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Your Wine May Have More Alcohol Than You Think

Nearly 60% of wines tested have, on average, 0.42% more alcohol than labeled

(Newser) - If you've ever woken up surprised by how badly you feel after a couple of glasses of wine you so innocently sipped the night before, scientists may have at least a partial explanation. Reporting in the Journal of Wine Economics , University of California researchers say that among the nearly... More »

FDA's New Calorie Rules Are a Bit of a Shock

They're more far-reaching than expected

(Newser) - Whether you're headed to Chili's or the movies, you'll soon be seeing a lot more calorie counts posted. The FDA is today announcing what a nutrition expert calls "one of the most important public health nutrition policies ever to be passed nationally," the New York ... More »

Coming to McDonald's: Calorie Counts

And maybe, maybe, grilled McNuggets

(Newser) - Bad news for those of you who like to eat your fast food in ignorance: McDonald's is adding calorie counts to its menu boards next week. That means that soon, there will be no escaping the knowledge that a Big Mac packs 550 calories, NPR reports. And, in another... More »

Movie Popcorn Gets Pass: Calorie Count Stays Hidden

Calorie counts to appear on restaurant menus next year: FDA

(Newser) - If you don't want to see how many calories are in your meal, you may have to start dining in bowling alleys and movie theaters. The FDA has released its proposal for adding calorie counts to menus next year, and places that don't serve food as their primary business have... More »

Calorie Counts Go on Menus, Thanks to Health Care Bill

Some 200K chain restaurants will be putting the info in your face

(Newser) - That Caesar salad you're about to eat? It's 800 calories, and that's without the croutons. You may choose to ignore the numbers, but soon it's going to be tough to deny you saw them: A requirement tucked into the health care bill will make calorie counts impossible for thousands of... More »

Panera Will Post Calorie Counts

Gets the jump on potential calorie posting law

(Newser) - Panera Bread customers around the country soon will be able to tally calories for their smokehouse turkey panini and broccoli cheddar soup with just a glance at the menu board. The firm announced today that it will be the first nationwide chain to voluntarily post calorie information at all of... More »

Sure, We Read the Calorie Charts—Then Eat More

Customers say they seek guidance from signs, but receipts tell a different story

(Newser) - A new study casts doubt on the effectiveness of calorie-counting charts in fast-food restaurants. Half of those surveyed in New York City say they noticed the charts, and about 28% say the information influenced their orders for the better. But a look at overall customer receipts shows people are ordering... More »

Calorie Counting Makes a Comeback

Get ready for sticker shock, as nutrition info hits menus

(Newser) - Thanks to new laws, calorie counting is back in vogue and bigger than ever, writes the New York Times. After decades of diets that focused on the balance of fat, protein, and carbs, “More and more, people are looking at calories in, and calories out,” a doc tells... More »

NYC Not Eating Up Calorie-Count Law

Even 'healthier' options can be too hefty, would-be splurgers horrified to find

(Newser) - As chain restaurants waddle their way toward compliance with a New York City law that requires them to post the calorie counts of food, the numbers behind the items have diners grappling with some unappetizing knowledge, MSNBC reports. The restaurant skinny is turning out to be anything but, from 630-calorie... More »

NY Stays Calorie-Count Law

Restaurants use delay to seek another delay

(Newser) - Today a New York judge delayed a law requiring Big Apple eateries to list calorie content on menus. Set to kick in today, the law is now slated to take effect Friday—which gives the city time to sort out a suit by New York restaurants, which are seeking yet... More »

10 Stories
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