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FBI: Violence Over Video Could Spread to US

It warns religious groups to be on guard

(Newser) - The FBI warned today that anger over the anti-Islamic video setting off protests overseas could spread to the US, reports ABC News . The bulletin, issued with Homeland Security, says extremist groups in the US may use the opportunity to "exploit anger over the film to advance their recruitment efforts....

21 Dead in Nigeria Religious Riots

Violence has spanned almost a week

(Newser) - Religious rioting in the troubled central Nigeria city of Jos has killed at least 21 people in recent days, as authorities seem to be unable to curb the rising violence. An AP journalist counted the bodies awaiting burial at the city's central mosque today. Doctors at a university hospital...

Christians Stabbed, Beaten in Indonesia

Muslim hard-liners suspected of violence

(Newser) - Violence against Christians erupted in Indonesia yesterday, and the president—who has been criticized in the past for a failure to crack down on hard-line Muslim groups—called for immediate action and the arrest of those responsible. The Islamic Defenders Front is suspected of the attack on a worshiper and...

After Nigerian Riots, 150 Bodies Found in Wells

Total death toll in religious violence is reportedly near 400

(Newser) - Nearly a week after the outbreak of violence between Nigerian Muslims and Christians, aid workers have found up to 150 more bodies stuffed into wells and sewage pits. In the central village of Kuru Karama, many victims had been shot, hacked to death, or burned alive, reports the BBC .

Fringe Baptist Minister Is New American Taliban

(Newser) - The Rev. Steven Anderson—he's the Arizona preacher praying for the president's death—is positioning himself nicely to take up a new title, writes Jeffrey Weiss for Politics Daily: American Taliban. Anderson isn't a terrorist. But he is a "man with an absolute belief in a particular interpretation of...

Soccer Mob Beats Catholic to Death in N. Ireland

Protestant fans were celebrating a victory

(Newser) - A mob of Protestant soccer fans beat a Catholic man to death last night in Northern Ireland, the Belfast Telegraph reports. After a victory by Scotland’s Glasgow Rangers, as many as 70 fans drove to the Catholic section of the town of Coleraine, where they “literally attacked the...

India Riots Bust Out After Austria Temple Killing

Punjab erupts in violence after Sikh guru's murder

(Newser) - Riots have broken out in dozens of cities across the Indian state of Punjab after a Sikh guru was killed in a temple in Austria yesterday. Thousands of protesters have damaged public property and set trains on fire, and in one city four people were injured when police fired on...

Vatican Blasts Attacks on Christians

Official: India killings underscore spread of 'Christianophobia'

(Newser) - The Vatican warned against the spread of "Christianophobia" today following attacks in India that left 13 Christians dead, Reuters reports. Thousands fled their homes this week as mobs rioted in retaliation for the murder of a Hindu leader. The Pope condemned the violence, and Italy's foreign ministry will demand...

Information Age an Uneasy Time in Baghdad

City residents free to surf the Web but scared to leave their homes

(Newser) - The electronics business is booming in Baghdad five years after the US-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein's regime, the LA Times reports. Repressive controls on foreign TV and Internet access are gone and shoppers are free to buy DVDs of the latest Hollywood movies—but too often, they are investing in...

Attack Won't Derail Talks: Israel
Attack Won't Derail Talks: Israel

Attack Won't Derail Talks: Israel

Deadly seminary attack draws international condemnation

(Newser) - Israel has vowed that US-backed peace talks with the Palestinians will continue despite an attack on a Jerusalem seminary last night that killed eight students, the BBC reports. A Palestinian gunman fired into a group of 80 Jewish students before he was shot dead. Israel and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas...

8 Dead in Jerusalem Shooting
8 Dead in Jerusalem Shooting

8 Dead in Jerusalem Shooting

Gunmen open fire at Jewish seminary; Gaza celebrates

(Newser) - At least eight people are dead and many more wounded after gunmen attacked a Jewish seminary tonight in Jerusalem, the BBC reports. The shooters—possibly as many as three—are Palestinian, Reuters adds, and two were killed. Witnesses said gunfire lasted 10 minutes. "They were still shooting when we...

Basra Awash in Violence as It Tests Self-Rule

Militia violence doesn't bode well for rest of the nation

(Newser) - Basra is supposed to be a shining example of Iraqi self-rule, but the city remains riven by violence five months after British forces pulled out and left local leaders in control, the New York Times reports. Dozens of Shia militias are competing for power, and murders and kidnappings of prominent...

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