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Bittman: Time to Tax Junk Food

With obesity costing US billions, gov't must help health

(Newser) - With the "Standard American Diet" producing ever more heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, it's time to tax junk food and subsidize vegetables, writes Mark Bittman in the New York Times . "Right now it’s harder for many people to buy fruit than Froot Loops," he says,... More »

5 Hunger-Crushing Foods You've Never Heard Of...

These vegetables could help ease world hunger

(Newser) - They're not your typical salad fodder, but each of these vegetables (and one lucky fruit) is playing a role in the fight against world hunger. The Christian Science Monitor gives the rundown:
  • Guar: Because of the nitrogen-fixing bacteria in this legume's roots, farming guar is great for improving
... More »

Germany on E. Coli Source: It Was the Bean Sprouts

Other veggies off the hook

(Newser) - On Sunday Germany’s E. coli outbreak—which has now killed 29 people—was blamed on bean sprouts ; on Monday it wasn’t . Now, apparently, the sprouts are once again being fingered as the culprit. “People who ate sprouts were nine times more likely to have bloody diarrhea than... More »

One Way to Avoid E. Coli: Skip the Veggies

And many are, leading to decreased sales in Germany

(Newser) - In E. coli-ridden Germany, sandwiches in bakery windows look naked with only meat and cheese. Buffets serve mozzarella without tomatoes. Marked-down vegetables wilt, because even at a lower price no one wants to buy them. Some restaurants have stopped serving vegetables entirely. "Avoiding raw tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers is... More »

Germany: Beansprouts Caused E. Coli

Outbreak traced to one farm, recall issued

(Newser) - Locally grown beansprouts are the likely cause for Germany's E. coli outbreak, which has killed 22 people and sickened hundreds. Lower Saxony Agriculture Minister Gert Lindemann says definitive results will be available tomorrow, but that sprouts from a farm in the greater Uelzen area between Hamburg and Hannover could... More »

Japan: Here, Eat Some Veggies

They're good for you, not oozing radiation

(Newser) - Japan has become the latest ardent convert of the locavore movement, reports the Washington Post, launching a public relations blitz intent on convincing its citizenry that produce fresh from the nuclear-contaminated Fukushima prefecture is safe, even yummy. The government even opened a restaurant yesterday, making a show of high-ranking politicians... More »

Surprise: Neanderthals Liked Their Veggies, Too

New evidence suggests they didn't subsist on meat alone

(Newser) - Researchers have found evidence that suggests Neanderthals cooked and ate vegetables: Traces of fossilized vegetable matter were found in their teeth, and some of it appears to have been cooked. It could overturn the notion that Neanderthals were exclusive meat eaters and instead had a diet that was more sophisticated—... More »

US Shuns Veggies, Wants Fries With That

Just 23% of Americans eat vegetables 3 times a day

(Newser) - Michelle Obama may be telling you to do it, Glenn Beck says you don't have to, and Bill Clinton may actually be doing it, but Americans just aren't eating their fruits and vegetables, reports the New York Times in a look at American eating habits. Even with the rise... More »

For Healthier School Lunches, Move Salad Bar

A shift of 4 feet leads to huge results at one school

(Newser) - If educators want kids to eat more veggies at school, they might start with one deceptively easy solution: moving the salad bar. One middle school in New York did so to a more prominent spot and saw a huge increase—as in 250% to 300%—in the consumption of salad... More »

Diet Slashes Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Load up on leafy greens, olive oil, nuts rather than saturated fat

(Newser) - Fill up on leafy green vegetables, nuts, poultry, and fish rather than red meat, butter, and full-fat dairy, and you may cut your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by as much as 40%, scientists said today. "We know that these foods are definitely helpful for other conditions and diseases,... More »

Extra Veg Won't Stop Cancer

At most, fruits and vegetables cause 2% reduction in disease

(Newser) - Eating your fruits and veggies has many health benefits, but a dramatic reduction in the likelihood of cancer isn't one of them, a new study finds. The results dispute claims made by nutrition authorities that increased vegetable intake could slash cancer rates by 50%. In fact, Mount Sinai researchers found... More »

7 Lessons From Going Vegan

Try it before worrying that you'll die of a cheese craving

(Newser) - Instead of a trendy juice cleanse to start the New Year, Heather Wood Rudúlph went with a different detox diet: going vegan for a month. She shares seven lessons she learned from the experience in Sirens Magazine :
  • She can cook: And so can you. Forced to stop making your
... More »

New Atkins Diet Embraces Veggies

'The New Atkins' book recommends five servings of greens

(Newser) - The Atkins Diet is going green—leafy greens that is. An upcoming book revising the diet, The New Atkins for a New You, puts a bigger emphasis on veggies, urging adherents to chow down on them from day one. “If there is one thing to disprove, it's the myth... More »

First Lady to Garden on Sesame Street

Michelle Obama will educate the residents on the value of healthy eating

(Newser) - What do Michelle Obama, Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria Parker, Ricky Gervais, and Kobe Bryant have in common? All of them will appear on this season of Sesame Street, its 40th anniversary. The first lady will flex her green thumb and talk about gardening and eating healthy on the show’s... More »

Oft-Reviled, Green Peppers Get Seat at Table

Long thought inferior to reds, greens are finally getting respect from chefs

(Newser) - It looks so innocent, but foodies far and wide detest the green bell pepper. One veggie-loving chef has never served a green pepper in her restaurant; Alice Waters of Chez Panisse calls them “a mistake.” The sweeter red version traditionally gets all the love, but some are starting... More »

Veggie Gardens Thrive in Lean Times

Seed sales set records amid recession

(Newser) - Sales of vegetable seeds are skyrocketing this season and experts say it’s not just the local food movement or Michelle Obama’s First Garden that’s driving the craze. Americans hit hard by the recession are slashing grocery bills by growing their own, as evidenced by a 30% spike... More »

Michelle Digs Into White House Garden

President bans beets from veggie plot

(Newser) - Michelle Obama and kids from a Washington elementary school got their hands dirty today, Newsday reports, breaking ground for a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. The garden, the first on the grounds since World War II, will feature many veggies—but not beets, at the president’s request.... More »

Obamas Planting Veggie Garden at White House

(Newser) - The Obamas are planting a vegetable garden at the White House, the Washington Post reports. And not just any garden—it will have 55 different vegetables, including the one that vexed candidate Obama: arugula. Michelle will break ground tomorrow with local students, and chefs will use its bounty to feed... More »

How to Eat for Yourself, Your Wallet, the Planet

New Book tells how to eat healthier, cheaper, and greener

(Newser) - Mark Bittman is a unique voice in American food writing, an “anti-foodies’ foodie” who rejects both the “chefolatry” of gourmet mags and Rachel Ray-style pandering, writes Laura Miller in Salon. His new book, Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating, is both exceedingly ambitious—it purports to offer... More »

Disgusted No More: Britons Eating Brussels Sprouts

Britons say they like the veggie, but many will toss the leftovers

(Newser) - Brussels sprouts were once no-nos at Christmas dinner in Britain, but the veggie is gaining ground as people learn how to cook them, the Telegraph reports. Nearly two-thirds of Britons now like them, although one-third admit they refused to try them as kids, a survey says. Even jokes about the... More »

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