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How Driving Could Lead to Skin Cancer

Side windows may block only 44% of UV-A rays: study

(Newser) - Ever gotten a sunburn while driving with the windows up? A new study explains why. Most vehicle windshields block harmful UV-A rays—the kind that raise the risk of everything from cataracts to skin cancer—but your side windows might not, says Brian Boxer Wachler of California's Boxer Wachler... More »

Surgeon General: Quit Tanning Now

Country's top doctor says skin cancer is 'major public health problem'

(Newser) - Your doctor, your mom, and your shade-obsessed friends have probably all told you already about the dangers of suntanning—and now the surgeon general is jumping on the anti-bronzing bandwagon for the first time. Boris Lushniak today called skin cancer a “major public health problem,” and pointed a... More »

Tanning Could Be Addictive

Mice show signs of a habit: researchers

(Newser) - Working on your tan may actually be an addictive behavior—if shaved mice tell us anything. A new study published in Cell followed mice with shaved backs who were given the equivalent of half an hour of bright sun daily for six weeks, the BBC reports. In addition to producing... More »

To Avoid Sunburn, Whales Get a Tan

Scientists take first look at how they deal with sun damage

(Newser) - Researchers have found an unusual way in which whales and humans are similar: we both get suntans. Blue whales, especially, tend to tan to protect themselves from the sun's UV rays, reports the Canadian Press . Essentially, they tan during their summer migrations to ward off dangerous sunburns, as a... More »

Skin Cancer Rampant Among Australia's Trout

Great Barrier Reef sits under large ozone hole

(Newser) - Look out, Snooki, sun tans are dangerous—even for fish. Scientists in Australia have discovered that 15% of coral trout in the Great Barrier Reef have gotten skin cancer from ultraviolet radiation. The Land Down Under, the LA Times notes, lies under the Earth's biggest hole in the ozone... More »

Sunscreen Pill In the Works

Coral yields compound that prevents UV damage

(Newser) - Coral from Australia's Great Barrier Reef has yielded a compound that could put a lot of sunscreen makers out of business. Researchers discovered that algae living in the coral created a compound that acts as a sunscreen to protect both the algae and the coral from the sun's... More »

Wine: a Sunburn Preventative?

Flavonoids contained in grapes are beneficial: study

(Newser) - More good news for oenophiles: A new study shows that drinking wine might protect you from sunburn, or at least that's the Telegraph's take. Flavonoids contained in grapes can halt the chemical reaction that causes cell death and skin damage when UV rays hit the skin, Spanish scientists... More »

Did Darkness Kill Mozart?

And we mean that literally

(Newser) - If Mozart would've just gotten outside a little more, he might have lived longer. Researchers say added exposure to sunlight would have raised the composer's vitamin D level—an important vitamin in fighting off infection, reports LiveScience . Mozart died of an unknown illness in 1791 at age 35.... More »

Arctic Ozone Took 40% Hit This Winter

Up from previous record of 30%

(Newser) - The ozone layer above the Arctic withered by 40% this winter, according to the UN's weather agency, a stark increase from the previous seasonal record of 30%. The loss was driven largely by frigid conditions in the stratosphere—though surface temperatures were actually warmer than normal—and lingering chemicals banned... More »

Whales Face 'Serious' Sunburn Threat

Depleted ozone may be risk for already-endangered animals

(Newser) - Whales off the coast of Mexico seem to be getting bad sunburns, and scientists say ozone damage may be why. To survive, whales have to spend long periods on the ocean’s surface, and without clothes, fur, or feathers, they’re basically “sunbathing naked,” the AP notes. The... More »

Beware Sunglasses' Bogus Claims

Study finds UV protection is often overstated

(Newser) - Apparently, nobody can leave the house this summer. Not only will your sunscreen give you skin cancer , but your lying sunglasses will ruin your vision. A new study shows that more than 20% of sunglasses (regardless of price) make false claims about UV protection, reports LiveScience . (The study concerned shades... More »

Cataract Risk Linked to Climate Change

Rising UV levels will hit developing countries hardest

(Newser) - As climate change drives ozone depletion and increases the level of ultraviolet rays reaching Earth's surface, humans' eyesight will be suffering more and more, AFP reports. UV rays are one of the leading causes of cataracts, which in turn cause 50% of avoidable blindness worldwide. The trend is likely to... More »

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