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Brown Daughters Storm Web

'Available' Ayla and Arianna lose their privacy post-election

(Newser) - Scott Brown's victory is less than 2 days old, and a potentially embarrassing photo of the senator-elect and his daughters is already flying around cyberspace. Ayla—the older, taller, American Idol-competing, Boston College basketball star—wears a scallop-shell bikini top. Arianna—the blonde, un-"available" Syracuse student—wears what appears... More »

Miley Cyrus Gets a Tattoo

It's in full view because of her hot pink bikini

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus continues down the path of righteousness, this time not with indiscriminate Twitter photos or a pole dance, but with…a tattoo under her breast. The Daily Mail has photos of the Disney starlet in Florida flaunting a pink bikini and—underneath the left cup—what appear to be... More »

Bikini Baristas Charged With Prostitution

Girls at Grab-n-Go coffee shop gave customers a little extra

(Newser) - Five bikini baristas at a Washington coffee stand were charged with prostitution today after an undercover police investigation. Police say the women sold extra services from the stand—quick flashes of nudity, licking whipped cream off their co-workers, allowing customers to grope them, etc. That kind of for-pay touching, the... More »

You're At the Beach, Now Cover Up!

(Newser) - Being at the beach is no excuse for unseemly dress, writes Paula Marantz Cohen in the Smart Set, who found herself looking at '09's swimsuit designs and wishing for some outfits from '10—1910, that is. Not wanting to show off vast areas of flesh usually covered up isn't just... More »

Calvin Klein Yanks 'Orgy Ad' After Gripes

(Newser) - Calvin Klein has ditched a controversial Manhattan "foursome" billboard after angry New Yorkers complained that the ad was too much even for them, reports the New York Daily News. The ad, showing a teenage girl wearing only her Calvins making out with two stud muffins on a couch, as... More »

NJ Scrubs Plan to Ban Brazilian Bikini Waxes

State smoothes out dispute over painful procedure

(Newser) - New Jersey has ripped up a plan to forbid the state's salons from offering Brazilian waxes, reports the Chicago Tribune. A state panel was moving towards banning the procedure—which involves the full removal of hair “down there”—after reports of injuries, but the state's consumer affairs chief... More »

Florida County Seeks Ban on Beach Bums

Law would force thong, G-string flashers to adopt wider coverage

(Newser) - Florida's Pinellas County is seeking a crackdown on exposed backsides, the St. Petersburg Times reports. The county, citing complaints from visitors dismayed to find men and women nearly nude at area beaches, wants to protect the region's image as a family destination by banning skimpy thongs and G-strings in favor... More »

It's Official: Bikinis Make Men Stupid

Scientists say sex drive trumps common sense

(Newser) - Men make dumb decisions when ogling bikini-clad beauties—conventional wisdom, sure, but now there's some science behind it. Belgian researchers found that men bombarded with sexy images have a definite drop-off in cognitive skills when compared with those who gaze at landscapes, reports MSNBC. The experiment supports earlier findings that... More »

'Bikini Anchor' May Sue NYC Over Cop Tussle

Fired newscaster lays groundwork for claim of 'economic injuries'

(Newser) - A former Philadelphia news anchor who allegedly punched a New York cop may be preparing to sue the city, the police department, and several individual officers—including the one she was originally charged with hitting. Alycia Lane's lawyer tells the Daily News the move allows her “to keep her... More »

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