Stephen Breyer

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Supreme Court Enters the Age of YouTube

Bringing video evidence into cases changes judges' role

(Newser) - A Florida man who was Tasered by police three times after being stopped for speeding has petitioned the Supreme Court to hear his case. But that petition begins not with an affidavit or legal precedent; rather, he included a link to a YouTube video depicting what seems to be severe... More »

Kennedy Hails New 'Season of Hope'

We 'live on in the future we make,' he tells Harvard audience

(Newser) - Sen. Ted Kennedy was honored with an honorary degree yesterday in a poignant ceremony at Harvard where he spoke of a "renewed" destiny and reminisced about the days when his life of promise stretched before him. Kennedy appeared strong and in high spirits, despite battling brain cancer, reports the... More »

Justice Breyer's Records Leaked in File-Sharing Snafu

Investment firm staffer leaked data with music

(Newser) - An employee at an investment firm made much more than music available when he used a company computer to access the file-sharing site Limewire, reports the Washington Post. He also made it possible for users to access records of 2,000 of the firm's clients—including Supreme Court Justice Stephen... More »

Court Readies Term's Testiest Decisions

Justices will hand down 26 of the most contentious opinions beginning today

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is poised to begin unveiling decisions today in some of the year's most heated cases, reports USA Today. As the term winds down, the 26 final opinions will be released on select days in June, and include clashes over Guantanamo detainees, DC's handgun ban, and the 1989... More »

Justices' Stock Portfolios Cripple Cases

Supreme Court left deadlocked by recusals amid calls to divest

(Newser) - The stock portfolios of Supreme Court justices have become a flash point this term, in which six cases could be affected by justices recusing themselves because they own financial stakes in companies involved. Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito, and Justice Stephen Bryer have bowed out of cases involving... More »

Kennedy Is Swing Vote as Supreme Court Shifts Right

The term in review

(Newser) - As the Supreme Court wrapped up its first term under Chief Justice John Roberts Friday, the new court's conservative bent was obvious: the Court swung to the right in most of the ideological cases decided this year by a 5-4 margin. Justice Anthony Kennedy delivered the swing vote, making him... More »

Supremes Side With Banks in Antitrust Action

Credit Suisse, Goldman won't face class action suit over late-'90s IPOs

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has broadened the shield protecting companies from antitrust lawsuits, ruling in a 7-1 decision this morning that investors cannot sue 16 banks they accuse of rigging Internet-boom-era IPOs. The majority said the SEC had adequately regulated banks' actions and that opening them up to this type of... More »

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