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Lifeguard, 61, Fired After Rejecting Speedo

He calls it age discrimination

(Newser) - It’s a swim suit: A 61-year-old lifeguard is taking New York state to court over his bathing trunks. Roy Lester says he was fired for refusing to don a Speedo for a yearly swim test, the New York Daily News reports. He preferred to wear a less revealing bathing...

Tiny, Tight, Humiliating: Speedos Are de Rigueur in France

(Newser) - Mortified visitors can't believe it when continental pools insist that men wear tiny, tight Speedo swimsuits, writes Angelique Chrisafis in the Guardian. An Irish journalist was recently hauled out of a French pool and could only return in an "unbelievably skimpy" pair of Speedo trunks that were "bloody...

World Rules Sink New Tech Tricks for Swimming Suits

Regulations limit suits' bouyancy, coverage

(Newser) - World competitive swimming organization Fina has outlawed certain high-tech swimming suits to keep the playing field even, reports the BBC. Suits cannot cover the neck, nor extend past the ankles and shoulders, and are limited to a certain thickness and buoyancy under the new rules. An astonishing 108 swimming records...

Phelps Gives $1M to Young Swimmers

Foundation will promote water safety, healthy living

(Newser) - Michael Phelps says he'll use the $1 million bonus from his sponsor Speedo for tying Mark Spitz's seven gold medals to encourage youth swimmers and water safety. The 23-year-old is starting a foundation "to really help to grow the sport," Phelps told the Today Show. The first initiative...

Phelps' Quest for the Gold Is Just Beginning

Marketing the Olympic swimming star could bring $100M

(Newser) - Even before Michael Phelps dove into the pool in pursuit of his eighth gold medal, another epic task had begun: Turning the swimming star into a marketing icon. By the time he’d collected his final piece of gold—along with a $1 million bonus from Speedo—the 23-year-old was...

Suit Circus Threatens to Drown Trials
 Suit Circus Threatens 
 to Drown Trials 

Suit Circus Threatens to Drown Trials

Would-be Olympians' heads spin as tech sparks arms race in swimming pool

(Newser) - “The last honest Olympic sport” is about to kick the can, Scott Ostler writes in the San Francisco Chronicle, and the culprit is a familiar one: technology. The sport is swimming, and Olympic trials (beginning Sunday) coincide with a brutal competition among swimsuit makers for athletes’ affection. "Swimmers...

Swimsuit Battle Heads to Court
 Swimsuit Battle Heads to Court 

Swimsuit Battle Heads to Court

Rival company claims Speedo too chummy with sport's leaders

(Newser) - Swimwear maker TYR Sport has filed suit against rival Speedo, alleging that the maker of the much-touted LZR Racer has an inappropriately close relationship with the sport's governing body. "There's a big issue with a lot of the comments out there coming through USA Swimming and (coach) Mark Schubert...

New Suit Shakes Up Swim World
 New Suit Shakes Up Swim World 

New Suit Shakes Up Swim World

Some complain that high-tech Speedo gives unfair edge

(Newser) - Swimmers in the Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit have been smashing records since it made its debut six weeks ago, and some athletes are beginning to grumble that the high-tech swimming gear gives wearers an unfair advantage, the Los Angeles Times reports. Of the 14 world records to have fallen in...

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