Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Escapes Major Damage in Big Quake

AP says one death is confirmed

(Newser) - The earthquake that struck Costa Rica today may have been massive at 7.6-magnitude, but the Central American nation looks to have escaped major damage, reports AP . The quake collapsed at least one bridge, knocked down some houses, and caused plenty of panic, but the physical damage is relatively minor... More »

7.6 Quake Hits Costa Rica

Buildings rattled 90 miles away in San Jose

(Newser) - A powerful 7.6-magnitude quake has hit about five miles northeast of Samara, Costa Rica, reports the US Geological Survey , which initially pegged the magnitude at 7.9. It was the largest quake to hit the country since one of the same magnitude struck in 1991, killing 47, reports Reuters... More »

Interpol Hunts Whale Wars Star

Paul Watson skips bail as Costa Rica seeks to press protest charges

(Newser) - Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for Whale Wars reality star Paul Watson after the conservationist skipped bail in Germany. He vanished as Costa Rica was attempting to extradite him on charges of endangering a fishing vessel off Guatemala in 2002, CNN reports. Watson, known for boat maneuvers interfering with... More »

Sea Shepherd Founder Arrested

Paul Watson faces charges in decade-old incident

(Newser) - A leading anti-whaling activist has been arrested in Germany. Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd, was busted on Saturday over a 2002 clash with a Costa Rican "illegal shark finning operation" off Guatemala, the group says in a statement. The group says the warrant is tied to an "... More »

Woman Fakes Own Kid's Death for Vacation Time

But Joan Barnett is done in by a shoddy fake death certificate

(Newser) - Today's lesson in stupid schemes: If you're going to scam your boss for vacation time with your kid's fake death certificate, at least make sure the fonts match. It seems one Joan Barnett, a parent coordinator at a Manhattan school who, it's worth noting, was eligible... More »

Sharks Massacred Off Colombia

An estimated 2,000 discovered with missing fins in sanctuary

(Newser) - Divers have discovered the bodies of some 2,000 sharks, many with their fins cut off, in Colombian waters. The apparent slaughter of Galapagos, silky, and hammerhead sharks occurred in a giant wildlife sanctuary around the island of Malpelo off the country’s coast, the Guardian reports. The divers, who... More »

Google Maps Mistake Triggers Invasion

Nicaragua uses border goof to justify incursion into Costa Rica

(Newser) - Google officials have apologized and promised to fix a flaw in a map that exacerbated a territorial dispute and triggered a Central American invasion. "We determined that there was indeed an error," said a statement from Google after a Nicaraguan commander used the flawed map as justification for... More »

Spencer Pratt Busted in Costa Rica

Sadly, they let him go

(Newser) - Spencer Pratt was arrested in Costa Rica yesterday, but don’t get too excited: Everyone’s favorite cyber crime-fighter , wannabe music impresario , and of course, self-proclaimed famous person has already been released. Pratt broke the news of his own arrest to TMZ , which then confirmed he was busted for felony... More »

Van der Sloot Lawyer: I'll 'Paralyze' Court Process

Accused murderer 'depressed,' Peruvian attorney says

(Newser) - Joran Van der Sloot's lawyer plans to appeal every ruling that goes against his client and go over the head of the Peruvian justice system if he thinks he needs to. His plan is to "paralyze the process," Maximo Altez tells CNN . He also says his client, a... More »

Website Tests Rush's Pledge to Flee Obamacare

Limbaugh vowed to move to Costa Rica if health reform passed

(Newser) - The final stages of the battle for health care reform have been dramatic, so you could be forgiven for forgetting about Rush Limbaugh. He recently said he'd to move to Costa Rica if "Obamacare" passed. Now that it has, one website is soliciting donations to make sure he keeps... More »

Costa Rica Elects First Female President

'Today we are making history': Laura Chinchilla

(Newser) - Costa Ricans have elected their first female president: Ruling party candidate Laura Chinchilla won in a landslide after campaigning to continue free-market policies in Central America's most stable nation. "Today we are making history," said Chinchilla, who will become the fifth Latin American woman to serve as president.... More »

Rivers, Barred From Flight, Explodes

Her name didn't match the boarding pass

(Newser) - It's going to be a long, excruciating year for airport security guards if every passenger reacts to safety concerns the way Joan Rivers did recently. Rivers lashed a female guard as a "moronic idiot" and "premenstrual" after she was barred from boarding a Newark-bound flight from Costa Rica... More »

Photogs Sue Tom, Gisele Over Bodyguards' Gunshots

(Newser) - Two photographers have sued Tom Brady and his supermodel wife for $1 million, saying they were shot at during a party in Costa Rica. The two men, one from AFP and the other from a Costa Rican newspaper, say Gisele Bundchen's bodyguards shot at their car and just missed their... More »

Costa Rican Leader Has Swine Flu, Will Telecommute

(Newser) - Nobel Peace laureate and Costa Rican President Oscar Arias said today that he has swine flu, showing that not even a head of state is safe from the virus that has caused worldwide concern but relatively few deaths. The 69-year-old Arias said he is quarantined at home and being treated... More »

Costa Rica Tops 'Green and Happy' List; US 114th

(Newser) - Costa Rica is the happiest, most ecologically friendly country on earth, according to the New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index. The US, on the other hand, came in 114th out of 146, the Guardian reports. The index ranks countries both on the happiness of their citizens and the environmental... More »

Honduran Coup an Opportunity for Obama

President should demonstrate US commitment to democracy: expert

(Newser) - The Honduran military coup overthrowing President Manuel Zelaya offers the Obama administration a chance to rehabilitate the battered reputation of the US in Latin America, Reuters reports. "This is a golden opportunity to make a clear break with the past and show that he is unequivocally siding with democracy”... More »

H1N1 Expands, Kills Costa Rica Man

(Newser) - The US swine flu count hit 2,254 yesterday and a Costa Rica man died of the disease, the first fatality outside of North America, the Wall Street Journal reports. In the US, 3,000 people are likely infected across 45 states and Washington, DC, including unconfirmed cases, the Centers... More »

Blago Can't Hit Costa Rica for Reality Show

NBC wanted ex-guv in Costa Rica for celeb program

(Newser) - A federal judge has barred Rod Blagojevich’s bid to leave the country to join a reality-show cast, the Chicago Tribune reports. The ex-governor’s lawyers hoped he’d get permission in court today to travel to Costa Rica for NBC’s I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of ... More »

Photogs Say Gisele Guard Opened Fire

Bullet allegedly hit paprazzi's Jeep at second wedding

(Newser) - Two paparazzi say Gisele Bundchen's guards shot at them for snapping pics of her Costa Rica wedding to Tom Brady this weekend, the Boston Globe reports. After a stand-off with security, the paps scrambled back to their Jeep, where a bullet pierced the back and front windshields. "I could... More »

El Salvador, Costa Rica Restore Ties With Cuba

(Newser) - El Salvador and Costa Rica have decided to end decades-long diplomatic freezes with Cuba, the BBC reports. They were the last Central American countries still shunning the island. For El Salvador’s newly elected president, Mauricio Funes, normalizing relations is a simple matter of fulfilling a campaign promise. It’s... More »

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