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CEO's Suicide Raises Questions About COVID and Tinnitus

The WHO, CDC don't list it as a symptom, but it's being reported

(Newser) - An audiology professor who co-authored a paper on COVID-19 and tinnitus that was published Monday got quite the response: some 100 emails in 24 hours, Kevin Munro of the University of Manchester tells the New York Times . "Almost of all of them were people saying, 'I was so...

It'll Feel Like Eating Pop Rocks, but Your Tinnitus May Improve

Researchers say bimodal neuromodulation device shocks tongue to reduce ringing in ears

(Newser) - Scientists say they've come up with a noninvasive device that can help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus , a perception of noise or ringing in the ears. In the study in the Science Translational Medicine journal cited by Scientific American , the researchers say the bimodal neuromodulation contraption achieves this by...

Eric Clapton: 'It's Amazing I'm Still Here'

Rock legend says he'll keep playing gigs, despite hearing loss and hurting hands

(Newser) - Eric Clapton says he'll keep doing live concerts this year, though he admits it's become increasingly challenging. One, because nerve damage has given him back trouble and made it hard for his hands to work their magic on his guitar strings, he told BBC Radio 2's Steve...

US Troops Lose Hearing at Alarming Rates

Aural damage from Iraq, Afghanistan wars reaching epidemic levels

(Newser) - US troops are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with epidemic rates of hearing damage, AP reports, with 128,000 disabled by permanent hearing loss or tinnitus, ringing in the ears. The nature of the current conflict is part of the problem, with roadside bombs and sudden ambushes giving troops...

4 Stories
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