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Police Chief's 'Stolen' Arsenal Found in Kids' Fort

Minn. chief finds ammo, grenades in own backyard

(Newser) - It may be some time before the police chief of Sebeka, Minn., lives down the loss of police equipment to what must have been America's best-protected backyard fort. Eric Swenson called law enforcement Friday to report that stun grenades, gas grenades, gas shotgun rounds, loaded magazines for both a handgun... More »

Ammo Supply Can't Keep Up With Demand

Fearing tighter laws under Obama, 12B rounds fly off shelves

(Newser) - Crime is down, gun control is on Obama's back burner, and Americans are buying more ammunition than factories can produce. While there are economic reasons—supply is off as the war effort eats up necessary materials—Americans have still managed to buy 12 billion rounds in the past year, up... More »

US-Issued Ammo Found on Afghan Insurgents

Experts fear Pentagon-procured munitions finding their way to Taliban

(Newser) - The resilience of Afghanistan's Taliban insurgency may be partly due to supplies from the US, according to a New York Times investigation. The majority of 30 rifle magazines recently found on dead insurgents were the same as those issued to the Afghan military by the US, strongly suggesting that Pentagon-supplied... More »

Today's Hot Investment: Guns

or: Fearing New Laws, Buyers Stock Up on Guns

(Newser) - Guns sales are booming as buyers, fearing an Obama administration crackdown on the sale of assault weapons, are looking to safeguard their homes—and their retirement, reports the Wall Street Journal. Some gun enthusiasts see semiautomatic weapons as a smart investment that’s sure to gain value if new restrictions... More »

French Pols Receive Death Threats—Along With Bullets

(Newser) - Seven French politicians, including President Nicolas Sarkozy, have received death threats accompanied by live ammunition, the Independent reports. The letters, which included 9mm rounds, were signed by an unknown group called Solidarity Earth. Though the name perhaps suggests an environmental group, and anti-terrorism officials are investigating, those in the know... More »

Pentagon Aims for Target-Seeking Bullet

'Can't miss' sniper round being developed

(Newser) - The Pentagon wants to develop a bullet that can change course in midflight to seek its target, Wired reports. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency yesterday committed $22 million to producing the superbullet—"an actively controlled .50 caliber projectile that uses information for real time directional flight control"—... More »

Post-Election Gun Sales Spike

Some afraid of bans; others expect civil unrest

(Newser) - Gun sales were up before the election, but the numbers have shot through the roof since Barack Obama's win, the Chicago Tribune reports. As stores sell out of assault rifles and enthusiasts stock up on Glocks, people offered a few different reasons for their purchases. Some anticipate new weapons bans;... More »

Ammo Maker Woos Hunters as War Wanes

ATK, the largest ammunition manufacturer in the US, turns to civilian market

(Newser) - Upstart ammunition maker Alliant Techsystems rode the military buildup in Iraq and Afghanistan to become the largest manufacturer of small- and medium-caliber ammo in the US, reports BusinessWeek. Now, with possible troop drawdowns on the horizon, the company is targeting a new market—hunters—with premium ammunition. "We've really... More »

US Ambassador Implicated in China Arms Deal

Envoy to Albania hid aging, illegal munitions bound for Afghanistan

(Newser) - The American ambassador to Albania personally endorsed a plan to disguise the origin of munitions bought by a Pentagon contractor, according to Congressional testimony. The New York Times traveled to Albania during an earlier investigation of a shady 22-year-old arms dealer operating out of Miami Beach. But the Albanian defense... More »

US Shooters Hit By Soaring Bullet Prices

Demand for metals triggers ammo price hikes

(Newser) - Gun users across the US are having to tighten their ammo belts as bullet prices soar, Reuters reports. Sky-high worldwide demand for copper, lead and zinc means the price of most bullets has shot up two to three times in the last couple of years. Add to that competition for... More »

US Supplier Arms Afghan Forces With Ancient Ammo

22-year-old buys old Soviet-bloc munitions

(Newser) - The US military's main supplier for munitions to Afghanistan is an unvetted business run by a 22-year-old with no military experience and a string of domestic violence allegations, an investigation by the New York Times finds. And the tiny company's shady dealings with arms traffickers has left Afghan forces armed... More »

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