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Ridge Takes Back Threat Level Claim in His Book

Retreats on earlier suggestion that politics played a role

(Newser) - Former Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge says the Bush administration “never pressured” him to raise the US terror threat level, backing down on a claim made in his book, USA Today reports. In the book, Ridge writes that John Ashcroft and Donald Rumsfeld pushed him to elevate it before... More »

Bush Officials Deny Ridge Terror Claim

(Newser) - Members of President Bush’s administration today denied accusations by former Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge in an upcoming book that the White House pressed him to raise the terror threat level ahead of the 2004 election. Former White House chief of staff Andrew Card and former homeland security adviser... More »

Ridge: Bush Wanted Terror Threat Raised for Election

Ridge tell-all dangles shocking revelation

(Newser) - The publisher of Tom Ridge's forthcoming book has dropped a potential bombshell: It says the Bush White House pressured the Homeland Security chief to arbitrarily raise the terror threat alert level on the eve of the 2004 election, ostensibly to boost its chances, reports US News and World Report. Ridge... More »

Ridge Won't Challenge Specter for Seat

Former Pa. gov was encouraged to run for Senate by GOP brass

(Newser) - Former Pennsylvania governor and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge will not seek the Republican nomination for senator from that state, the Hill reports. Party leaders had urged him to run against newly minted Democrat Arlen Specter. Ridge was in a good position to run, polling just 3 points behind Specter.... More »

Specter Enjoys 20-Point Lead Over Toomey

But Tom Ridge would be a stiffer challenge if he nabbed GOP nom

(Newser) - Arlen Specter beat Pat Toomey 53% to 33% in a Quinnipiac poll of Pennsylvanians’ preferred candidate for US senator. But against Tom Ridge, who may become the Republican candidate, Specter's lead grows more precarious—voters prefer Specter to Ridge by a margin of 46% to 43%, the Quinnipiac poll showed.... More »

GOP Plays What-If Game With Lieberman, Romney, Ridge

Picking Palin locked in base, but others might've drawn voters McCain really needs

(Newser) - Given the damage Sarah Palin has done to John McCain’s chances, Steve Kornacki, in the New York Observer, joins Republicans in wondering about the also-rans. Tom Ridge, Joe Lieberman, and Mitt Romney were unpalatable, either personally to the candidate or politically to the party. The first two would have... More »

McCain Says He Hasn't Made VP Choice Yet

Will travel with Romney and Ridge

(Newser) - John McCain has yet to decide on a running mate, the Republican told a Pittsburgh radio station today. The presidential nominee-in-waiting was expected to name his vice presidential pick later this week, in the hopes of curbing Barack Obama's convention bounce. McCain and his running mate then are expected to... More »

GOP Base 'Imploring' McCain: No Pro-Choice VP

Ridge, Lieberman seen as too moderate for core Republicans

(Newser) - John McCain’s been making the Republican base mighty uneasy with hints of a pro-choice running mate, the Wall Street Journal reports. Though McCain touts his “proud pro-life record,” pro-choice potentials Tom Ridge and Joe Lieberman have been on the receiving end of McCain's praise recently, a move... More »

McCain Weighs Pro-Choice Running Mate

(Newser) - John McCain's campaign has been pitching the idea of a pro-choice running mate to key state GOP officials around the country, reports the National Review. McCain wants to know how hostile conservative grass-roots activists would be and whether he can win their support if he selects a pro-choice VP such... More »

Skittish Right Wing Sweats Talk of Pro-Choice Veep

Candidate said issue wouldn't 'rule out' possible running mate

(Newser) - John McCain’s comment that he wouldn’t rule out Tom Ridge as a possible VP for being pro-choice sparked a flurry of panic among the conservative base—a vital group already lukewarm about McCain's party-maverick status. “That choice will end his bid for the presidency,” an activist... More »

McCain Won't Rule Out Pro-Choice VP

(Newser) - John McCain would consider a run for the White House with a pro-choice veep at his side, ABC News reports. When asked about Tom Ridge, McCain told the Weekly Standard that the former Homeland Security chief shouldn’t be “ruled out” for the No. 2 job because he supports... More »

McCain, VP Hopeful Ridge Campaign in Pa.

Indepedent/Dem mayor expected to endorse Mac today

(Newser) - Republican vice presidential hopeful Tom Ridge is campaigning with John McCain in Pennsylvania today, CNN reports. McCain and ex-Pennsylvania governor Ridge started the day meeting with employees at a GE plant. Asked what he would do on first taking office, McCain replied, “Call Tom Ridge to Washington from whatever... More »

VP Hopefuls Shift Positions, Hairdos

Opinions change on abortion, gays, stylists

(Newser) - Recipients of the VP vetting process are shifting their positions (and their stylists), Politico reports. Here are some examples:
  • Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has ditched a less-than-leaderly mullet, opting instead for a short hairstyle.
  • Florida's Charlie Crist has spun 180 degrees into the offshore drilling camp, matching John McCain’s
... More »

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