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De Blasio: 'We Won't Wait' for Equality

NYC's new mayor ceremonially sworn in by Bill Clinton

(Newser) - New York City got its 109th mayor officially just after the ball dropped , but saved the pomp of Bill de Blasio's public inaugural for this afternoon. In front of a who's-who of New York's political elite, de Blasio took the oath of office on the steps of...

Bloomberg Slams Mayoral Frontrunner's Campaign as 'Racist'

Says Bill de Blasio is using his interracial family to score votes

(Newser) - One answer in a lengthy New York magazine Q and A with Michael Bloomberg is making headlines all on its own. In the interview, New York's outgoing mayor accuses Democratic frontrunner Bill de Blasio of running a "racist" campaign in his bid for for the top job. Asked...

Bloomberg: Take the Stairs, Fatty

Executive order requires the stairs get highlighted in new construction

(Newser) - Bloomberg's latest health crusade won't force New Yorkers to take the stairs, but it will encourage the climb. Even as the race is on to succeed him , New York City's mayor has unveiled an executive order requiring new city buildings (and those undergoing substantial renovations) to use...

Pack of Smokes in NY Jails: $200

A ban on smoking has led to a budding black market behind bars

(Newser) - Smoking will now also kill your wallet—at least if you're behind bars in New York, where Michael Bloomberg's ban on smoking has led to black market prices that have hit a staggering $200 a pack. As the New York Daily News reports, contraband busts have risen by...

Next on Bloomberg's Agenda: Hide Cigarettes

Proposed 'Tobacco Product Display Bill' would take them out of sight

(Newser) - The big-sugary-drink fracas apparently has not demoralized Michael Bloomberg. The NYC mayor's latest crusade has him again targeting cigarettes , this time pushing legislation that would prohibit tobacco products from being kept in plain sight in stores. Under the Tobacco Product Display Bill, most stores would instead have to house...

NYC's Quinn Launches Bid to Become 1st Openly Gay Mayor

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn launches campaign with a walk-and-talk

(Newser) - New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn officially launched her bid to succeed Michael Bloomberg as mayor today, in a quest that, if successful, would see her installed as the Big Apple's first openly gay mayor. Quinn's campaign launched with what the New York Times calls a "...

NYC Won't Jail Those Caught With a Little Pot

They'll get a court appearance ticket instead, says mayor

(Newser) - New York City is loosening up on how it treats those picked up with a small amount of marijuana, reports Daily Intel . No longer will they have to spend the night in jail—instead, they'll get a desk appearance ticket to return to court at a later date. "...

Target of Bloomberg's Next Crusade: Styrofoam

NYC mayor's office considering banning containers made of it

(Newser) - The healthification of New Yorkers continues, whether they want it or not. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has forced restaurants to post calorie counts, increased smoking bans , and taken away jumbo sodas . Now he's aiming to eliminate Styrofoam containers. Yes, the Bloomberg administration is thinking about a ban on all Styrofoam...

Bloomberg Asked Clinton to Run for Mayor

But she's not interested, so we still don't know her plans

(Newser) - Hillary for mayor? Finally, some speculation on Clinton's future that doesn't focus on the 2016 presidential race. Michael Bloomberg called the secretary of state a few months ago urging her to enter next year's New York City mayoral race and potentially take his place after he leaves...

New York City to Start Rationing Gas

Odd/even rule goes into effect for drivers tomorrow

(Newser) - It's working in New Jersey , and New York City is going to put into a place a similar gas-rationing plan starting tomorrow. Drivers will be able to fill up on odd or even days of the month, depending on their license plate number, reports the New York Times . The...

Mayor Bloomberg: NYC Marathon Is Canceled

Mounting criticism forces mayor's hand

(Newser) - Mayor Michael Bloomberg canceled the New York City Marathon today after mounting criticism that it was wrong to hold the race while the region is still recovering from Superstorm Sandy. With people in storm-ravaged areas still shivering without electricity and the death toll in New York City at more than...

Bloomberg Endorses Obama, Cites Hurricane

Mayor says president will lead on climate change

(Newser) - Hurricane Sandy's impact on the election grows: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a surprise endorsement of President Obama today, reports the New York Times . The reason? Bloomberg thinks climate change contributed to the storm, and he thinks Obama is more willing to deal with it.

You'll Need 2 Passengers to Drive Into Manhattan

Unless you take the George Washington Bridge

(Newser) - Cars heading into Manhattan must have at least three people inside for the next few days, although vehicles on the George Washington Bridge are exempt. The rule, intended to cut down on post-Sandy gridlock, starts this evening and applies to the four bridges over the East River, the Henry Hudson...

Storm's Unlikely Star: Bloomberg's ASL Interpreter

Lydia Callis' Sandy ASL updates were full of enthusiasm

(Newser) - There's not much room for positive news in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but one woman has captured the hearts of those following the news of the storm, reports the New York Post . Lydia Callis is Mayor Michael Bloomberg's American Sign Language translator, and was on hand at...

Bloomberg Launches a Super PAC

Ads will support gay rights, gun laws, and strong education

(Newser) - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is fed up with the current political climate, so he's launching his own super PAC to influence some change, reports the New York Times . His group will give up to $1 million apiece to candidates on both sides of the aisle who are behind...

Gay Marriage Pays: NYC Pulls in $259M in 2011

Nearly 11% of New York marriages last year were by same-sex couples

(Newser) - Critics of gay marriage bash its societal costs, but apparently it pays pretty well, too, with New York City pulling in a tidy $259 million last year. In the first year that same-sex marriage has been legal in New York, 8,200 marriage licenses for gay couples were issued—nearly...

Occupy Founders Love Zuccotti Park Eviction

Editors of Adbusters thank Mayor Bloomberg for 'escalation'

(Newser) - The founders of Occupy Wall Street are thrilled that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has booted protesters from Zuccotti Park . "I just can’t believe how stupid Bloomberg can be!" says co-founder Micah White. "This means escalation. A raising of the stakes. It’s one step closer...

Donald Rumsfeld: Terrorists Didn't Shut Pentagon
 Didn't Shut 


Rumsfeld: Terrorists Didn't Shut Pentagon

Giuliani, Bloomberg, Wolfowitz reflect on 9/11

(Newser) - As bells tolled today at Ground Zero, the Pentagon, and in a Pennsylvania field, politicians gathered on the Sunday talk shows to offer up their memories and interpretations of 9/11. “It was clear they had hit the seat of economic power in New York and the seat of military...

'El Bloombito's' Spanish Mocked on Twitter

'Remain in la casa para much rain y lighningo,' warns Bloombito

(Newser) - New York City Mayor Miguel Bloombito is trying really hard, but his lumpy, clunky Spanish just doesn't cut it. The spunky mayor took to repeating some of Hurricane Irene's danger and evacuation warnings in Spanish at his press conferences, but they came out sounding like "El stormo...

20 Years Later, Sex Ed Back in NYC Schools

Starting this fall, sex ed will be mandatory, beginning as early as 6th grade

(Newser) - Mandatory sex education has been on hiatus for almost 20 years in New York City, but it's officially back. The move comes as part of a much larger effort, announced last week by the Bloomberg administration, to better the lives of black and Latino teens, the New York Times ...

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