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Tom Brokaw Retires From NBC
Tom Brokaw
From NBC

Tom Brokaw Retires From NBC

Journalist covered Kennedy assassination through the pandemic

(Newser) - NBC News veteran Tom Brokaw announced Friday that he is retiring from the network after 55 years. The author of The Greatest Generation was NBC's lead anchor at Nightly News and for big events for more than 20 years before giving way to Brian Williams in 2004. The 80-year-old...

Tom Brokaw Apologizes After Hispanic Comments

He said they need to 'work harder at assimilation'

(Newser) - Tom Brokaw found himself backpedaling Sunday night after comments he made about Hispanics came under fire. "(I) am sorry, truly sorry, my comments were offensive to many," the longtime anchor tweeted . He added that "the great enduring american tradition of diversity is to be celebrated and cherished....

Brokaw Letter: I'm 'Unmoored' by Sex Misconduct Allegations

Plus a group of powerful women pen their own letter in support of the TV journalist

(Newser) - NBC News is still trying to handle the mess wrought by sexual misconduct allegations against Matt Lauer , and now it's got accusations against longtime staffer Tom Brokaw to add to its to-do list. But Brokaw, who has been accused by two women of sexual harassment in the 1990s, isn'...

Tom Brokaw Accused of Sexual Harassment at NBC

2 women come forward with accusations

(Newser) - Former NBC and Fox anchor Linda Vester say she suffered "years of humiliation and isolation" after being sexually harassed by powerful colleague Tom Brokaw in the 1990s. Vester tells Variety that when Brokaw was the host of NBC Nightly News, he made unwanted advances and tried to forcibly kiss...

Berlin Wall? Met the Pope? More Brian Williams Qs

NBC is still carrying out investigation into anchor's exaggerations

(Newser) - Brian Williams has been shot at by Iraqi forces, contracted dysentery , and watched as a dead man floated by after Hurricane Katrina, according to reports by Brian Williams. Now, after being suspended for six months from NBC for misleading statements about his Iraq War activity, the news anchor is...

Highlight of Election Night: Tom Brokaw's Phone Alarm

Alarm goes off live on air, he plays along

(Newser) - While Tom Brokaw was discussing the election last night live on MSNBC , he was interrupted by an alarm. But no, it wasn't the building going down in flames over the GOP taking control of the Senate —it was just an alarm Brokaw had set on his phone. As...

Tom Brokaw Has Cancer
 Tom Brokaw Has Cancer 

Tom Brokaw Has Cancer

Doctors are optimistic for 74-year-old, says NBC

(Newser) - Tom Brokaw revealed today that he has cancer—but doctors are optimistic about his recovery, reports CNN . The 74-year-old "was diagnosed with multiple myeloma , a cancer affecting blood cells in the bone marrow," back in August at the Mayo Clinic, says NBC . Brokaw has continued to work on...

Brokaw: No Health Scare, I Accidentally Ate Ambien

So no need to panic, folks

(Newser) - Tom Brokaw was rushed to a Charlotte hospital "out of an abundance of caution" this morning after he felt "light-headed" on the set of MSNBC's Morning Joe, reports the AP . But never fear, media lovers: The 72-year-old is doing a-OK. It seems he just accidentally ate a...

9 Successes Who Were Rejected by Colleges

Don't worry, seniors: Ted Turner, Warren Buffett still made it

(Newser) - As high school seniors across the country anxiously wait for college acceptance—or rejection—letters, the Wall Street Journal offers a glimpse at a few success stories who received the dreaded thin envelope:
  • Warren Buffett: Though his rejection from Harvard Business School was “crushing” at the time, it “

Brokaw OK in NY Car Wreck That Kills Woman

Woman thrown from SUV after swerving to avoid obstacle

(Newser) - Tom Brokaw and his wife avoided injury today in a three-car wreck that left a woman dead today on a New York freeway. The woman was thrown from her SUV after it overturned when she swerved to avoid a spool of cable, the Post reports; the Brokaws were a car...

Hardship Made Them the 'Greatest': Brokaw

(Newser) - Even before enlisting, World War II soldiers were made great by the “deprivations and lessons of the Great Depression,” Tom Brokaw writes in the Wall Street Journal. Shared sacrifice and lack of staple goods forged the outlook of the "Greatest Generation," and made the Army almost...

Gregory Named to MTP Gig

White House correspondent had been frontrunner to succeed Russert

(Newser) - As long rumored, NBC News named David Gregory the new moderator of Meet the Press on the show today. Gregory, 38, NBC’s chief White House correspondent, has been hosting a political show on MSNBC and handled election night duties for the cable channel. The move had been widely reported,...

David Gregory to Host Meet the Press

38-year-old White House correspondent will replace Russert

(Newser) - David Gregory is about to get the nod as host of NBC’s Meet the Press, reports Huffington Post. The chief White House correspondent has been a top contender for the spot since Tim Russert’s death in June. An announcement is expected as soon as today, reports Politico, giving...

Post-Russert, NBC Should Remake Meet the Press
Post-Russert, NBC Should Remake Meet the Press

Post-Russert, NBC Should Remake Meet the Press

NBC seems set on finding a Russert clone, but that's a mistake: Brown

(Newser) - Paralyzed by the perceived necessity of finding a Tim Russert doppelganger, NBC has already taken too long to choose a new host for Meet the Press, writes Tina Brown for the Daily Beast. “Russert defined an era,” Brown writes, "but that era is over.” Tom Brokaw...

Obama Speech Draws 100,000 in Denver

Red states flicker as McCain struggles to fill stadiums in Iowa, Ohio

(Newser) - John McCain insists his campaign is “doing fine” even as his rallies in key states pull a fraction of the crowds turning out for Barack Obama, the Chicago Tribune reports. The Republican drew about 2,000 supporters at each of his recent events in Iowa and Ohio. Obama, meanwhile,...

Schieffer Vows to Get Straight Answers in Debate

Says he will get tough with both candidates

(Newser) - CBS veteran broadcaster Bob Schieffer has vowed to stand firm when he moderates the final presidential debate tonight, and will press the candidates to answer questions put to them, Politico reports. Jim Lehrer, Gwen Ifill and Tom Brokaw have come under fire for being too easy on candidates in previous...

Candidates Tangle on Economy in Debate No. 2

(Newser) - Barack Obama and John McCain were hit with blunt questions tonight about how they would "bail out" Americans hurt by the staggering economy. In the second of three debates, this one a town hall-style face-off, the candidates fielded questions from an audience of 80 undecided voters and moderator Tom...

In His Encore, Brokaw Again a Heavy-Hitter for NBC

Russert's fill-in has played diplomat between NBC, McCain

(Newser) - NBC is preparing for a post-Brokaw Meet the Press, but replacing the elder statesman won’t be easy, the New York Times reports. Brokaw has exceeded expectations as a fill-in for Tim Russert, keeping NBC’s Sunday show atop the ratings. Less publicly, he’s been a crucial diplomat between...

MSNBC Anchors in DNC Slugfest
 MSNBC Anchors
 in DNC Slugfest

MSNBC Anchors in DNC Slugfest

Gets personal and political on-air at the DNC

(Newser) - Infighting between MSNBC anchors is turning the Democratic National Convention into a partisan catfight. Joe Scarborough, who once served as Republican representative, got touchy when David Shuster yesterday referred to “your party, the Republican Party” and Scarborough and Tom Brokaw are miffed at the channel’s decision to increase...

Case Against Ivins Looking Thin
 Case Against Ivins Looking Thin

Case Against Ivins Looking Thin

FBI evidence full of holes and contradictions

(Newser) - The FBI's case against alleged anthrax killer Bruce Ivins is full of gaps and contradictions, Newsweek reports. Ivins is said to have sent anthrax to NBC's Tom Brokaw—but was retaliating against a reporter at ABC. He also passed a polygraph in the probe and had no anthrax in his...

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