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Russia: We Were Hit in Crimea
Russia: Ukraine Hit 2 Warships

Russia: Ukraine Hit 2 Warships

Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol shipyard injures 2 dozen

(Newser) - Russia made a rare acknowledgment of a successful Ukrainian attack Wednesday, noting two of its warships were damaged and 24 people were injured in Sevastopol, the largest city on the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula. Ukraine attacked the Sergo Ordzhonikidze shipyard, which serves as a repair base for Russia's Black...

US Sends Warships Through Taiwan Strait

China says it's watching but doesn't specify a response

(Newser) - Two US guided-missile cruisers were sailing through the Taiwan Strait on Sunday, the Navy reported, the first American passage since China launched military exercises in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 's trip to Taipei early this month. The US 7th Fleet in Japan issued a statement saying the...

US Intelligence May Have Helped Sink the Moskva

But Pentagon denies that 'specific targeting information' was provided

(Newser) - The sinking of Russia's Black Sea flagship last month was the biggest loss any navy has suffered in decades—and American intelligence played a role, NBC reports, citing senior US officials. The officials say Ukrainian authorities requested and received information about a ship sailing south of Odesa, and missiles...

Pentagon: Ukraine Hit Russia's Warship Before It Sank

Ukrainian forces struck Moskva with two Neptune missiles, says defense official

(Newser) - Ukraine claimed it caused a Russian warship to sink on Thursday. Russia refuted that claim, saying there was a fire and that the ship simply sank as it was being towed to shore for repairs. Now the Pentagon is weighing in, and it's confirming the Ukrainian side of the...

Ukraine Gives Finger to Russia via Stamp

It's serves to 'remind the invaders that they should ... follow their ship'

(Newser) - There's now an obscene gesture featured on Ukrainian postage stamps in honor of a key moment of defiance amid Russia's invasion. Some 1 million of the stamps have been introduced into circulation, according to a Tuesday announcement from Ukrainian postal service Ukrposhta, per the Jerusalem Post . On Instagram,...

Mock-Ups of US Warships Spotted in China Desert

Analysts say they're part of military target range

(Newser) - Satellite images show China has built mock-ups of a US Navy aircraft carrier and destroyer in its northwestern desert, possibly for practice for a future naval clash as tensions rise between the nations. China has massively upgraded its military in recent years, and its capability and intentions are increasingly concerning...

Russia Says It Used Bombs, Warning Shots to Deter NATO Ship

Moscow claims British warship was in Russian waters

(Newser) - Russia says it used warning shots and bombs Wednesday to force a British warship out of waters near Crimea that it claims as its own—but British authorities have a very different version of events. Moscow accused the HMS Defender of "dangerous actions" Wednesday and said a patrol ship...

US Watching 2 Iranian Warships in the Atlantic

Vessels' destination is unknown, but speculation abounds that they're delivering arms to Venezuela

(Newser) - Two warships from Iran have popped up in the Atlantic Ocean this week, though no one is saying where they're going or what their objective is. Per the Hill , the arrival of the Sahand destroyer and its support vessel, the intel-gathering Makran, in Atlantic waters was announced by Iran...

After a Period of Quiet, a 'Provocative' Move From Iran

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy vessels get close to US warships

(Newser) - Six US military warships conducting exercises in international waters off Iran on Wednesday were interrupted by what the US calls a "harassing" group of nearly a dozen Iranian vessels. A statement from the US Navy's 5th Fleet says that 11 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy vessels came very...

Team Finds 2 Warships Sunk During Battle of Midway

Japanese aircraft carriers went down in decisive WWII battle

(Newser) - Two warships that went down in one of history's most pivotal naval battles have been found in American waters. Vulcan Inc. confirmed Sunday that a team searching for sunken warships from the Battle of Midway had found the wreck of the Akagi, one of four aircraft carriers that Japan...

This Country Put Its Navy Into Hiding

Sweden's island base, Muskö, is back in action

(Newser) - Nothing like a vast underground base to protect your navy—especially when Russia is getting aggressive. That seems to be Sweden's thinking as the Scandinavian country returns its entire navy to the island base of Muskö, the Guardian reports. Protected by thick granite, laced with tunnels, and boasting its...

Report: White House Wanted USS John McCain 'Out of Sight'

'Trump is a child,' tweets Meghan McCain

(Newser) - The White House made a bizarre request ahead of President Trump's visit to a naval base in Japan this week, according to an email seen by the Wall Street Journal . In the May 15 email a US Indo-Pacific Command official told US Navy and Air Force officials that the...

US Warship Must Stay at Sea During Outbreak

Mumps-like infection affects 25 crew members

(Newser) - A US warship has been staying at sea, not allowed to make a port call, for more than two months because of an outbreak of a viral infection among the crew. Military officials said 25 of the more than 700 sailors and Marines on the Fort McHenry have been diagnosed...

Famous WWII Wreck of Sullivan Brothers Discovered

USS Juneau found off the coast of the Solomon Islands by Paul Allen's crew

(Newser) - Another remarkable find for Paul Allen: The billionaire Microsoft co-founder funding the search for missing warships has discovered the USS Juneau resting 2.5 miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Solomon Islands, reports the Guardian . Japanese torpedoes sank the ship in November 1942...

As WWII Ships Were Cut Up, Human Remains Were Tossed in Sea

Bones found based on information from port workers

(Newser) - Indonesian authorities have started to recover the bones of World War II sailors whose metal coffins were reportedly ripped apart by salvagers hoping to make a buck. Following reports that the bones of sailors were dumped in a shallow mass grave in Indonesia, officials have begun excavating three sites, including...

New Navy Warship Will Be Stuck in Ice Until Spring

It didn't make it past Montreal on journey home

(Newser) - Unless the plan all along was to send it to invade Canada, a newly commissioned $440 million Navy warship won't be much use this winter. The USS Little Rock, which was commissioned in Buffalo on Dec. 16, has been stuck in Montreal since Christmas Eve because of heavy ice,...

Report: Ripped From Ships, WWII Sailors Dumped in Mass Grave

Bones believed buried in shallow grave near Brondong

(Newser) - Their metal coffins ripped apart in the ocean, World War II sailors have reportedly found a new home: a shallow mass grave. Months after reporting that metal scavengers had destroyed some 40 British, American, Australian, Dutch, and Japanese warships in the Java Sea, the Guardian now describes what happened to...

10 Sailors Missing After US Warship Hits Tanker

At least 5 others injured in accident east of Singapore

(Newser) - At least 10 US sailors are missing after the USS John S. McCain collided with a tanker early Monday east of Singapore and the Strait of Malacca in the second collision involving a ship from the Navy's 7th Fleet in the Pacific in two months. The Navy says five...

Ship Created Under Washington Floats Again

USS Constitution returned to Boston's waters Sunday night

(Newser) - The USS Constitution, the world's oldest commissioned warship still afloat, has returned to Boston's waters. The undocking of "Old Ironsides" on Sunday marked the end of restoration work that started two years ago, officials say. The restorations extend the life of the nearly 2-foot-thick wooden vessel—the...

China Torqued by US Warship in South China Sea

'Serious political and military provocation,' China says of USS Stethem presence

(Newser) - The US is "deliberately [stirring] up troubles" in the South China Sea, a rep from China's Foreign Affairs Ministry said Sunday in a statement , referring to an incident it's calling a "serious political and military provocation." Per the BBC , that alleged provocation was the USS...

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