Tyrannosaurus rex

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One of Most Complete T. Rex Skulls Ever Arrives at Museum

'An iconic specimen'

(Newser) - It may look like a giant rock right now, but inside is what dinosaur expert Jack Horner calls "one of the most significant" Tyrannosaurus rex specimens ever found, the AP reports. According to the Seattle Times , a 2,500-pound, plaster-encased lump of dirt and rock arrived at the Burke...

T. Rex May Have Had Lips to Hide Its Ferocious Teeth

That goes against the popular image of the dinosaur in 'Jurassic Park' and elsewhere

(Newser) - The image of a "ferocious-looking" Tyrannosaurus rex with a "permanent smile" of huge protruding teeth is taking a hit thanks to one Canadian paleontologist, Live Science reports. Robert Reisz says the T. rex, along with other theropods, actually had scaly lips covering its teeth. “When we see...

For T. Rex, Size Originally Didn't Matter

Horse-sized ancestor reveals evolutionary path, and intellect came before size

(Newser) - Though one of the most well-known dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex is actually somewhat of a mystery, having suddenly emerged as a fearsome beast some 80 million years ago. As a 20-million-year gap in the fossil record preceded T. rex, paleontologists have known little about its evolutionary path—until now. The discovery...

Before T. Rex, This Dinosaur Was King

Siats meekerorum is 3rd-biggest predator ever found on this continent

(Newser) - Earlier this month, we heard tell of the "king of gore" ; now researchers have discovered another top dino that lived before Tyrannosaurus rex. About 98 million years ago—31 million years before tyrannosaurs—there was Siats meekerorum, whose bones were found recently in Utah. The onetime top predator walked...

T-Rex's Brain Was Ready to Fly

CT scans reveal that non-avian dinosaurs had what look like 'bird brains'

(Newser) - Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's … T-Rex? Not actually, but you'll be forgiven if that's the image left by a new study that found some nonavian dinosaurs—including the lizard king himself—may have had "bird brains"...

Tooth Be Told: T. Rex Was Hunter

Finding may wipe out theory it was scavenger

(Newser) - Lately, scientists have suggested that Tyrannosaurus rex wasn't the vicious hunter from the movies—instead, with its slower speeds and weak eyesight, it was a scavenger, they argue. But a new finding offers clear evidence against that rather disappointing theory. Researchers have discovered a T. rex tooth lodged in...

Feds Seizing Illegal $1M Dino Skeleton

Tyrannosaurus belongs to Mongolia, court decides

(Newser) - The Department of Homeland Security has been ordered to detain a dead, 70 million-year-old, 24-foot-long illegal immigrant. The skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus Bataar—T. Rex's Mongolian cousin—was sold for $1 million at an auction in New York last month despite objections from the Mongolian government, which bans the...

Man Changes Name to Tyrannosaurus Rex

He argues that it'll be good for branding

(Newser) - When he woke up yesterday, Tyrannosaurus Rex's name was Tyler Gold. But after a court hearing, the 23-year-old Nebraska man can legally call himself the king of the lizards, the York News Times reports, in a story spotted by NPR . Gold told the court he was changing his name...

T. Rex: History's Best Biter

It was like having an elephant sit on you

(Newser) - Yet another reason that Tyrannosaurus Rex was the scariest creature to ever stalk the planet: Scientists have figured out that T. rex boasted the most powerful bite of any animal in history, reports BBC Nature . The clench of the dinosaur's massive jaw was between 30,000 and 60,000...

T-Rex Was More Massive Than We Thought

Or at least heavier, scientists discover

(Newser) - You probably thought Tyrannosaurus Rex could not be any more awesome, but you’d be wrong; scientists have discovered that the terrible lizard was even bigger than previously believed, or at least heavier. Scientists examined the skeleton of “Sue,” the largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton ever unearthed,...

Did Dino Meat Taste Like Chicken?

Probably not, and here's why

(Newser) - Turns out T. Rexes liked to eat other T. Rexes —so the obvious next question is, what does a T. Rex taste like? Not like chicken, writes Brian Palmer on Slate . But birds are related to dinosaurs, and it’s probably another bird—the hawk—that dinosaur meat is...

Dinosaurs Arose in S. America
 Arose in 
 S. America 
meet tawa hallae

Dinosaurs Arose in S. America

Fossil of T. rex cousin helps fill in the puzzle

(Newser) - The fossil of a feisty little ancestor of T. rex lends credence to the theory that dinosaurs emerged in South America. More precisely, they likely arose about 230 million years ago in Pangaea, which was then the single joined continent of the Americas. The development follow the discovery of a...

Fossil Hunter Finds Giant Sea Monster

Colossal pliosaur was big enough to snack on T. Rex

(Newser) - A sea monster big enough to have munched on T. Rex has been found by an amateur fossil collector scouring Britain's south coast. The collector gathered chunks of the prehistoric beast's 8-foot-long skull as they fell from a cliff face over several years. Paleontologists believe the pliosaur skull is the...

'Ballerina-Like' T. Rex Cousin Discovered

Size, light skeleton and delicate teeth suggest different prey from larger relative

(Newser) - A smaller, more agile cousin of the Tyrannosaurus rex has been identified. The skull and a nearly complete skeleton of Alioramus altai was discovered in Mongolia in 2001, and has features that distinguish it from its more lumbering cousin. Unlike its “big bad boy” relatives, a study author tells...

Sore Throat May Have Axed T Rex

Trichomonosis still affects modern birds and makes eating almost impossible

(Newser) - Tyrannosaurus rex could have been laid low not by a planetwide dinosaur holocaust or vicious infighting, but by a parasite that still affects modern birds. Researchers have taken a close look at lesions on T. rex fossils once presumed to be battle scars and concluded that they are the work...

Pint-Size T-Rex Surprises Scientists

'Raptorex' was 1/100th the weight of its descendant

(Newser) - Paleontologists have unearthed a miniature predecessor of Tyrannosaurus Rex, a finding that may rewrite the origins of the most iconic of dinosaurs. “Raptorex,” discovered in China, has all the distinctive features of a Tyrannosaurus—large head and jaws, long legs, and small arms—but it weighed only 150...

T. Rex 'Mostly Ate Babies'
 T. Rex 'Mostly Ate Babies' 

T. Rex 'Mostly Ate Babies'

(Newser) - The Hollywood image of Tyrannosaurus Rex battling huge herbivores is a long way from Jurassic reality, according to a new study. Instead of picking on animals its own size, T. Rex and other massive carnivores preferred their prey as young as possible, ideally when they were small enough to be...

Sea Monster Makes T-Rex Look Wimpy

50-ft Jurassic creature had crushing jaws

(Newser) - A fossil sea monster dug up last year had a bite far more crushing than T-Rex’s, scientists in Norway have found. The jaws of the 50-foot Jurassic reptile, known as "Predator X," carried a force of 33,000 pounds per square inch, 10 times more than that...

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Tastes Like Chicken?

Study says birds are dinosaurs' closest living descendants

(Newser) - Dinosaurs are more closely related to birds than reptiles, protein extracted from a Tyrannosaurus rex bone suggests. T. rex collagen, the main protein in bones, is similar to chicken and ostrich collagen but much different than material from alligators and lizards, scientists say. The findings could remap the evolutionary tree...

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