that was already old when Tracy and Hepburn were trying it out,” writes Roger Ebert in

Bullock: I Hate Romcoms
 Bullock: I Hate Romcoms 

Bullock: I Hate Romcoms

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock made a name for herself in romantic comedies but “can’t stand” them now, America's Sweetheart tells the Wall Street Journal. “I always read scripts and go, ‘I want to change the role of Sam to Samantha because it’s written better,’” Bullock...

Scarlett: 'I'm Not Pregnant'

 Scarlett: 'I'm
 Not Pregnant' 

Scarlett: 'I'm Not Pregnant'

Actress not pregnant, not dishing on wedding

(Newser) - Scarlett Johansson wants to run a brothel—in the movies, that is. “It's only so long that people are going to want to see me in a corset. So I might as well do it now,” she tells Harper’s Bazaar. The famously tight-lipped actress also addresses rumors—...

Scarlett Weds Her Ryan
 Her Ryan 

Scarlett Weds Her Ryan

Read it and weep, fellas

(Newser) - Hollywood uber babe Scarlett Johansson has tied the knot with actor Ryan Reynolds, former beau of singer Alanis Morrissette. The 23-year-old star and Reynolds, 31, were married quietly in Canada yesterday, reports People. It's the first marriage for both. Little Ryans and Scarletts may be on the way soon. When...

Sorry, Guys: Johansson Engaged

Actress, 23, says yes to boyfriend Ryan Reynolds, 31

(Newser) - Perhaps playing his role in The Proposal to the hilt, actor Ryan Reynolds has popped the question to girlfriend Scarlett Johansson, who accepted, People reports. Johansson, 23, has been dating ex-Alanis Morissette fiancé Reynolds, 31, for a year. Among those in favor of the union is Johansson co-star Hugh Jackman,...

Definitely a Winner
Definitely a Winner

Definitely a Winner

Movie about divorced dad rises above usual cliches

(Newser) - Definitely, Maybe, the story of a soon-to-be-divorced dad whose 11-year-old daughter wants to hear how he met her mother, is definitely a cut above most romantic comedies, critics say. "It's a lot fresher and a bit more sophisticated than the ordinary run of maudlin chick flicks," writes Ken...

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