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Your Face Can Be Password for Windows 10

Microsoft's 'Windows Hello' security feature uses facial recognition to give access

(Newser) - A day after confirming it would be relegating Internet Explorer to PC purgatory and swapping in a new browser (code name: "Project Spartan"), Microsoft announced a new way of unlocking your laptop: sticking your face in front of it. In its blog post , the company introduced Windows Hello,... More »

'Worst Passwords' List Shows How Lazy We Are

'123456,' 'qwerty,' sports teams, birthdays, and swear words all make the top 100

(Newser) - If your computer blares "WEAK!" whenever you try to come up with a new password, your "secret" code may be an honoree on this year's "Worst Passwords" list. Using 3.3 million leaked passwords from mostly North American and Western European users, SplashData has released... More »

Sony Hid Passwords in a Folder Called 'Password'

BuzzFeed finds them, quickly

(Newser) - The latest document dump in the Sony hack has exposed thousands of the company's passwords for various accounts, reports BuzzFeed . The reason this came to light so quickly? The passwords were kept in a file directory called "Password." Among them are hundreds of usernames and passwords for... More »

Your Password Speaks Volumes About You

Ian Urbina explores these modern 'keepsakes' and why we pick them

(Newser) - You know that password you keep using over and over, or some version of it? The one you know you're not supposed to keep using because it's personal but you do anyway because you can remember it? Right, that one. That's the one Ian Urbina is writing... More »

Master Hacker's Downfall: Password Was Cat's Name

Jeremy Hammond didn't put up much of a wall

(Newser) - Jeremy Hammond is a guy so notorious for hacking anything and everything that he's currently cooling his heels in federal lockup for 10 years over his penchant for opening cyber doors. So it's more than a little surprising when, in the course of an interview at Manchester Federal... More »

You Might Want to Change Your Gmail Password

5M are posted on Russian forum

(Newser) - Today's adventure in online security comes via the Daily Dot , which reports that 5 million Gmail user names and passwords were posted on a Russian Bitcoin forum called BTCsec. Forum administrators removed the post, but it was up long enough for screen shots. The person who posted it claims... More »

Hackers Used Police Tool to Steal Celeb Photos

'Wired' reports on software that's easy to obtain

(Newser) - Hackers who stole nude photos of female celebs used software intended for police and spies to parse data from iPhones, reports Wired . "What this demonstrates is that even without explicit backdoors, law enforcement has powerful tools that might not always stay in law enforcement," a forensic tech expert... More »

Why You Shouldn't Panic Over That Russian Hack

Skeptics think threat is overblown, for a variety of reasons

(Newser) - The New York Times struck fear into Internet users everywhere yesterday with its report that Russian hackers had gotten hold of a staggering 1.2 billion username and password combinations. But is the threat exaggerated? At Forbes , Kashmir Hill finds it a little fishy that Hold Security, the Wisconsin security... More »

Russian Hackers Might Have Your Password

Small group has stolen about 1.2B, biggest known collection: NY Times

(Newser) - If all the previous reports about Internet security breaches and stolen passwords weren't enough to scare you into changing your info, this one might: The New York Times reports that a small group of Russian hackers has collected 1.2 billion username and password combos, along with about half... More »

Not a False Alarm: eBay Hacked

Site will ask users to change their password later today

(Newser) - It's not a false alarm after all: eBay really has been hacked, the company confirmed this morning following a confusing rescinded announcement. At about 1:30am, eBay's PayPal unit posted a message headlined "eBay Inc. to Ask All eBay Users to Change Passwords," Reuters reports, but... More »

Heartbleed Fears Prompt ObamaCare Password Reset

No sign site has been compromised: White House

(Newser) - People who have accounts on the enrollment website for ObamaCare are being told to change their passwords following an administration-wide review of the government's vulnerability to the confounding Heartbleed Internet security flaw. All enrollee passwords have been reset, the White House says, per CNN . Senior administration officials said there... More »

Google Buys Tech That Could Replace Passwords

SlickLogin uses an almost inaudible sound to unlock sites

(Newser) - Google has just purchased a startup that hoped to change the way people log in. SlickLogin has been developing a system in which sites would play a uniquely generated and virtually inaudible sound, the BBC reports. An app on users' phones would pick up the sound, and send back a... More »

US Government Also Uses 'Password' for Password

Report slams lazy cybersecurity measures in place at federal agencies

(Newser) - Yes, ordinary and lazy humans often use "password" as a computer password , but a new report complains that the same thing applies to sensitive government agencies, reports Mashable . The Senate cybersecurity report finds that agencies ranging from Homeland Security to the IRS use weak security measures that leave their... More »

Guessing Worst Online Password as Easy as 123

'Password' no longer most common password

(Newser) - If your password is "123456" it's time for a change—it has been named as the worst password of 2013, overtaking "password" as the most common password for the first time, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Others in the list of least secure passwords released by security... More »

Check Your Pulse for Your New Password

Wristband lets you log on with heartbeat

(Newser) - Keep forgetting your password? A Canadian startup says it can give you a password that you won't lose for the rest of your life. The firm's "Nymi" wristband checks your heartbeat—which is as unique as your fingerprints—and uses it to unlock everything from computer accounts... More »

Tattoos, Pills Might Someday Replace Passwords

Motorola testing the technology on phones

(Newser) - Fact: Passwords suck . So Motorola is looking into technology that will allow its phones to use "Biostamp" tattoos or computer chip pills to identify their owners instead, the company told the D11 conference this week. Executive Regina Dugan even showed off her own Biostamp, a bendable silicon chip originally... More »

Hack of LivingSocial Affects 50M Users

Passwords compromised, but not credit card information

(Newser) - Add LivingSocial to the list of high-profile hacking victims. The online coupon site says hackers got access to the names, emails, birthdays, and encrypted passwords of 50 million customers around the world, reports AllThingsD . The good news is that the hackers did not get any credit card or banking information.... More »

Google: Let's Get Rid of Passwords

Googlers experiment with new forms of security

(Newser) - Want to log into Gmail by tapping a ring on your computer? So do Google executives who consider passwords a weak form of security, Wired reports. Google Vice President of Security Eric Grosse and engineer Mayank Upadhyay say that so far, the company is trying out USB sticks that log... More »

'Age of the Password' Is Over

They don't work, and it's time for a better system: Mat Honan

(Newser) - "You have a secret that can ruin your life," Mat Honan writes in Wired , namely your password. Honan should know: A hacker recently broke into several of his accounts and wiped clean his iPhone, iPad, and Macbook, deleting all his messages, documents, and every photo of his 18-month-old... More »

PIN Codes You Should Never, Ever Choose

Data Genetics firm figures out the most popular passwords

(Newser) - Sorry to ruin your afternoon, but that PIN number you picked—probably a birthday, month/day combo, or year in the 1900s—is among the easiest for thieves to guess. And if you chose "1234," "1111," or "0000," consider your bank account a slush fund... More »

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