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Short Skirt Doesn't Fly at Southwest

'Family' airline asked co-ed to change out of revealing attire

(Newser) - A San Diego co-ed (and Hooters employee) nearly got kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for showing too much skin. A  flight attendant called Kyla Ebbert to the front of the plane and asked her to change out of her 'revealing attire' or take a later flight. Ebbert brokered a...

Letting It All Hang Out? Bill Would Put It All Back In

Atlanta proposal calls saggy pants "major concern;" ACLU claims "racial profiling"

(Newser) - Young men will want to hike up their sagging pants, and women cover up bra straps and exposed thongs if Atlanta’s City Council adopts a proposal to amend the city’s indecency laws, the Journal-Constitution reports. The measure, which would fine violators for exposing boxer shorts, thongs and bras,...

Bottoms Up! La. Town Gets Down and Dirty

Ban on saggy pants hits fashion plates below the belt

(Newser) - In Delcambre, La., showing your skivvies is about to come with criminal consequences, thanks to a new ordinance that prohibits residents from wearing low-hanging pants. Saggy-trousered offenders may be fined $500 and risk 6 months in jail. “They’re better off taking the pants off and just wearing a...

Appeals Court Rejects FCC Decency Rules

Broadcasters can't be punished for airing "fleeting expletives"

(Newser) - Networks that accidentally air profanity got a major break from a US appeals court yesterday when the court  shot down an FCC regulation that punishes them for airing even "fleeting expletives." The court said some of the FCC's indecency rules were "divorced from reality" and sent them...

Presidential Peck Sets Off Iranian Sex Scandal

A kiss on the hand lands Ahmadinejad in hot water with hard-liners

(Newser) - Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is at the center of an unlikely sex scandal today, after being caught on camera kissing the hand—even if it was gloved—of a retired schoolteacher. Ahmadinejad's sexy faux pas, at a ceremony honoring the country's teachers, is a violation of Shariah law, hard-liners say.

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