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What Happens When You Get Your News Offline for 2 Months

Columnist found himself less anxious, with more time—and new rules for consuming news

(Newser) - In January, Farhad Manjoo turned off digital news notifications, unplugged from social media, and subscribed to paper editions of three newspapers and a news magazine. After two months of the experiment, during which he also allowed himself to consume the news via podcast, email newsletters, and longform nonfiction, the New ...

NY Library Gives Internet Free Rein Over 180K Items

'No permission required, no hoops to jump through'

(Newser) - "Menus for long-ago eaten banquets, postcards featuring buildings that no longer exist, gorgeous maps and engravings, yellowed photographs, elegant sheet music." Those are just a few of the Atlantic's favorite things contained inside a massive release of materials into the public domain courtesy of the New York...

Our Attention Span Worse Than That of a Goldfish
Our Attention Span Now Worse Than Goldfish's
study says

Our Attention Span Now Worse Than Goldfish's

Microsoft study says people concentrate for just 8 seconds

(Newser) - Your attention span is, uh... well... whatever, but it probably can't beat that of your average goldfish, a new study says. Microsoft reached this conclusion after surveying more than 2,000 Canadians and monitoring the brain activity of 112 people, Yahoo! Canada reports. In our age of buzzing phones...

Why You Should Start Buying CDs Again
 Why You Should Start 
 Buying CDs Again 

Why You Should Start Buying CDs Again

It's often cheaper than buying MP3s—even if it comes with MP3s: Brian Barrett

(Newser) - Brian Barrett wanted to listen to Taylor Swift's new album, and as you may have heard, it's not available on Spotify . So he bought it—in actual CD form, something he hadn't done since 2006. He explains why on Gizmodo : Amazon was selling 1989 as an MP3...

Spin Magazine Sold to Buzzmedia
Spin Magazine Sold to Buzzmedia

Spin Magazine Sold to Buzzmedia

Will expand presence of alt-rock mag online, but print fate unclear

(Newser) - A big change for Spin Media, which has been printing alternative-music magazine Spin for 27 years: It's been sold to Buzzmedia, a Web presence including such music and celebrity blogs as Stereogum, Idolator, and Celebuzz—as well as sites for Kim Kardashian and other such boldface names. Buzzmedia acquired...

Jack Shafer, Timothy Noah, June Thomas, Juliet Lapidos Laid Off From Slate: Reactions
Journos Outraged as
Slate Axes Jack Shafer

Journos Outraged as Slate Axes Jack Shafer

Co-founder is one of 4 staffers let go

(Newser) - Slate co-founder Jack Shafer, who has been with the online magazine since before its official launch in 1996, is being laid off, it was announced yesterday. The media critic is one of four staff members being let go; Timothy Noah , June Thomas , and Juliet Lapidos are the others, reports the...

Google to Bite at Apple With Digital Newsstand?

Google trying to drum up support among publishers, say insiders

(Newser) - Google is considering launching a digital newsstand that would cater to users of smartphones and tablets that run Android, setting the stage for a competition with Apple for publishers’ support. Apple’s iTunes already sells a number of popular periodicals; Google has reportedly held talks with Time Inc., Condé Nast,...

Digital Spew Edges Into Zettabyte Zone

World output set to break mega barrier

(Newser) - The flood of digital information produced by the world is outgrowing even the language described it. "Zettabyte"—one million million gigabytes, or enough information to fill 75 billion iPads—has now entered the lexicon, and the world's digital output is expected to pass the 1 zettabyte mark for...

1 in 3 Fear Being 'One of Those iPhone People'

But though some find it 'dangerously alluring,' most 'love' gadget

(Newser) - It's “dangerously alluring,” but the iPhone makes most Stanford students so giddy that they don’t really care. About a third of respondents in a recent study said they worried about becoming addicted to the gadget. But the torrid affair is far from over—roughly three-quarters said that...

Pepsi Won't Field Super Bowl Ads

Beverage maker focusing on integrated digital campaign instead

(Newser) - Pepsi will end its 23-year advertising presence on the Super Bowl telecast to focus on a cross-platform marketing push with a strong digital component. The company was quick to spin the retreat, which will leave the broadcast wide open to archrival Coca-Cola. “The Super Bowl broadcast can be an...

Publishers Forming 'Magazine iTunes'

Online newsstand to combat slumping sales

(Newser) - The latest bid to save magazine publishing may soon have readers browsing the online racks of an iTunes-style newsstand. Major magazine publishers including Time Inc. and Conde Nast hope to exert some control over digital readership with a joint venture enabling readers to buy copies of the New Yorker, Sports ...

Silverman Leaves NBC, Goes Digital

Will head new company created with Barry Diller

(Newser) - Ben Silverman is leaving NBC Entertainment and hitting the Internet, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The division's co-chair—who may have jumped and may have been pushed—will partner with Barry Diller and IAC to create “a next generation enterprise that bridges the gap between traditional television and the...

Young Media Doomsayer Rivets Industry

News is finished, Twitter is pointless, says teenage sage

(Newser) - A report on teen views of media written by a 15-year-old Morgan Stanley intern has become the talk of Wall Street and Sun Valley, with CEOs and fund managers old enough to be his grandparents jumping on its conclusions. Londoner Matthew Robson claims that his generation has no use for...

At Sun Valley, Media Moguls Will Obsess on Paid Content

(Newser) - From Rupert Murdoch to Twitter founder Evan Williams, moguls old and young descend on Sun Valley, Idaho, this week for an annual summit on media and technology. This year, reports the Financial Times, the dominant question concerns paid content—a debate that has spread from the troubled newspaper industry to...

New Site Targets Chattering (and Now Tweeting) Classes

(Newser) - There's been lots of media chatter about, the website Dan Abrams rolled out this morning, most of it sight-unseen, challenging the former MSNBC host's intention to continue to run a media strategy firm alongside the site. Howard Kurtz, one of those critics, now takes a look at the...

Ballmer: Old Media Won't Last a Decade

Microsoft boss says papers, TV won't bounce back

(Newser) - The ad revenue media companies lost in the downturn won't be coming back when things turn around, Steve Ballmer told an advertising conference yesterday. The Microsoft boss said the industry has been "reset" at a lower level, and media companies are going to have to learn to survive on...

6 Digital Ways to Leave Your Lover

Breaking up via text or email? That's so outdated.

(Newser) - If couples are having fewer public fights nowadays, it might be because they're busy liveblogging their entire breakup on Twitter, NPR reports. Beyond dumping the dude in 140 characters, here are six other ultra-modern ways to become uncoupled:
  1. Watch "The Break-Up Poem" on for tips on

In Tough Times, People Dust Off the Library Card

Even amid budget cuts, the institutions are expanding offerings

(Newser) - As the economy lightened wallets last year, people in search of jobs and entertainment turned to a long-lost concept called a library, reports the Washington Post, spiking DC-area circulation by 23% in the last half of 2008. And although budget cuts are hitting libraries hard, they're still finding ways to...

Football Goes Mobile on Sprint Phones Tonight

NFL games head to tiny screen

(Newser) - Sprint is about to score big with football fans with the first-ever live broadcast of an NFL game on mobile phones. The debut phone-cast will be tonight's Cleveland Browns showdown with the Denver Broncos. Eight more games from the NFL television network will be available over 7 weeks as part...

For Albom's Latest, You'll Need a Kindle

Tuesdays With Morrie author releases new text only as an e-book

(Newser) - Mitch Albom's newest work is less than 4,000 words long and available for 99 cents—but only if you have a Kindle e-book reader to view it on. The exclusive deal for the text—a speech Albom delivered to his nephew's graduating class in May—could reveal some of...

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