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Cops Show Up After Overeager Hockey Fans Yell One Word

Apparently your neighbors might get nervous hearing 'Shoot! Shoot!'

(Newser) - There are casual sports fans who tune in only during playoff season, and then there are the die-hards. Devon Garnett is definitely in the latter camp , though his enthusiasm for hockey caused a bit of a commotion Wednesday. That's the night the Tampa Bay Lightning played Game 3 of...

Home Depot Worker Got 'Bomb Warning' Very Wrong
Home Depot Worker Got
'Bomb Warning' Very Wrong
in case you missed it

Home Depot Worker Got 'Bomb Warning' Very Wrong

It was just a guy joking about using the toilet

(Newser) - It's like a bizarre game of telephone gone hysterically wrong. As the Wichita Eagle explains, it began when a gent in a bathroom stall of a Home Depot in Wichita, Kansas, announced something like, "You all need to get out of here because I'm fixin' to blow...

Man Arrested for Unwittingly Flying With Explosives
Man Arrested for Unwittingly Flying With Explosives
duped by his country

Man Arrested for Unwittingly Flying With Explosives

Slovakian passenger a victim of blundered security exercise

(Newser) - Irish police released a Slovakian electrician last night, after his country convinced them that he really had been unaware that he was carrying 3 oz of plastic explosives in his luggage. The unnamed man was the victim of a weird security exercise gone wrong, the Times explains. Slovakian authorities recently...

Quaids: $10K Hotel Bill Got Lost in Mail

Couple didn't think they had to pay at checkout, moved before tab arrived: lawyer

(Newser) - Randy and Evi Quaid didn’t pay the $10,000 hotel bill they’re accused of skipping out because it got lost in the mail, their lawyer told a Santa Barbara, Calif., court today. The Quaids didn’t think they had to pay upon checkout, and changed addresses before the...

Man Arrested for Kissing His Own Daughter

Italian tourist faces 15 years in prison after Brazil pool incident

(Newser) - A controversy is brewing in Brazil over a 48-year-old Italian tourist who was arrested for touching and kissing his own 8-year-old daughter, the BBC reports. A couple reported seeing the man touching a young girl inappropriately at a hotel pool, apparently unaware that the girl was his daughter. Under a...

11 Travel Faux Pas to Avoid
 11 Travel Faux Pas to Avoid 

11 Travel Faux Pas to Avoid

Touching is too intimate in some Asian nations

(Newser) - A great pleasure of this wide world of ours is the multiplicity of cultures and customs. That diversity can also get you into a heap of trouble. So, when traveling, here’s what not to do, and where not to do it, from Travel and Leisure.
  • Touching: Too intimate in

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