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Some Threaten Boycott of Bikini Brand Over Male Model
Erupts Over
Male Model in
Slinky Swimsuit
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Controversy Erupts Over Male Model in Slinky Swimsuit

Some threaten to boycott the Moana Bikini brand

(Newser) - An Australian bikini company launched a firestorm over the weekend when it posted video of a male model wearing one if its slinky swimsuits. "OBSESSED WITH THIS LOOK," reads the caption of the Instagram post . "Moana Babe @jakeytho in our SUGAR SLINKY ONE-PIECE!" Not surprisingly, controversy...

Mayor of Italian Resort Town Has Had It With Bikinis
Mayor of Resort Town
Will Fine Bikini-Wearers
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Mayor of Resort Town Will Fine Bikini-Wearers

At least, if they're walking around in Sorrento, Italy

(Newser) - Tourists flock to the resort town of Sorrento, Italy, on the southwestern coast for its picturesque views. The mayor, however, is insisting that they cover up when they do so, reports Travel Weekly . Massimo Coppola has decreed that anyone walking around town in a bikini or without a shirt faces...

Bikini Rule Is History After Players' Controversy

Governing body of beach handball says women have other options now

(Newser) - Update: Professional female handball players are no longer required to wear skimpy bikinis. The International Handball Federation has updated its regulations, and they now allow women to wear bike shorts and tank tops if they wish, reports the Guardian . The move comes after a high-profile protest by Norway's beach...

Pink: I'll Pay Fines for Women's Team Over Shorts

She praises Norway's beach handball squad for taking a stand over rule requiring bikini bottoms

(Newser) - Norway's 10-member female beach handball team recently incurred a fine for its choice of attire during a match, and the country's handball federation offered to pay it—though the latter group now has to wrestle with another big name that wants to pick up the tab. Singer Pink...

'Bikini Hiker' Freezes After Mountain Fall

Taiwan's Gigi Wu found dead 28 hours after distress call

(Newser) - A Taiwanese woman with an affinity for climbing mountains in bikinis shared a photo on Christmas Eve, showing leg injuries from a fall she said she was lucky to have survived. Gigi Wu wasn't so lucky this time. The 36-year-old "Bikini Hiker" was eight days into a solo...

City Loses a Battle in Fight Against Bikini Baristas

Judge rules they can stay open as court case unfolds in Everett, Washington

(Newser) - A federal judge has ruled in favor of bikini baristas in Everett, Washington, who sued the city over new dress code ordinances that ban bare skin. US District Court Judge Marsha Pechman extended an injunction that prevents the city from enforcing the two laws, reports the AP . That means the...

Bikini Baristas Sue City Over 'Anal Cleft' Ordinance

Everett, Wash., has essentially outlawed the bikini barista

(Newser) - A group of bikini baristas say they have a right to bare their midriffs, and they're fighting the city of Everett, Wash., in order to keep it that way. At issue are two ordinances passed last month and effective as of last Tuesday that bar "quick-service" facility employees...

High School Grads Don Bikinis for Power Plant Internship

Czech nuclear station apologizes for holding contest, taking pics of girls

(Newser) - The French designer of the bikini may have named his invention after the atoll in the Marshall Islands where the US detonated nuclear devices in the mid-1940s, but a power plant in the Czech Republic is in trouble after drawing too clear a line linking the explosive power source and...

Bikini-Clad Cop Makes Arrest While Sunbathing

Mikaela Kellner says she would have done the same even naked

(Newser) - She was off duty and wearing a bikini but that didn't stop Swedish police officer Mikaela Kellner from catching a suspected thief, the AP reports. A photo of Kellner pinning the suspect to the ground was trending on social media in Sweden this week. "My first intervention while...

Calif. Police Hunting for This Bikini-Clad Woman

'For questioning'

(Newser) - "An individual wanted for questioning" is how a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office press release describes her. But the "unusual outfit" that a petite woman in her late 30s wore while possibly carrying out crimes near Santa Clarita Valley is what's grabbing everyone's attention, KTLA...

Mom's Proud Photo of 'Flabby' Bikini Body Goes Viral

Rachel Hollis boldly declares, 'I have stretch marks and I wear a bikini'

(Newser) - "I have stretch marks and I wear a bikini." So begins the bold caption under Rachel Hollis' equally bold Facebook photo : one that shows the mother of three at a Cancun beach with her "permanently flabby" belly exposed, and one that's been liked more than 375,...

Miss World 2013: No Bikinis!
 Miss World 2013: No Bikinis! 

Miss World 2013: No Bikinis!

Event trades bikinis for sarongs in Islamic Indonesia

(Newser) - The Miss World competition is saying buh-bye to bikinis after protests from Muslim groups convinced organizers to replace the skimpy swimwear with long sarongs, reports the AP . The change is a nod of respect to this September's host country, Indonesia, and sarongs are traditional in Bali and Jakarta. "...

UAE Beaches: No Bikinis, Please

Even if you've got it, flaunting it can get you fined

(Newser) - Tourists hoping to strut their stuff on certain sands in the United Arab Emirates will sadly have to keep those bikinis and Speedos packed tightly in their suitcases: Beaches in the UAE's northernmost emirate, Ras al-Khaimah, now sport signs warning of possible fines for revealing swimwear such as two-piece...

What You May See Less of at London Olympics: Bikinis

Women's beach volleyball players can opt for shorts, sleeved tops

(Newser) - If you only watch beach volleyball for the bikini-clad eye candy, the London Olympics may not be quite as exciting as you hoped. Under new rules adopted by the International Volleyball Federation, players will be free to wear shorts and sleeved tops. The governing body said the move was made...

Bikinis Balloon for Expanding Girls From Ipanema

We're not all Gisele Bundchen, says a Copacabana mom

(Newser) - Tall and tanned and young and lovely ... and packing on the pounds. The girl from Ipanema isn't quite so svelte any longer, and barely-there Brazilian bikinis are finally expanding with her increasing girth. A number of manufacturers are now peddling plus-size versions that are popping up on beaches. "...

Russian Women Bombed for Wearing Bikinis

Life's a beach on the Caspian Sea

(Newser) - Russian women have become the target of bombers because they're ... wearing bikinis. While men show off their muscles and wrestle on the beaches of the Caspian Sea, women in the increasingly fundamentalist Islamic region of Dagestan have been blown up as a warning that they must cover up, reports...

Underwire Bikini Sears Sunbather's Breasts

Long Island woman sues manufacturer after blisters

(Newser) - Now that's a hot bod. A Long Island sunbather is suing a bikini company after she suffered serious burns on her breasts when her underwire top started cooking on a 90-degree day, according to court documents "After about an hour, I was hurting," Robin Corrente, 50, told...

LeAnn Rimes: These Are Abs, Not Bones

Singer posts bikini photos, swings back when she's called 'scary skinny'

(Newser) - Newly married LeAnn Rimes Cibrian has gone from catching flak for her cheating ways to getting plenty of grief for her shrinking frame. The latest body beef erupted over the holiday weekend after Rimes tweeted photos of herself, on honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, wearing a barely there bikini ... which...

UK Bans Ryanair Bikini Ad —but Not Why You Think

It's not too racy, just too misleading about the weather

(Newser) - Britain's advertising watchdog has told budget airline Ryanair it can no longer run a particular ad featuring a bikini-clad model on the beach. Not because it's too risqué, but because the image with the slogan "Book to the sun now" is too misleading, reports the Guardian . (Click...

Abercrombie Slammed for Padded Bikinis for Girls

They were originally called 'push up triangles'

(Newser) - Often-controversial clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is in another pickle, this time for marketing push-up bikini tops to young girls, reports the New York Daily News . Labeled "push up triangles" before Internet outrage prompted a re-naming, the tops are for sale on the Abercrombie Kids website, aimed at children...

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