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Man Moons, Chucks Puppy at Hells Angels

Student forgot to take medication

(Newser) - A German student, possibly trying to commit "suicide by biker," entered a Hells Angels clubhouse over the weekend, mooned the bikers, and threw a puppy at them, according to the Local . The student, 26, then stole a bulldozer from a nearby building site to make his getaway, causing... More »

'Urban Terrorists' Target Calif. Cops With Booby Traps

In Riverside County, failed attempts include gas leak, gun

(Newser) - Cops in Hemet, California are the target of a potentially deadly booby trap campaign carried out by unknown assailants that attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown calls “urban terrorism.” Attempts have included flooding the offices of the local gang task force with gas, rigging a gun to... More »

Canadian Hitman Cops to 27 Murders

Assassin took out rival gang members during Quebec's biker wars

(Newser) - A Canadian contract killer confessed yesterday to murdering 27 people during Quebec's biker wars, reports the Toronto Star. Gerald Gallant turned police informant after receiving a life sentence in 2001 for yet another murder. The biker, 58, received no extra time for his confession and will be eligible for parole... More »

Outlaw Biker Attacks Shock Aussies

(Newser) - A rash of biker-gang attacks in Australia has outraged citizens and spurred officials to consider new laws, Time reports. In a recent eruption, one biker bludgeoned another to death with a steel post at a crowded Sydney airport. Shootings have also rattled quiet neighborhoods and defied the biker code of... More »

Feds Seize Gang's Identity

(Newser) - Federal agents punctuated a raid against a notorious California motorcycle gang today with an unusual twist—they took the group's logo. In addition to making dozens of arrests, the feds are trying to seize ownership of the Mongols' trademark name and insignia—a Genghis Kahn-like figure riding a chopper. If... More »

Hells Angels 'Plotted to Kill Mick'

Bikers out for revenge when rocker dumps deadly gang: BBC

(Newser) - The notorious Hells Angels motorcycle gang once plotted to kill Mick Jagger, according to a BBC documentary to air tomorrow. Gang members sought revenge after Jagger decided never again to use them as security when a fan was beaten to death by bikers during the Stones' infamous 1969 Altamont concert.... More »

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