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Cops: Call Girl Gave Google Exec Fatal Heroin OD, Left

High-priced escort even had a glass of wine before she fled, say police

(Newser) - A high-end prostitute from Georgia was arrested Friday in California for allegedly causing a Google exec’s heroin overdose, then leaving him to die on his 50-foot yacht. Police say that Alix Catherine Tichelman, 26, rendezvoused with 51-year-old Forrest Timothy Hayes last November in Santa Cruz on his luxury watercraft,...

Ex Olympian: Depression Made Me a Call Girl

Suzy Hamilton surprises with revelation

(Newser) - Suzy Favor Hamilton is a three-time Olympian, the most decorated female runner in NCAA history, and has appeared in ads for Nike, Reebok, and more. She's also a high-priced Las Vegas call girl. Or at least, that's how the 44-year-old has spent the past year, the Smoking Gun...

Millionaire Madam Rolodex Has Big Name: John Edwards

Former pol vehemently denies call girl's claim

(Newser) - If John Edwards thought his 15 minutes of infamy were finally up, it looks like he was mistaken. DNAInfo , which broke the story of New York City's so-called Millionaire Madam , reports that the first major name to bubble up in the alleged prostitution scheme belongs to none other than...

Charlie Sheen's Porn Star: He Choked Me, Threw a Lamp

Capri Anderson will file civil complaint

(Newser) - If you thought you'd seen the last of Capri Anderson, the porn star (and rumored prostitute ) police found hiding in the bathroom after Charlie Sheen's latest rampage , think again. She's filing a criminal report as well as a civil complaint alleging assault and false imprisonment, she tells Good Morning ...

Berlusconi Flew Pot to Call Girls on Private Jet

Says one of those call girls, an aspiring model

(Newser) - The tawdry allegations against Silvio Berlusconi just keep on coming: Now, a call girl (who claims the Italian premier paid her more than $14,000 for sex) says he used his private jet to supply marijuana to the sex parties at his villa. “There was grass available in all...

Fox Reporter Tweets Link to Call Girl Site

Major Garrett blames for inserting site he in no way visited

(Newser) - Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett accidentally posted a link to a Las Vegas hooker’s website on Twitter last night while covering the State of the Union, using one of those condensed Twitter links. He figured it out, deleted it, and apologized—but not before Gawker pounced. Later...

Spitzer Call Girl's New Calling: Advice Columnist

NY Post's newest scribe is Ashley Dupre

(Newser) - The call girl whose assignations with Eliot Spitzer helped cost him the New York governor's office has a new gig: advice columnist. For the New York Post , of course. In today's debut effort, Ashley Dupre answers a parenting question, then gets into the good stuff.
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Rachel Uchitel Had 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger
 Rachel Uchitel Had 
 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger 

Rachel Uchitel Had 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger

Plus, Ashley Dupre, of all people, weighs in on Woods scandal

(Newser) - The Tiger Woods news just keeps on getting more disturbing: The latest revelation involves the drugs he allegedly did with Rachel Uchitel before they slept together. Uchitel, aka alleged mistress No. 1, bragged to friends about her “crazy Ambien sex” with Tiger, sources tell Radar . Why the insomnia drug?...

UK Scientist Misses Call Girl Days
UK Scientist Misses
Call Girl Days

UK Scientist Misses Call Girl Days

Outed blogger 'Belle du Jour' has no regrets

(Newser) - UK research scientist Brooke Magnanti says she misses the job satisfaction she had as a call girl. "I miss the moment when you walk into a hotel, and that feeling of 'I'm about to do a job and I'm about to do it well," says Magnanti, whose sex...

Playmates Doubled as Call Girls: Madam
 Playmates Doubled 
 as Call Girls: Madam 

Playmates Doubled as Call Girls: Madam

Michelle Braun hooked up rich clients and Playboy bunnies

(Newser) - The Playboy Playmates are just sweet, girls-next-door types who happen to show a little skin every now and then—right? Wrong, according to one Hollywood madam. Michelle Braun is planning a tell-all flushing that myth right down the toilet, along with—possibly—the reputations of her high-profile clients. She claims...

Call Girl Targeted After Tattling on Berlusconi

Book reveals randy details about prime minister's 'harem'

(Newser) - A call girl was attacked and threatened after she revealed she slept with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, she reveals in a new book. Soon after she tattled, a mystery car tried to ram Patrizia D'Addario as she drove near her home, she writes. "It was a miracle I...

Call-Girl Scientist's Dad: I Had 150 Hookers

Belle du Jour's father stunned by daughter's double life

(Newser) - The father of Britain's most famous call-girl-turned-research-scientist Brooke Magnanti says he has used more than 150 prostitutes himself, and introduced his daughter to some of them. Paul Magnanti, whose daughter's double life has captivated the British press, says meeting the women showed her the "human face" of selling sex....

Ex-Hooker Blogger Is Cancer Researcher

London's 'Belle du Jour' finally spills identity

(Newser) - A former London hooker whose blog posts have been turned into books and a popular British TV series has finally revealed her identity as a scientist who works in a hospital on kids' cancer research. Dr. Brooke Magnanti, 34, has been writing under the pen name "Belle du Jour"...

Spitzer Hooker Now Pimping Self to Tab

In a bid to boost her musical career, Ashley Dupre sells sex to the New York Post

(Newser) - Former Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre is “deep and throaty” on her second single, writes Dan Aquilante for the ever-so-subtle New York Post. Dupre “has turned feminist riot grrl” in a tune that might be inspired by “a dumped high-school sweetheart,” or maybe “her freedom...

Dupre to Ladies Who Judge: You're No Better Than a Hooker

'Get real and get over yourself': Spitzer babe

(Newser) - Ashley Dupre has a message for the ladies out there "who just love to judge" her $4,300 romp with a sitting governor: you're no better than hookers. The onetime Eliot Spitzer call girl blogged a rant about women who look down on her but "target guys with...

'I Told the Truth': Berlusconi's Call Girl

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi's antics with models and call girls have threatened to derail his government, but the woman at the center of the sex-and-corruption scandal says she's seen it all before. "This is how Italy always works," Patrizia D’Addario tells the Financial Times. The hooker says she came...

Berlusconi Admits He's 'No Saint'
Berlusconi Admits He's
'No Saint'

Berlusconi Admits He's 'No Saint'

Italian PM shrugs off call-girl scandal as 'low-level stuff'

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi appeared unconcerned about the recent disclosure of tapes of an alleged intimate conversation between him and a prostitute, the Telegraph reports. “There are a lot of pretty girls about. I am no saint but you know that,” the Italian PM said today in his first public...

Berlusconi: I Don't Even Like Hookers

Italian PM denies scandal, says call girls aren't to his taste

(Newser) - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has denied that he paid prostitutes who attended parties at his official residences, reports the BBC. Berlusconi told a gossip magazine that the call girl who alleged she was paid over $1000 to sleep with him was "extremely well paid" by a political opponent...

Spitzer: 'What I Did Was Egregious'

Former guv has tried to address his 'gremlins'

(Newser) - Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer opened up about his “egregious” call-girl dalliance and subsequent resignation on NBC's Today this morning. Spitzer, who also discussed his re-emergence as a Slate columnist, claimed that he didn’t hire prostitutes frequently—“not long in the grand context of my life”...

A Year Later, Spitzer Hooker 'Proud' of Herself

Dupre discusses 'mistakes' in blog

(Newser) - Wondering how Ashley Dupre is doing, one year after Eliot Spitzer’s downfall? She'll tell you herself, in lengthy detail, through her blog on Global Grind, the New York Daily News reports. Though she’s “made more mistakes than most people make in a lifetime,” the 23-year-old is...

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