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Greta Pulls Off Epic Rickroll
Greta Pulls Off Epic Rickroll

Greta Pulls Off Epic Rickroll

She sings and dances at youth climate conference

(Newser) - It's not every rickroll that draws the attention of Rick Astley himself, but this one managed to do so. Greta Thunberg addressed a youth climate conference in Stockholm over the weekend, but the first words of her "speech" were a telling clue, notes the Independent . "We're...

Padres Pull a Fast One on Visiting Red Sox Fans

They got rickrolled during 'Sweet Caroline'

(Newser) - Yes, rickrolling is still a thing, and a memorable one took place Sunday during the game between the San Diego Padres and the visiting Boston Red Sox. Between innings, the stadium scoreboard pleased Boston fans by inviting everyone to sing along with the Red Sox fan favorite "Sweet Caroline,...

Foo Fighters Pull Off Biggest Rickroll Ever

Astley joins them for music festival mash-up

(Newser) - In scenes that would have almost certainly confounded Kurt Cobain, the Foo Fighters pulled off the most spectacular Rickroll of all time at a music festival in Tokyo on Sunday. After the band performed a few of their own songs, lead singer Dave Grohl told the audience at the Summer...

16-Year-Old Hacks Vine With Rickroll

Cleveland kid uploads full Astley video, later apologizes to Twitter engineers

(Newser) - Monday turned out to be a milestone day for Vine, the app for Twitter that lets users share six-second videos. Vine became available for Android that day, but the real coming-of-age moment arrived when a Cleveland teenager quickly hacked into the Android code and uploaded the full 3-minute-plus video of...

White House Rickrolls Twitter Followers

Links to Rick Astley feed in official tweet

(Newser) - OK, so they may be a year or two (or three) late from the peak of the trend, but the White House Twitter feed got in a little "rickrolling" action today. In response to this tweet from someone complaining that the press briefing was a little dull, the White...

Oregon Legislators Rickroll Colleagues
in case you missed it

Oregon Legislators Rickroll Colleagues

April Fool's Day prank goes viral

(Newser) - From Oregon, a lesson in April Fool's Day pranks, viral videos ... and bipartisanship: A group of 12 state lawmakers managed to "Rickroll" their colleagues last year, by slipping the lyrics to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" into speeches they made on the House floor....

12 Legendary April Fool's Pranks
 12 Legendary 
 April Fool's Pranks 
a whopper for lefties?

12 Legendary April Fool's Pranks

Big Ben going digital? Switzerland harvesting spaghetti?

(Newser) - As you prepare whatever April Fools' Day prank you have in mind for your loved ones, take a look back at 12 classic jokes, courtesy of the Daily Beast :
  • Swiss spaghetti harvest: In 1957, the BBC aired a serious-sounding report on Switzerland’s bumper crop of pasta; hundreds fell for

Welcome to Remedial Web Trends 101
 to Remedial 
 Web Trends 101 

Welcome to Remedial Web Trends 101

David Pogue searches for the meme canon

(Newser) - When the New York Times’ tech guru admitted on Twitter to only recently having heard of “Rickrolling”—the Internet prank in which a link promises something desirable but delivers the video for Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up—his followers blasted him for being “so...

Google Gets Into the Spirit
Google Gets
Into the Spirit
it's april 1

Google Gets Into the Spirit

Search engine pranks users with email time machine, mission to Mars

(Newser) - Google continued a time-honored tradition of April Fools’ Day pranks today with foolish new email features and a mission to Mars, cNet reports. Gmail users found a new feature, “Custom Time,” which would allow emails to be sent back in time. And not to worry in case of...

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