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France May Crack Down on Johns to Stop Sex Trafficking

Clients, not hookers, target of bill aimed at freeing trapped women

(Newser) - France is considering making prostitution illegal—but by cracking down on clients, not hookers. Cops may fine or jail Johns in a bid to combat human trafficking. Experts believe 80% of some 20,000 sex workers in France are foreigners forced into the work by traffickers. "There is no...

Afghanistan to Stop Using Kids as Soldiers, Sex Slaves

Will sign UN pledge to end unsavory practice

(Newser) - Afghanistan will sign a formal agreement at the UN tomorrow promising to stop using young boys as police or military sex slaves, the New York Times reports. Hamid Karzai ordered the deal after Afghanistan was placed on a UN blacklist for “grave violations against children in armed combat....

Sex Slavery Exists. Here.
 Sex Slavery Exists. Here. 
nicholas kristof

Sex Slavery Exists. Here.

Forced prostitution should be 'national scandal'

(Newser) - If you think slavery in America has been eradicated, think again: Nicholas Kristof tells the story of a college graduate from China brutally forced into prostitution on her arrival in the US. While many think that commercial sex in the US is voluntary, in fact, sex slavery here “should...

Mom Wrote 'Divine Mercy' in Girl's Blood

Told police she was afraid daughter would become sex slave

(Newser) - Prosecutors have accused a woman of slitting her own 4-year-old daughter’s throat, and scrawling the words “divine mercy” on the bathroom walls in blood. The woman, 43-year-old Marci Webber, told police that she “wanted to keep her daughter from being an Internet sex slave,” the assistant...

NY Madam Forced Korean Women Into Sex Slavery

Told them they'd work in a nail salon

(Newser) - A Queens woman allegedly lived the high life in a million-dollar mansion while farming out unsuspecting Korean immigrants as sex slaves to Long Island massage parlors. Jin Hua Cui, 44, lured the women by placing ads in Korean-language newspapers saying she was hiring for a nail salon. Instead they wound...

Craigslist Pimp Get 25 Years
 Craigslist Pimp Get 25 Years 

Craigslist Pimp Get 25 Years

'Bought' homeless woman, advertised her as sex slave

(Newser) - A New York City man who "bought" a 19-year-old homeless woman and advertised her as a sex slave on Craigslist has been sentenced to 25 years to life. David Brown forced the victim into sex with 30 men in August 2008, collecting payments of between $60 and $200, the...

Mother of Slain 5-Year-Old Is Pregnant

Antoinette Davis is accused of selling her daughter as a sex slave

(Newser) - The North Carolina woman accused of selling her 5-year-old girl into sexual slavery—the girl's body was found yesterday—is pregnant. Antoinette Davis, 25, is being isolated from other prisoners as a result, reports WTVD . She has not entered a plea to charges of human trafficking, prostitution, and child abuse....

'Svengali Sex Slave' Case Heads for Supreme Court

Web porn trafficker claims mutilation of woman was consensual

(Newser) - The Supreme Court yesterday agreed to hear a case involving a sex trafficker, nicknamed the "S&M Svengali," who whipped and mutilated a "sex slave" and then posted photos of it on his for-profit website. Glenn Marcus claims that the acts were consensual, but the woman...

Dungeon Girl Wakes From Coma
 Dungeon Girl Wakes From Coma 

Dungeon Girl Wakes From Coma

Reunited with freed mom after life in cellar

(Newser) - A teenager held captive her entire life in an underground dungeon with her mother and siblings has awoken from a seven-week coma, reports the Daily Telegraph. Kerstin Fritzl, 19, was reunited with her mother and other family members in a secure medical ward after flickering back to consciousness. There were...

Dungeon Daughter: 'I Never Want to See My Father Again'

Elisabeth Fritzl spends first Mother's Day with 'above ground' kids

(Newser) - The Austrian woman who spent 24 years in a cellar as the sex slave of her sadistic father has said she never wants to see him again, reports the Daily Telegraph. The information was revealed as Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, spent her first Mother's Day with five of her six surviving...

Sex Slaves Win Cash Damages
Sex Slaves Win Cash Damages

Sex Slaves Win Cash Damages

Ruling could open floodgates of compensation for thousands of others

(Newser) - In a groundbreaking decision, Britain has awarded four women smuggled from eastern Europe to the UK and subjected by their captors to "forced prostitution, multiple rapes and beatings" more than £140,000. The decision, the first to consider false imprisonment and forced prostitution as categories for awarding damages,...

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