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Internet Acting Weird Today? You're Not Alone

Outages on Twitter, other sites after DDOS attack

(Newser) - If you like to ease your way into the day by flipping on some Spotify tunes and checking out your Twitter feeds and favorite Reddit forums, Friday morning was probably pretty miserable. That's because those sites, and dozens of others, experienced annoying disruptions (or were down completely for some)... More »

Hacker: I Took Down New York Because I Hate NYC

Says it has nothing to do with story about 35 women who claim Cosby assaulted them

(Newser) - New York's cover story on 35 women accusing Bill Cosby of sex assault was hotly tweeted last night—but this morning no one can access it after a denial-of-service attack on the magazine. Just before 1am, a Twitter account under the handle Vikingdom2016 posted , " #OFFLINE,"... More »

Hackers May Be Behind NY's ObamaCare Glitch

Numbers don't add up, New York officials say

(Newser) - ObamaCare's online insurance markets were famously glitchy on launch day, but that might not all have been the result of shoddy tech work. In New York, computer security experts suspect that the state's exchange was targeted by hackers in a DDoS attack, the New York Post reports. The... More »

Hill Overwhelmed by Calls After Obama Speech

Congressional websites down, too

(Newser) - Looks like voters are taking President Obama up on his exhortation to call their congressmen. In a speech last night Obama urged Americans to contact their representatives and push them to strike a debt ceiling bargain. By this morning the congressional switchboard was so overwhelmed that it sent an email... More »

Sony Blames Anonymous for Hack Attack

Group denies 'incompetent' company's allegations

(Newser) - The activist hacker organization Anonymous is at least partly to blame for the huge Playstation Network security breach that exposed the data of millions of customers, according to Sony. Company officials told US lawmakers that they discovered a file on one of its servers with the hacking collective's name... More »

Amazon Denies Hackers Behind Outages

Company's European sites taken offline for 30 minutes yesterday

(Newser) - Amazon says hardware problems, not attacks from pro-WikiLeaks hackers , caused its European sites to shut down on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. The company's British, French, German, Austrian, and Italian sites were down for about half an hour last night, the BBC reports. The "hacktivist"... More »

Amazon Boots WikiLeaks From Servers

... and suffers the wrath of snarky tweets from Assange and crew

(Newser) - It's not easy fighting baddies . WikiLeaks got kicked off servers it was renting from Amazon today and had to move its URL to a Swedish hosting company, reports ComputerWorld . The move came complete with huffy tweets: "WikiLeaks servers at Amazon ousted. Free speech the land of the free--fine our... More »

Hackers Mess With WikiLeaks

Denial-of-service attack took site offline yesterday

(Newser) - WikiLeaks says it came under cyberattack yesterday as it prepared to release huge numbers of classified American diplomatic cables. "We are currently under a mass denial-of-service attack," it said on its Twitter feed, adding that the information in the cables would be published in newspapers including the Guardian... More »

Blogger Blames Kremlin for Twitter Meltdown

(Newser) - The Georgian blogger who was taken offline in the cyberattack that shut down Twitter on Thursday believes Moscow is the culprit, he tells the Guardian. The economics professor, who goes by the online name Cyxymu, says he believes Russian authorities targeted him with the denial-of-service attack because of his persistent... More »

Concerted Cyberattack Shuts Down Twitter

(Newser) - In a possible first for Twitter, a malicious attack shut down the service entirely today, Wired reports. The denial-of-service assault flooded the site's server with requests, overloading it and blocking legitimate users from gaining access for about three hours; Tweeters are now slowly regaining access. More »

North Korea Suspected in US Cyber Attack

(Newser) - North Korean hackers have been fingered for the July 4 cyberattack that took down the websites of the Treasury, Secret Service, and other US government agencies, reports the AP. Another cyberattack hit sites in South Korea, including the president's website, and intelligence officials there said today that the North was... More »

Ahmadinejad Foes Gang Up on Websites

'Hacktivists' overload president's blog, other government outlets

(Newser) - As protests continue on the streets of Tehran, hackers in and outside of Iran are mounting an assault on the establishment's main websites, reports ZDNet. The sites of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and several news agencies were crippled yesterday after activists flooded them with traffic. The campaign appears to... More »

Cyberattack in Gay Marriage Battle

California campaigners call FBI after alleged cyberinvasion crashes site

(Newser) - Campaigners seeking to keep gay marriage legal in California say a sophisticated cyberattack crashed their website, the Wall Street Journal reports. The group has complained to the FBI that the No to Proposition 8 website was brought down for several hours Wednesday night by a coordinated "denial of service"... More »

Piracy Police Accidentally Hit Non-Pirates

Internet TV network furious after misplaced denial of service attack

(Newser) - MediaDefender’s job is to hunt down pirates. The company specializes in seeding piracy sites with fake files, or “spoofs,” frustrating would-be media thieves. There’s just one problem: Its latest victim, Revision3 Corp, isn’t actually pirating anything. An Internet TV network, Revision3 was using file sharing... More »

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